Real Life v. Cyber Life

There is Real Life Natalie and then there is Internet Natalie.

I would like to believe that these two people are one in the same.  And I genuinely think they are at least 90% of the time, but there are some differences.

Real Life Natalie talks really southern, gorges herself on reality TV, baby talks her animals, laughs way too loud, and likes to complain.  The other Natalie, the Cyber Life Natalie, has a tendency to only show the good stuff, act snotty, and brags.

Of course I realize I’m both these people–they’re the whole picture of myself.  But very few people know both parts.  C., for instance, knows I have a website and even watches me as I post, but has never looked at it.  Then I have lots of you (okay, maybe just five or six readers) that only know the blogging version of me.

But every once in a while these two worlds collide.

On my last post I received a comment from my neighbor across the street.  I could not believe it.  Someone I know in real life found me out here!  Since I don’t “advertise” my website, I was astonished.

Then I started thinking about if I was truly portraying myself on here the way I am in real life and I reread all my posts (well, on this site, not my previous four year old blog–that would take weeks) and I realized that, yeah, what I say is *me* for the most part.

That’s a refreshing feeling.  Except that I also tell you guys lots more stuff than people I know in real life.  For instance: you get to see inside my medicine cabinet, you know I am a naturally p.j.-wearing slob, and a bad puppy mom, just to name a few.

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m posting this…I guess because her comment made me really think and evaluate my cyberself.   

……I’ll just have to make sure and not fib about my house/street/town or she’ll call me out on it!  Ha!


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