On Summer Camp Choices & a Smiley PJ-Clad Toddler

First, these pictures have nothing to do what I want to talk about. They are just my #3 in a nutshell. Like, if I had to pick five pictures of Lawson that summarized his personality it would be these.

Random toys (the kid LOVES toothpaste!). A belly hanging out of his shirt (he gets it honest from his mama). Curls for days (yep, from his mama too). Scrapes and bruises and bug bites. And the sweetest, happiest, most cheerful disposition you ever saw.

This, folks, is my Lala to a “T”.

march 28. after bath lala_0003_edited-1

Now, what I really want to talk about. Summer camps.

Can I just say I am MORE THAN A LITTLE jealous of my kids’ summer camp possibilities?! I’ve been making a list for my older two in my planner as I’ve come along options or heard other parents mention them and MM has like THIRTEEN top choices and Moseby has seven (and he’s just in Pre-K & they typically don’t have as many choices as older kids). And theses camps are not just some dumb ones either. They are GOOD. (I’m using all caps here so you know JUST HOW JEALOUS I AM!).

march 28. after bath lala_0001_edited-1

Mixed media art classes with each day focusing on a different material.

Make your own pottery. On a wheel. Learn how to use a kiln.

Creative writing camp.

Culinary science camps–multiple choices and cuisines.

Junie B Jones camp.

Magic Treehouse camp.

Ten different types of religious (or not) sleep-away camps.

The mandatory southern Vacation Bible School, haha.

Sports broadcasting.

Princess camp.

Cheerleading. Volleyball. Softball. Basketball. Lacrosse. Playball. Horseback riding.

Reading camp.

Sewing camp.

An explore Atlanta camp with a field trip every day.

I seriously could go on and on and on. And that’s just hers.

march 28. after bath lala_0004_edited-1

Moseby’s choices include dinosaur camp, picky eater camp (he doesn’t want to go to it but I am SO TEMPTED to sign him up for it!), snake/lizard/bug camp, super hero camp, train camp, etc.

And I’m green with jealousy. Where are all the camps for adults?! I have been wanting to take an adult art class (either oils or nudes or watercolor…or at this point anything!). I would love to learn how to use a pottery wheel. Or even arrange flowers. Or how to make sushi. Heck, I might even want to go to super hero camp!

march 28. after bath lala_0005_edited-1

As I was talking to MM tonight about her top two choices (she’s going to her first week-long sleep-away camp plus two local camps plus two VBS plus a week at the beach so girlfriend is going to be busy or I’d let her pick more!) she said, ‘Gosh, Mommy, how do you even narrow it down?!’

Let me know when you figure it out, sister.

march 28. after bath lala_0002_edited-1

{In case you’re wondering she’s leaning towards culinary science class here and art class here. Moseby wants to do dinosaurs and Playball. Oh, and he’s for sure doing swim lessons, whether he likes it or not.}

And if any of you know of some summer camps for mamas (sans kids of course) you just let me know, m’kay? 😉

And if you want to see this funny guy’s personality in real-time, here’s a video. I love that he laughs just THINKING he’s going to be tickled. Full of joy, I tell you!




Weekend Instagram Round-Up + Summer Beach Vacation Ideas…and Other Suggestions Needed

Since 2009 we have gone to Tybee Island every year for our week-long family beach vacation every summer.

This year I want to change it up.

And I’m hoping maybe y’all can help me (pretty please with sugar on top).

This is our wish list:

  1. Must be at the beach (duh). Can either be Gulf or Atlantic, we’re not picky about that.
  2. Must NOT BE touristy or overly commercialized. The ideal place would be one with no fast food restaurants (Tybee has an Arbys and that’s it), but with lots of people on bikes or golf carts, and little to no chain restaurant/stores.
  3. We want to fish or pick up shells or rent a boat. Or all three.
  4. We have to limit the car ride to six hours from Atlanta because I have three kids. And I want to have all three when we arrive at the beach (their limit is currently right at four hours in the car).

So….where is this magical place? Please help.

