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Milk and Cookies

What would any birthday be–especially a SECOND birthday–without a party?

with mama and daddy

Yesterday afternoon at 3pm {so a certain Little Miss could get her nap…a luxurious three-hour nap that she was woken up from} we had our close family to Brogdon House for a little party celebrating our big miracle.

She’s having a big party for her friends on the farm in April when it warms up.  An Easter egg hunt, petting zoo, and perhaps even a train, oh my!

Before the pictures of the birthday girl–which there are many so be forewarned–here’s the rundown of the party decorations.

The theme was milk and cookies.  Vintage everything I could find {in my house.  I bought nothing except paper products, food, and invitations.  Oh, and six dollar store balloons.  She loves balloons.}   Always a theme of cheap.


the tablescape

'look at my pretty table, auntie dana!'

cookie display

milk containers

happy birthday!

I had the invitations designed by Loralee Lewis on Etsy.

The flower vases are antique milk containers {I collect them}.

The table cloth is vintage. As well as the canisters {they came from Brogdon House} and the milk glass compotes.

The milk–individual whole milks, chocolate and 1% in carafes–sit in a big tub from Southern Living. {After seeing the same carafes in Pier One for $12 I made some of my own for less than $2–I’ll show you how I did it later this week.}

I attempted to make two cakes that looked like an Oreo cookie using the tutorial I found at Kraft Recipes. They were super tasty, but not sure if they look like an Oreo or not.

And then here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Pictures of the birthday girl!

{The one thing I didn’t get a good picture of was her in her dress–a beautiful little number from Green Pomegranate that had an apron made from a vintage tea towel…of a baker! Can you tell I go crazy over a theme? She also wore a “cookie tester” apron and cookies and milk hairbows.}

making a wish
Making a wish.

smiling while everyone sings to her
Smiling as we all sang to her.

digging right in
And do you know why she went face first into her cake? So her hands stayed clean {and to make people laugh}. Then she asked for a fork.

i have to eat this WHOLE cake?!
And this was her face when she realized that this was just *her* cake.

And then it was presents time. As usual, our baby girl was spoiled rotten. So blessed as always.

bracelet surprise

tea pot!

hugging miss joyce's quilt

Toys. Money for her savings. Books. A bracelet. A rocking chair just her size. Calico Critters galore. Stuffed animals. A handmade quilt.

And I’m sure MM would agree, it was a good birthday.

with aunt jenna

A very good birthday indeed.


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