Mary Margaret’s Easter Egg Hunt Birthday Party at the Farm

Before you even ask…

Yes, her birthday was in January.  And her birthday party was in April.

{Well, she did have a birthday party on her birthday this year with family too.}

My birthday is in December which means that not only is it Christmas tree season {meaning my family is crazy-busy on their farm}, but it’s also cold.  As a kid I hated it being so cold and it left you with just two options for your birthday party in my hometown: the church fellowship hall or the roller skating rink a couple of towns over.  {When I was 8 years old I caught my big 1980s poofy bangs on fire as I was blowing out my candles at Skate Country.  My Aunt Jackie put the flames out, but not before it singed my hair and eyebrows.  I’m not sure if I ever told you or not, but thank you, Aunt Jackie!}  But I digress.

Anyway, I say all this to say, I knew that if I ever had a child with a winter birthday that they would be given the option of delaying their party to spring or summer so they could enjoy it.  I’m still jealous of my cousin Jessica who had the perfect mid-June birthday and got to enjoy *my* swimming pool for her birthday party every year.  Just sayin’.

And without further adieu, here are the pictures from the party…

easter egg hunt_0007

The party was held at my family’s farm, but mostly took place in my grandmother’s front yard under a big pecan tree. I had a table set up {at little person height} with the cookies on it and next to it was a big wash pan of iced-down drinks for kids and parents. We had a great big stack of family quilts and when it was time to eat we just lay on the ground in the shade of the tree and we had a little picnic.

I kept this party super cheap–the only things I really bought were the cookies, drinks, and a bag of candy {I’ve been collecting the other prizes over the last year and I got the eggs for 90% off a few weeks after Easter last year}.

easter egg hunt_0008

Here are the prizes for the Easter egg hunt.

easter egg hunt_0009

And what would an Easter-themed party be without pictures of the special girl with the Easter Bunny? The ceramic egg she painted a few weeks ago at a pottery place–it’s our new little tradition. Didn’t she do a good job?

easter egg hunt_0011

All the flowers came out of my parents’ garden {which I planted, hmph!} and are in vintage milk jars.

easter egg hunt_0012

We hung paper pom-poms from the tree. I bought these two years ago for like $2 each and have used them now at three parties and they’re still going strong.

easter egg hunt_0010

But since it wasn’t really MM’s birthday I didn’t do the cake thing–she’d already done that in January, and just chose to do Easter-theme cookies instead.

The egg holders {I’m sure there is a “correct” name for what they’re called, but I don’t know it!} came from C.’s gradparents. They hold four eggs from our chickens–two blue {Ameraucanas}, a white {Cochin}, and a brown {Rhode Island Red}.

For the first thirty minutes or so we let the kids feed bread to the goats and cows. Once it looked like everyone had arrived we got in the hayride to go to the back field for the Easter egg hunt. {Side note: there were WAY more kids than I thought there would be so we had to take two hayrides which meant some extra waiting time. I’ll know next time to keep the hunt in walking distance!}

easter egg hunt_0025
Some of us chose to put our baskets on our heads to wait. Whatever does it for ya’.

I was helping get everyone in the hayride when I realized I hadn’t seen MM in a while. I kinda got panicky before someone told me she had already hopped on the hayride and was waiting to go! …yes, someone goes on a lot of hayrides.   …and yeah, she was ready to get the Easter egg started too!

easter egg hunt_0021

We lined everyone up the best we could {this is less than half the kids}. Another note to self: next time do one field for 0-2 and another field for 3 & 4 year olds. The older kids are much more suave at hunting eggs than my two-year old who liked to stop and examine the contents of each egg before going on to the next one.

easter egg hunt_0027

And then they were off.

easter egg hunt_0030

After a successful hunt {the eggs not only had candy in them, but also Silly Bands and miniature farm animals…not to mention prize eggs}, we all loaded on to {two} hay ride{s} and went back to my grandmother’s front yard.

easter egg hunt_0033

We ate cookies and a certain birthday girl got way too many presents and was way too spoiled.

easter egg hunt_0039

And it was a really fun day & I think we’ll make it a tradition–birthday party or not. Here’s a few more pics I snapped…and check out Allison’s blog for some great ones of the party.

easter egg hunt_0002
Looking through the eggs {300+ of ’em} before we went to hide them.

easter egg hunt_0032

easter egg hunt_0018

easter egg hunt_0019
That’s her and her “boyfriend” Grant–she even gave him a kiss too! You may remember him–he was the Indian she was hugging on at Halloween.

easter egg hunt_0035

2 Responses to Mary Margaret’s Easter Egg Hunt Birthday Party at the Farm

  1. Jess April 29, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

    Sorry it has been awhile since I’ve commented! This is a fantastic idea for celebrating a too-close-to-Christmas and cold-weather birthday! Everything looks adorable. Love your 80’s bangs story–poofy bangs were dangerous for SO many reasons 🙂

  2. Tammy May 5, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    What a sweet idea! I have a Jjanuary b-day and know just what you mean about winter birthdays. This one looks perfect!

    (And, would you please tell me how you keep up with matching your daughter’s darling clothes to every holiday and event?? Even the “regular” clothes are amazing!) It is just so fun!

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