In other things I need help with, we’re taking MM on a little trip to Dallas next week for a couple of nights. We’ve pretty much decided to go to the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Perot Museum, but would love more suggestions (particularly places to eat or places where my old soul (and only well behaved) child would enjoy. Oh, and girlfriend LOVES to shop…like her mama. 😉

Thank you, Texas friends!

Here’s a little Instagram roundup from this weekend. Wasn’t the weather perfect, local folks {minus the pollen, of course}?

My father-in-law turned 65 this weekend so we had C.’s family over on Friday night. He loves yellow cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday every year and this year I made his cake using this recipe. It was really yummy! I didn’t get a picture of him blowing out the candles though. Grr!

I used my 6″ cake pan set to make a five layer cake. {With the amount of batter this recipe made, I could have had at least six layers, but the set only came with five.}

Here’s the cake stand I have and love.

After they left, Lala and I hung out on the front porch while his sissy and Momo played with the neighbor kids. I looked down and he was holding on to my shirt sleeve & watching/smiling at them the whole time. I’m telling y’all, he is so sweet I could eat him with a spoon!

The boys spent a lot of time bonding/fighting/hugging/wrestling this weekend as well.

I also took all three to Sams (if you already follow me on IG you saw this one). Always an adventure. 😉

And this evening I went on a walk and had this as my view.

Hope you all have a good week…now give me those suggestions on vacation places and Dallas must eats! 😉


Friday Five: Daffodils, Birthday Sweets, Clothes, a Recipe, & Cheese Faces, Oh My!

1. Daffodil Pictures.

Every year I take pictures of my kid(s) in a daffodil field of an old family friend that lives near my family’s farm. Looking through the pictures {click here to go down memory lane yourself} is very bittersweet–watching your babies grow is such a gift, but what I wouldn’t give to hold each one–tiny and squishy again–for just a few minutes more.


2. C.’s 37th.

We celebrated C.’s birthday last weekend. Aqua Terra and creme brûlée. Bowling and Mexican and chocolate cheesecake. Hals and triple chocolate cake. A giant banana-chocolate chip bread {recipe found here}.

Poor guy, I don’t think he was shown enough love for his birthday…or got enough sweets, HA!!! 😉

3. Swirly Cinnamon Roll Cake.

Speaking of sweet things, y’all, you have GOT to try this new recipe. I made it this past week for a work treat {always a risk trying a new recipe for other people!} and it was GOOD.

Click on this link for a printable Swirly Cinnamon Roll Cake recipe (4×6″ size)!

4. This top…for less than $15!

The other day I was in JC Penney of all places with MM {she was Pinkalicious for book character day and we were looking for a pink dress} and I found this top (I’m wearing a medium). I wore it to C.’s birthday dinner the other night and I am in love with it. It’s currently $19.99 {with an extra 25% off with code: 8FORYOU (30% off if you have a JCPenney card)}. C. couldn’t believe it was such a cheap top–it REALLY is well made and cute in person!

Jeans (which look funny around the ankles here, but I promise they are a normal bootcut) here. Similar leopard print heels here.

5. ‘Cheese!’ face.

One of my favorite stages of childhood is when they start mimicking you or doing what you ask. This is Lala’s ‘Say Cheese!’ face. He’s so sweet I could eat him up with a spoon I tell you!

Hope you all have a great weekend! We’ve got my father-in-law’s birthday and that’s about it. I’ve been battling sinus crud the past week so I’m happy for a weekend at home hopefully filled with lots of sleep (and no pollen!).



Master Bedroom Reveal

It’s finished!

Well, as finished as I care to make it. 😉

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

This is what this room looked like when we bought the house in 2007. It was a guest room (like four out of the five bedrooms were then) and hadn’t been lived in since the 1960s when the boarding house closed and Ms. Eleanor {the lady we bought the home from (and whose parents had purchased the home in 1917) and who we named MM after} lived here alone.

In this room we did extensive plaster repair, scraped & painted the ceilings (they were more of a mess upstairs than downstairs because there was no heat or air conditioning (and subsequent temperature extremes) had left long strips of paint hanging from the ceiling) and removed the carpet and refinished the floors. This is what the room looked like after we moved in (I couldn’t really find any recent pictures, but we had a difference duvet).


And this was my inspiration picture. I loved all the neutrals (and the ceiling is wood like ours (we have heart pine tongue and groove ceilings throughout our house)).

