Just a Walk in the Park, uhm, Cemetery

This afternoon was a beautiful day for a walk.  So I loaded up MM with her juice and apple sauce and off we went up the street in her little wagon.


The air was damp and cool from our morning rain and the leaves crunched under our feet.


As we walked we pointed out the things we saw: cat, tree, train, and shoes {on our feet}.  She talked about who she wanted to see: “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”


We had quiet moments where we just looked around us.  I saw beautiful old windows in a house that is under restoration.  She watched the squirrels jumping from tree-to-tree on their hunt for acorns and pecans.


We were on our way to the city cemetery–one of our favorite walking destinations.  MM always loves to run through the grass and sit on the “little walls”.  That’s what I call the small borders of granite and marble that are along each family’s plot.


We stop by and see relatives.

We check on the graves of the people for who our house is named.


And you know, originally I was going to make this a spooky Halloween post with black and white photographs of the tombstones, but I realize that’s not our little city cemetery at all.

It’s a peaceful, non-threatening place and one that we really enjoy visiting.


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  1. Val October 28, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    I LOVE that you are teaching MM that cemeteries are lovely places. I think that cemeteries are some of the most beautiful parks that exist in this country, full as they are of beautiful sculpture, stonework, buildings, and such. I have many fond memories of going to tend the graves of relatives as a child, and I still do it today. I think it’s very important to show our respect in such a way.

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