Potty Training: Stage Two and Paci Update

Warning Unless You’re a Mother of a Toddler You Are Going to Find This VEEEERRRRY Boring: Potty Training & Paci Posts to Follow.

As you know, we’ve been putting MM on her potty each time we change her diaper.  I sing a little song, ‘Pee-pee in the potty!  Pee-pee in the potty!’ over and over while she’s sitting there.  {I’m sure you wish you were here to hear me sing.  I’m really, really good.  Just ask C.  I’m as good of a singer as I am a dancer!}

I would say she goes at least a drop 95% of the time.  And lately she’s been motioning to her diaper when she needs a change like, ‘Hey, you!  Clean up on aisle 5!’.  All of this is signally to me we need to take potty training to the next level, but I haven’t done anything yet because I assume it’s going to be a lot of work on both parts.  And I don’t like cleaning up bodily fluids after all.

Well, this morning she was playing with her little kitchen and at some point, and unbeknown to me, Little Miss took off her pajama bottoms and diaper.  Then she went into the living room, sat down on her pink chair, and tinkled.  {I think she is confused by how many potties–3–that I have around the house and thinks any of “her” chairs are a potty}

I had no idea this had happened until I went to take a picture of her in her apron and she turned around to open the front door and I saw her bare fanny.


Then I went into the living room and saw this for the first time.


Oh, my silly girl!

Later on she walked into the bathroom and pointed to the potty and said, ‘Uh! Uh!’.  I pulled down her diaper and she went A TON.  I could tell she had been holding it for some time and then had “to go”.

So…it looks like she will be just like her mama who potty trained herself at 16 months.  We shall see!  It seems to good to be true.

In paci news…

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, MM is/was ADDICTED to her paci.  After all, it was strapped to her 24/7 for the first fifteen months of her life and it hung out of her mouth while she did anything.  She was even known to put it in her mouth in between bites of food at meal times.  Then last month we took it away some and she had it during her naps and at night only.  I was so afraid of getting rid of the paci–I honestly wasn’t sure we (and I say “we” because it’s a joint thing, I think) could do it.  After all, if she was fussy, give her the paci.  Tired?  Paci.  Bored?  Paci.  It was a crutch to both her and me.

But, MM hasn’t needed her paci 7 out of the last 9 times she has gone to sleep, whether it be a nap or night-night.  {The two times she did take a pacifier was when she was with her grandparents who couldn’t stand for her to be uncomfortable.  And that’s okay–grandparents are there to spoil, aren’t they?}  It seems in the morning and at night she does best when you give her a book to read in bed to help her fall asleep.  She lays on her back with her left leg flung over the other and flips through her books.  She is so precious I could just gobble her up.  In the afternoon she needs a little more help going to sleep and rocking does the trick nicely.  And since I haven’t had to rock her in months I LOVE this.

So, while I would say we are not out of the woods yet, I think we have the paci addiction beat.  Yipee!

Potty training AND getting rid of the paci in one week!?  What’s next??  Learning how to jump?  Using a knife?  Dressing herself?  Who knows!

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