Here’s some more pictures and then I’ll talk sources and stuff at the end.

We have an awkward-shaped bedroom. As soon as you come in the door the fireplace kind of juts out on the right. There’s also two doors, a double window, and a radiator. Oh, and it’s only medium-sized at best, haha.

This is the only picture I have of our antique oak armoire {bought at an auction a few years ago} that holds 99% of all our folded clothes.

march 21. master bedroom_0008_edited-1

Random fact: our house had a fire in 1927 and it started when two boarders came home late one night and started a fire in this fireplace. A coal popped out on a rug a bit later and started a fire that destroyed the second floor. The fireplace surrounds up here are original, but I’m thinking the mantles are new. The floors are heart pine up here and new (‘new’ meaning 90 years old, haha).


The only new furniture purchased for the redo was the bed and mattress. Everything else was already in the room or used somewhere else in the house.

march 21. master bedroom_0004_edited-1

My three babies.

march 21. master bedroom_0005_edited-1

march 21. master bedroom_0003_edited-1

Gosh, y’all, look at that bed. Don’t you just want to crawl in it and sleep forever? It is heavenly.

march 21. master bedroom_0001_edited-1


And look at those two babies (babies, I tell you!) in their first picture together. We were both 23.

march 15. 19. 20. first haircut. daniel birthday. master bedroom_0007_edited-1


(And I totally didn’t pose C.’s slippers like that–I didn’t realize they were even there until just now–they match too well!)

Okay, so sources. I’ll do my best.

Paint: Walls are ‘Quiet Moments’ by Benjamin Moore

quiet moments

Trim, plantation shutters, and ceiling (trim is semi-gloss and ceiling is high-gloss and plantation shutters were sprayed, but not sure what finish as we didn’t do them): ‘Swiss Coffee’ by Behr

swiss coffee by behr

Stain on the floor: ‘Early American’ by Minwax (which shows up very light on these heart pine floors verses our tiger oak floors downstairs, by the way)


Let’s start with the bed:

~Bed {‘Larrenton’ King Panel Bed from Ashley Home Furniture}

~Mirror from At Home (I’m 99.9% sure this is it.)

~Rug from Rugs USA (it arrived 30 hours after I placed my order!)

~Mattress from Mattress Firm {Simmons Beautyrest Black hybrid}

~Natual linen duvet Cover: Hotel Collection from Macys

~Microfiber Sheets: Hotel Collection from Stein Mart ($19.99; I bought some 1000-count Egyptian Cotton sheets too and let C. touch both–not telling him which ones were the “nice ones”–he picked the cheap ones!)

~‘Dune’ linen channel-quilted quilt: Restoration Hardware

~Light sage green linen quilt: Pottery Barn

~‘Fog’ linen Euro shams: Restoration Hardware

~Wamsutta Vintage beige linen shams: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

~Grey rectangle pillow: TJ Maxx

~Brownish throw with ruffle edge: Nina Home by Nina Campbell from Stein Mart

~Painting on the wall to the right is a vintage paint-by-numbers I found at an antiques store in Savannah years ago


Next up, fireplace:

~Wood Piece from Hobby Lobby

~Gold rectangular metal piece from At Home.

~”Loved you then” sign (old, but I think it’s Rustic Orange–shop is currently closed)

~topiary + cement votive holder from At Home. Topiary here. Votive holder similar here.

~Picture frames (I made myself)

side by side

Nightstand {both tables are vintage. Table on left from an estate sale in southern Alabama 9 years ago and table on the right from the original Lakewood at least 12 years ago}:


~Gold frame from At Home.

~Cement lamp from TJ Maxx

~Alarm clock from Amazon


~Mercury glass lamp from At Home (similar here)

~Faux flower arrangement from At Home.

~Alarm clock from Amazon

march 21. master bedroom_0004_edited-1

Dresser {which is from late 30s – early 40s and I got at Lakewood 400 years ago}

~Lamp from At Home.

~Pleated lamp shade with buttons from At Home from a while back.

~Pottery Barn jewelry box (similar here).

