Halloween Bunting with Bias Tape Tutorial

Holiday Banner Made With Bias Tape How-To {Directions}

I’ve been seeing banners {or “buntings”–which is such a cuter name} for ever and a day and thought I would try my hand at it.  But I didn’t like the whole sewing with string thing so I decided to use extra-wide double-fold bias tape instead.  Now, I can’t claim that I came up with this first–in fact, I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere before so if I’ve seen it on your blog I’m sorry for not giving you credit…but for the life of me can’t remember where.  Also, sorry for the camera phone pictures.  My camera is in the shop {getting a new LCD screen among other things}, but I thought these pictures would be better than nothing…maybe I was right.


Here’s the materials you need: 1/4 yd felt, 1/4 yd fabric, and one 3 yrd pack of bias tape.  You totally can use less fabric/felt, but you need it to be a certain length/width for your letters.  I have as least 3 banners-worth of fabric leftover.  This all cost me a total of $4.62.

2011-09-27 18.40.34

Next you have to make your letters and the triangle. I did mine on my computer–I think it was 550 point for the “b” and the “o”. Cut them out. As you can see I needed to make my triangle a bit bigger so I put it on a manila folder and added 1/4″ all the way around.

2011-09-27 18.39.41

Pin those letters to the felt really well.  {I doubled the fabric over so I only would have to cut out the “O” one time, but could get two letters.}

2011-09-27 18.56.33

I used my rotary cutter to help cut out the triangle {I heart straight lines}.

2011-09-27 19.03.27

Here is what my lovely assistant was doing during this time–organizing my Barbie collection on the floor.  She knows that I just love stepping on hard, pointy Barbie hands, feet, shoes, etc. while I sew.

2011-09-27 20.11.41

Next, add your letters to the fabric with lots of pins to keep them exactly where you want them on the fabric. Originally I was going to use some Wonder Under on them, but in the end I just wanted a quick project so I decided to just pin them. Totally worked fine.

2011-09-27 20.16.19

And now it’s time to sew the letters on!
…oh wait, or sit at Mommy’s serger and make a mess. HA

2011-09-27 20.26.59

Once your letters are sewn on–sorry that it’s hard to see the black thread on the black felt–you are going to insert your fabric into the open side of the bias tape. Pin it well. Sew very close to the open side {a very teeny tiny seam allowance}.

2011-09-27 20.37.45

And, taa-daa! you’re finished! About 30-45 minutes from start to finish. Happy Sewing!

2011-09-27 22.15.32


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