A Couple of Smiles In A Time Of Sadness

The past few days have been pretty rough on the family, but there have been a couple of times in all the sadness that we all looked at each other and burst into laughter (I should mention I come from a LARGE southern family–my grandfather was one of eight and my grandmother was one of five–so when I say “we all” I mean like 100 people).

The first funny incident came Monday night at the viewing.  My uncle (who is a firefighter) had many friends stop by, including one named Charlie.  Now I should explain and say my uncle and his station are *obsessed* with the YouTube video Charlie Bit My Finger (you need to watch it to get this story)Uncle Doug says they watch at least once a shift and just laugh hysterically.  Anyway, my cousin thought Firefighter Charlie knew about the video and jokingly said “Owwwwwww” and my mother followed up jokingly with, “Charlie, you bit my finger and it huuuuuurrrttt!”.  They keep doing this for like ten seconds until they realized the poor man had this shocked (and scared) look on his face–he didn’t know what they were talking about and actually thought my mother wasn’t “all there” and didn’t know how to respond!  HAHA!  I didn’t know about all this until today at lunch and I seriously almost choked.

The second funny/gross thing happened yesterday after the funeral.  The women in our church had come over to my grandparents’ while we were gone and set out all the food.  They had to go through the cabinets to find serving dishes, utensils, etc.  After all the extended family left my mother and aunt were putting up all this.  My aunt held up this and asked my mother, ‘Why is this out?’ and they started asking around and realized the church ladies had put the coffee creamer in my grandmother’s Neti Pot….and almost everyone had used it to put cream in their coffee (thankfully not me)!  In case you don’t know what you do with a Neti Pot here’s a picture of someone (not any of us) using one:


So gross, but hilarious!  I know my grandfather would have gotten a kick out of both of these “incidents”.

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  1. Marilyn (Simmer Till Done) July 17, 2008 at 3:14 pm #

    Natalie, I’m so sorry about your grandfather – but I’m glad that you’re surrounded by good humor and your wonderful event ahead. Life brings the goofiest smiles just when you need one. 🙂

  2. Drena Hollingsworth July 17, 2008 at 10:16 pm #

    That is too funny about the neti pot. I heard about those on Oprah a few years ago and got my parents one.

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