~wall mirror {vintage cabinet turned into mirror; I’ve had since college}

~‘Botanical Study 5’ original watercolor by Courtney Khail that I just got yesterday and am in love with.

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And I think that’s basically every product link and I am exhausted. Lord, this post took like three hours and I’m up waaaaaaay past my bedtime. 😉

Let me know if you have any questions about any links/brands or thoughts on the new room or if ever see anything you think I’d like please holler!


Recent Empties in Cosmetics, Skincare, & Haircare

Am I the only one who seems to run out of everything at the same time?!

I swear every six months or so I wake up and every container/tube/bottle/spray is empty.

And it always happens on Monday. #ofcourse

The silver lining is that there are some randomly good deals right now so I thought I’d share what products I’m repurchasing and which ones I’m trying something new with.


    • Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic. I’ve been using this since 2008 {twice a day after I wash my face} and I love how refreshing it is.
    • Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement. Another product I’ve been using since 2008 {I use in the morning after the tonic}. For five years or so I just kind of put it on my cheeks and nose-area, but began putting it all over my face as I’ve aged.


  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation. This past April C. & I took a trip to Cumberland Island and stayed at the Greystone Inn. To get to the island you have to take a boat. There are no grocery stores or gas stations, and for sure no Sephoras on that tiny island! About fifteen minutes before we arrived at the ferry I realized I had left my entire makeup bag at home. And for someone with rosacea, uneven skin tone, and blonde eyelashes (I’m posting this before and after below just so you’ll see how badly I need foundation), this was a nightmare. Thankfully there was an Ulta and in about five minutes a saleslady sold me on this product. And I haven’t looked back since! I like the “build-a-bility” of it in the areas I need the most coverage (cheeks!).
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector. On the eve of my 34th birthday {I “give myself” a new product every year to try on my birthday–it’s a fun tradition!} I went into Nordstrom, sat down at the Bobbi Brown counter, and said it was time for under eye makeup. I use this first to even out the dark circles.
  • Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener. I put this on top of the corrector under my eye and on the inside corners and it brightens up the whole area.
  • Mac Eye Brow Pencil. This was my birthday present to myself on my 35th birthday. Up until then I had never used an eyebrow pencil because I have such full eyebrows I didn’t think I needed to. Boy, was I wrong.

(And even though I’m not out of it yet, this {redness corrector primer} is what I bought myself on my 36th birthday in case you were wondering and I use it everyday.)


I mentioned the great sales going on right now and I picked up a Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer for $13.60 at Nordstrom (they always have free shipping too). I’ve heard GREAT things about it so I’m excited to try it!

Have any of you tried any new products lately? Especially an under eye cream you love {I’ve tried Bobbi Brown, Lancome, and Rodan + Fields and they’ve either given me styes or done nothing at all}. I’m all ears!


Friday Round-Up: What’s Going On ‘Round These Parts

~I haven’t mentioned the dining room or master bedroom this past week, but they’re both coming along. Actually, they’re both finished minus the drapes in the dining room (BUTTTTTTTT they’re in the process of being made at least!) and hanging mirrors/artwork in the master bedroom. Hopefully soon I’ll be ready to do a post on each. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of our new bed. Oh y’all, it’s dreamy.

~Lawson got his first haircut yesterday at 18 months old. I put it off as long as I could as he is my last baby {I know, I know, never say never} and his firsts are hard for me because they’re my last firsts. It’s hard to explain, but hopefully other been there, done that mamas know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, his hair was too long. We had resorted to man buns around the house to keep it out of his eyes and people always just assumed he was a girl (he is “too pretty” to be a boy, if I do say so myself, haha).

My friend/hair stylist, Jessica, cut his bangs and about an inch off the back. It was important to me not to lose his curls (we cut Moseby’s off at his first haircut just assuming he’d always have curls. Uhm. NO. They never grew back. I’m not making that same mistake with Lala).

