MM: Rockin’ Around Her Christmas Tree

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Late this afternoon we headed to my parents’ farm to get MM’s Christmas tree for her room.  We were running late because her nap lasted an extra long time {not that I’m complaining}.  Then there was the rain that was moving in quicker than anyone had planned.  So off the three of us went in the golf cart through the fields, trying to beat both the dark and the rain.

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MM found her perfect tree in a 6′ Charlie Brown-esqe ‘Blue Ice’ Cypress {very similar to the ‘Carolina Sapphire’ I had thought she would pick out} and she and her daddy got down to business cutting down the tree.

mms tree_0012

mms tree_0013

And though it took much longer than C. thought it would {the saw was a little dull}, he finally yelled, ‘Timber!’, and we got out of the way.

mms tree_0017

Of course, MM had to inspect her tree again to make sure it was just right for her. And she loved it so much that she gave it a great big Christmas tree hug.

mms tree_0019

So we loaded it onto the golf cart and scooted back up the hill. We had about 30 seconds to spare before the rain started.

mms tree_0022

Of course, before we left there had to be “shopping” in Mimi’s little gift shop she set up yesterday. MM didn’t remember it from last year and her eyes were as big as saucers when she saw what her grandparents had done to their garage.  She filled her two purses full of ornaments for her tree.

mms tree_0023

When we got home we all went upstairs to decorate her little tree. I was so proud of how careful she was with her ornaments. {All of her ornaments are unbreakable–mostly made of plastic} She waved at them–my trick to keep her from grabbing at things she shouldn’t–and touching them with one or two fingers.

mms tree_0027

She played with her nativity scene. She knows how to say ‘ann-GULL’, ‘mawy’, ‘GEE-us’ and is learning the rest…though I don’t think she’ll ever saw ‘Joseph’. As soon as she points to him she says, ‘POPS!’ because he has a beard and her Pops has a mustache. HA!  She also says that the reindeer {this set has a reindeer at the Nativity…does that seem strange to anyone else?} is a goat.

mms tree_0028

I’ve converted her little tea table in her room to a Christmas table. She has her holiday books, her nativity scene, her snowman, and Santas on it.

mms tree_0030

I looped icicle garland across two of her windows and then it was time for the big reveal of her tree.

mms tree_0031

She let out a big, ‘Ohhhhh…’ and smiled. Later when I tucked her in I asked her if she wanted me to leave her tree lights on for awhile longer she said yes. I put them on a timer and thirty minutes after she fell asleep they went off. I can just picture her little eyes watching her sparkling tree as she went to sleep!

And if this doesn’t make you sentimental, I don’t know what will.  My baby: today and one year ago on the hunt for her tree.  Goodness gracious.

year of mms tree

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  1. aunt margaret November 16, 2010 at 10:02 am #

    I love the way you decorated mantle #1. MM is so precious with all the excitement any child feels at Christmastime, the trees, the lights, the colorful decorations. Merry ! Merry ! And the fun is just beginning ! love, aunt margaret

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