I’m a Big Kid Now

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This afternoon we stopped by our small playground in our little downtown to give MM a chance to try out the big kids’ toys.  It’s just a small park, but to her I’m sure it seemed giant.


If she could talk I’m sure it would sound something like this, ‘So many things to do!  What should we try first, Dad?’


First up, the swings.  And…she HATED them.  I think this photograph shows the intensity of her feelings towards the swings.  We got off them pretty quick, as you can imagine.


Next up was the slide.  She loves the slide and wanted to do it again and again.


But her most favorite part of the playground?  This yellow tube-like thing she could crawl through.  She spent a loooooong time crawling around in it!


I know this was just the first of many, many trips to Beard Park we’ll be making in the years to come.

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