And look how cute–and grown up!–he looks. I’ll have to get some pictures with my camera this weekend. He definitely is looking more and more “little boy” and less and less baby. #slowyourrolltime

~Today I took the boys to the pediatrician for their well checkups. It was an experience. Which translates to: something I never want to do again. 😉

Lawson got his shot, didn’t cry at all, and as soon as I made a silly face afterwards he laughed out loud. This is his personality to a “T”. {And gosh, he looooooves that brother of his.}

Momo on the other hand? I’ll just leave you with this picture and say that he refused to put on pants for over THREE HOURS after his shots in case they might brush against his bandaids. I also had to carry him out of the pediatrician’s office like a baby (while also holding Lawson and my purse and my diaper bag). Lordy y’all. Lordy.

(His shirt is his St. Patrick’s Day shirt for this year. It says, “I Pinch Back”. …Lawson got one that says, “Irish I Had a Mustache”. I’ll have to take a photo of the two of them tomorrow and post it on Instagram.)

~Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, I made Irish Soda Bread on Tuesday and it was good! It tastes like one giant buttermilk biscuit, I guess you could say. And it was super easy to make! You can find the recipe here.

~Do y’all remember me mentioning that I was hosting a couple of sign painting parties? One was at the end of February and the other was the past Sunday. Y’all, it was so fun! I can’t recommend PK Decor enough–you can go to her house and paint (she has room for about 15 people in her studio) or she can come to you. …and if any of y’all ever host a painting party yourself you better invite me because I have about ten more signs I want to make, ha!

Here’s two I made–a Fourth of July truck and a goat that looks like our pet/show Boer goat, Oreo (because…well, why not?!). MM made a castle for her bedroom door all by herself (girlfriend even added her monogram); her classmate/friend made a cute owl. My mom made a vase of cotton.


~And, that’s all I got! Today is not only the most favorite holiday for all the reddish-haired pale people out there, but it’s the 37th birthday of someone pretty dang special.  And what better way to celebrate than going afternoon bowling with three kids! HA!! {Tomorrow night we’re going to his favorite restaurant (Hals) after he has an afternoon massage so I promise he will have some fun! 😉 }


A Quilt for Baby B.

My first cousin {who is like a sister to me}, Jessica, had her first child {a cute redhead named Emery} nine days before our Lawson. They are the cutest buddies who see each other almost every day of their lives.

She & her husband wanted their kids close together in age and she’s due with baby number 2 (also a boy!) at the beginning of April. {Not going to lie: my kids are 37 months apart and 42 months apart…makes me hyperventilate for her just thinking about having two under 19 months old! HA!}

I made E. a quilt when she was pregnant in his nursery colors of tans/soft blues/grays.

This is the quilt tutorial I used for both E.’s and Lawson’s quilts.

I don’t think I ever shared Lawson’s baby quilt! Ack! Here’s his:

Once Jess. decided on a black and white with gold accents kind of modern theme for Baby B. I got started on a quilt for him too.

(And y’all, if you are just now starting to sew/quilt, this would be an AMAZING first quilt project. I did it because I liked the way it looked, but it really came together the quickest of any quilt I’ve ever done. Like, I was done with it a full month before my self-imposed deadline and that never ever happens!)

february 13. 18. 19. tagalongs. papa david. okefenokee_0036_edited-1

february 13. 18. 19. tagalongs. papa david. okefenokee_0038_edited-1

(I took these photos on a random south Georgia road that was closed on our little trip to the Okefenokee last month. HA!)

I gave it to Jess on Monday at a little lunch/sprinkle at Tin Lizzy’s.

(Moseby was totally there, by the way. He’s still going through his anti-picture/anti-doing anything mama wants phase–I think it’ll only last another 10-20 years.)

Baby B. is set to arrive the morning of March 31st and we can’t wait to see if we’re having another red-headed baby (I’ll keep y’all updated, no worries)!

We love you, Jess! …and Emery! …and Baby B, too!

Fabrics for Emery’s and Lawson’s quilt came from Intown Quilters in Decatur–it’s been so long I forgot the actual fabric designers, oops! The solid fabrics for Baby B.’s quilt are Kona cotton solids by Robert Kaufman and the backing is COTTON + STEEL and came from Cupcake Fabric + Quilts in Spring, Texas (I picked them up when we went to Houston in January).

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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER & Homemade Double Doozies

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I am a chocolate chip connoisseur. And icing? OMG. I’m a certified icing snob {and #iaintsorry}. I’ve tried at least a half dozen Great American Cookie Company copycat icing recipes and I think I finally got one that’s a pretty close dupe for a double doozie.


