The People Are Coming! The People Are Coming!

Just warning ya’: it’s going to be another one of those days were I wax on and on about my quaint little town.

One of the reasons I love living in the downtown area of town is that you’re always right in the middle of it.

On Fridays when I take Vivi for her late afternoon walk we see people all dressed up going to one of the three fabulous restaurants we have.  On Saturday mornings we see groups of cyclists leave from the bike shop to go on their weekly ride around the lake.  On Sundays everyone comes into town for church.

But the best days are when there is a festival. 

The city blocks off Main Street and they let whoever is doing a festival have free rein.  We have spring sports festivals where little kids in baseball uniforms ride in the back of trucks and throw candy at the crowd.  We have the Tour de Georgia and Tour de Atlanta where we listen to live bands and watch as cyclists speed down Main Street.  We have harvest festivals, Old Southern Summer Days, and lots of 5Ks, as well as The First Methodist Fish Fry and the Christmas tree lighting.

But this weekend is the mack daddy of them all: the first annual Art and Jazz Festival.  It’s rumored that downtown will be packed with people and they’ll be no place to park (good thing we live less than a block away!).  Artists, food, a wine tasting, and lots of live music.  Can it get any better?

Already I’m making a mental to-do list for our house to look the best.  Every event that has been held since we moved in has given us many visitors who are “in the neighborhood” and want a peek at the house and the work we’ve done.   I’ve invited so many people to come and even offered our front lawn for parking (oh, my poor grass!)–I just hope we have enough room!

I know it’s only Thursday, but I just can’t wait.  Hurry up weekend!


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  1. Rachel May 8, 2008 at 11:55 am #

    That sounds like lots of fun…We just had a small Jazz Festival in Athens a few weeks ago. It was nice, but not that many people were there. I’m sure that this one will be huge in comparison.

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