Tutorial: Toddler Dress from a Ladies Skirt

About a month ago I saw a fabulous pattern for a child’s dress over at V. and Co. {click on link for her tutorial}.  She had used a woman’s skirt and made it into a child’s dress.  One evening MM and I stopped by our local Goodwill and browsed through the women’s skirts.  We found–and I say “we” because she spotted it–a springy polka dot Talbot’s plus-size skirt for $4.59.  It was perfect for Mary Margaret and I put it aside in my to-do pile.  I to-do’ed it this week in all of 45 minutes.


I love this expression.  This is her ‘REALLY, Mom?!  You’re taking *more* pictures of me?’

With this tutorial I included a lot of the directions on the photos–let me know if you like that or not.  Anyway, first thing you do is put the skirt on your child, inside out.  If your skirt has a zipper (and it makes it so much easier if it does), position the zipper in the middle of her back.  Pull it all the way up under their arms and pin.  Now, because my baby was majorly fussy and in need for a nap on the afternoon I wanted to sew her skirt, I just used one of her shirts.  I made sure to have at least 1/2″ all the way around for a seam allowance.


I sewed before I cut this time–just in case it was too tight when Miss Sleeping Beauty woke up.  **Key: only sew the two sides**


Then cut.


Time to make the shoulder straps.  Use whatever remainder pieces you want.  If it’s a patterned skirt you’ll want to match the two shoulder straps.  For Mary Margaret’s dress the straps were 8″ long by 7″ wide (she wears 18-24 months clothes).  I did make my straps wider than “normal” to make them almost like cap sleeves.


Sew three sides (the picture below says two, but I would sew three sides), rights sides together.  Flip inside out.


Attach them to the dress where you want them to be.  It might be a good idea to have the wearer to try the dress on at this point to make sure they hit in the right place.


Then sew your hem on the bottom.


And…taa-daa!…your dress is finished.  Hopefully the recipient will like it more than mine did!! HA!


2 Responses to Tutorial: Toddler Dress from a Ladies Skirt

  1. Jenna April 3, 2010 at 8:17 pm #

    Haha… classic face! Look close at her right hand.. it looks like she is flicking you off. LOL! Love that dress!

  2. aunt margaret April 4, 2010 at 11:12 am #

    Dress is just too precious and her expression truly says “WHEN is my Aunt Jen gonna come get me?”
    I just love all her facial expressions in all pics-ever. Gonna be a model, YEP !

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