February 4. 9. new dress. valentines. double doozies_0004_edited-1

First, let’s talk cookies. I like them soft in the middle and ever so slightly crunchy around the edges {C. likes them a lot crunchier than I do so I always cook a few for him a minute or two longer}.

Click here for a printable .pdf for best ever chocolate chip cookies (4×6″ size)!

To get my cookies an even size I use a cookie scoop. I have this one (I like the smaller size) and LOVE it.

February 4. 9. new dress. valentines. double doozies_0001_edited-1

Now for the icing.

Click here for a printable .pdf for the icing recipe (4×6″ size)!

(Note: As you can see in some of the pictures I put chocolate icing in the center of some–it was just some leftover store-bought icing I had. No homemade recipe for that…yet.) 😉



A Few of My Favorite Things: Friday Edition

Because just some days you feel like bullets, you know? {This week and the painting and the furniture/fabric/art/mirrors/dodads acquiring has left my brain like #woah }

But first, let’s talk sales real quick:

~Cost Plus World Market is having their amazing Friends & Family – Save an extra 30% in-store and online plus free shipping on online orders totaling $100+ ! I may have gotten this outdoor rug for just $14 for the back porch yesterday. Such a steal!

~Old Navy is 15% off All Pants & Shorts merchandise + 30% off the rest of your order. Use code ENJOY at oldnavy.com. Online only. Restrictions apply. Ends 3/11. This would be the perfect time to get my new favorite sports bra for yoga I showed y’all last week. It’s awesome.

And now here’s those bullets I was talking about. 😉

  • This Outfit. Gimme a super soft turtleneck AND a skirt with elastic and I’ll love you forever. And if all three pieces shown are on major sale…sign me up.

january 8. 10. banana chocolate chip bread. plaid skirt_0005_edited-1

Tissue turtleneck {I’m wearing a large}. Here’s the skirt {I’m wearing a 6}. If you’re looking for a more spring version–I have a cream version!, click here. Frye Melissa button cross body {and on sale!}.

  • Mommy & Me outfits!  These coordinating tunics from the Joanna Gaines line for Matilda Jane are so soft and well-made and not too matchy matchy. I love that MM still wants to dress like me.  And this is such a throwback picture (MM’s birthday in January!), but since it’s getting cold again next week I thought I would share these.

january 8. mm's birthday_0016_edited-1

Harvest Days MJ top for me {large}.  Best leggings EVER {medium}. Ugg Vinson Boots (40% off!).

On MM: Shiplap MJ top for her {16}. My favorite leggings/jeggings for girls EVER.

  • These hair elastics are amazeballs. I’ve been using them about six months and I will never ever go back to the cheap Goody ones again. They keep my hair up ALL DAY. I can do Zumba and it stays. I can try on shirt after shirt at the mall and it stays. I can sleep in them {but I don’t} and they stay.

january 1. 4.croissants. products i love. laundry helper_0021_edited-1

Here’s a link to them in clear. Here’s a link to them in brown. (There are other colors too, I think.) I’ve been using the same pack of 12 for six months now. And I wear my hair in a ponytail at least once a day, every day.

  • Gift wrap organization! Oh y’all, the amount of gift wrap–wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper–I own is unreal. And living in an old house means we have like negative closet space, haha. I bought this affordable under-the-bed gift wrap storage after Christmas and now three months later I still love it because it holds everything and because it’s under the bed it’s easy to get to.

january 1. 4.croissants. products i love. laundry helper_0001_edited-1

january 1. 4.croissants. products i love. laundry helper_0003_edited-1

  • And last, but not least, Rodan + Fields Lash Boost.

I started Lash Boost right before Christmas. I applied it every night after I washed my face, but before I put on my moisturizer. These are my 12 weeks results and I’m amazed. Random strangers (usually when I’m all sweaty post-gym, go figure) ask me if they are my real lashes. You betcha!

And I’m not going to lie, I thought it was gimmick. But the proof is in the lashes!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tonight we’re going out with my family for C.’s birthday {it’s next week}. Tomorrow morning I’m going to my first SoulCycle class with my bestie {pray for me!}. And Sunday I’m painting with friends…and we’re getting our new bed delivered. Pictures to come! {Follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks!}


Decisions, Decisions…Help Me Make Up My Mind!

As I mentioned on Monday, we’re repainting and kind of refreshing our dining room. New paint, a new rug, new drapes, and maybe some other stuff (toying with the idea of a new mirror over the server and maybe new chairs).

This is the before:

And this is its current state (holy color change, Batman!):

My helper said, ‘Mess! Mess!’ over and over while he “tried” to sweep. Without pants on. ‘Cause duh, we all do our best sweeping pants-less. I know I do. 

We painted the mantle this color (‘Sea Salt’ by Sherwin Williams):

sea salt

But it doesn’t show up as green as I wanted. I was afraid to go darker…and now I’m wishing I had been a little more adventurous. Don’t be like Natalie, kids. Be daring! Go for the REAL greeny green!

I should’ve gone with my original choice: ‘Saybrook Sage’ (by Benjamin Moore).

saybrook sage

Oh well, you live and learn. 😉


This is our bedroom before.

And then yesterday the painter got to our master bedroom. We had it painted ‘Quiet Moments’ by Benjamin Moore and I’m in looooove.

quiet moments

What’s interesting about this color is that sometimes it looks gray. Sometimes it looks green. And sometimes, like in our bedroom, it looks blue.

And ohhhhhhh yes, we’ve already started taking our bed apart because on Sunday we’re getting a new bed and mattress. This bad boy is coming home to mama!

The ‘Larrenton King Panel Bed’ by Ashley. I seriously looked for hours online and went into nine different stores…and then I saw this one and knew immediately.

The inspiration for this room is from this pin:

Basically I want just a whole bunch of muted neutrals that come together to make something not so muted.

I already have a neutral linen duvet I got last year so I’m all set there. I’m looking for a neutral (maybe a “greige”) quilt. And a soft ruffled throw/blanket in either a darker nude or a darker grey.

Here’s where I need your help. And I really do need it…not just trying to be nice…I’m really lost! Knowing the paint color we chose and the bed we bought AND my inspiration picture above–what do you think?

  1. Do you think we should do a bench at the end of the bed or will it take away from the footboard?

TJ Maxx

Bed, Bath & Beyond

2. Should I go with a mirror above the bed or artwork? Here are the mirror choices I’ve found (some are turned the wrong way–they’d all be hung horizontal of course):

Cost Plus World Market

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby


3. ORRRRRR should we do artwork instead?

at home

I’m really digging the one on the left (but not necessarily for above the bed–maybe the mantle in the bedroom…random, I know!) Hobby Lobby

Any of these? Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby

4. Rugs.

I’ve narrowed it down to two for the dining room (and bought them both and have them laying in the parlor), but forgot to take a picture. DARN!

But I’m wondering if I need one in the bedroom. Do y’all have a rug in your bedroom? We have hardwood floors so a rug would be nice, but we don’t have a lot of extra space (the fireplace kind of juts out in our already medium-at-best-sized bedroom). If we did do a rug in the bedroom, what do you think about this one? And what dimensions? 5 x 7? 8 x 10?

5. As for curtains…the bedroom is staying the same (they’re pretty neutral and we’re only going to be in this bedroom for about two more years and then we’re moving downstairs after renovation 2.0). But for the dining room I think I’m going to go with a goblet pleat and a contrasting trim. And have I told you how much I miss my seamstress, Miss June? Oh, Miss June, you spoiled me! She did fourteen rooms of drapes in our house and not only was she crazy good at calculating (sewing is a whole lotta math), but anything I mentioned she could do. Please come out of retirement, Miss June! #allthesadeyes

And that’s where it stands as of now. Please, y’all, PLEASE, help a girl out and tell me your opinions (On this post. Or on Facebook. Or on Instagram. Or in person. Or through a text. Or by telegraph.). Especially about what to go over the bed/artwork. I’m completely lost and really don’t feel like going to buy 18 different options (just so I can return 17 of them–I already have to return one 8′ by 11′ rug and I’m dreading it!).

Thank you thank you thank you! xoxo



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