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Tonight we had nuns from The Order of Saint Helena come to our church and speak to the adult class while MM was in “Sunday School” {yes, I know it’s on Wednesday night…doesn’t “Wednesday School” just sound odd?}.  I sat there the whole time with my mouth open just absorbing it all–those women and their lifestyle just enthralls me.  They were so wise and thoughtful with their talk and their answers to our questions.  Their love for God and people was breath-taking.

One of them was talking about love and how we give and receive.  She was talking about how much God loves us and went on to say that when God doesn’t give us the same gift that He gives everyone else it is only because He gave us a different gift.  I needed to hear that because I can’t help but sometimes feel that my body is broken because it can’t do what {seems to be like} everyone else’s body does naturally.  But that sister was right–just because I haven’t been given the gift of carrying a child again doesn’t mean I wasn’t given the gift of being a mother.  In fact I think it’s an extraordinary gift to be adopting.  I know that to be true.

In other news, I’m going to pick my camera up tomorrow–cue the angel chorus.  I haven’t had it since September 19th {uh-huh, *16 days*} and I’m going to be a picture taking fool tomorrow.

Wanna do a camera phone picture dump instead?  Why not!

In no particular order…

Goat kiss
Goat kiss at the county fair.

Our little ‘boo’ banner that MM helped me make last week.


Bhs band
Our high school’s annual homecoming parade.

2011-10-01 09.42.16.jpg

While we waited on Mimi to come to our house so we could go to the Atlanta Greek Festival she rode her scooter.

Getting 2000+ pumpkins for the farm for the dozens of field trips scheduled for the month of October.

2011-10-03 19.01.30.jpg
At her workbench.

Teacher gift
Random September teacher gifts.

And last night…posing with our latest afternoon project–painted pumpkins!

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  1. drena October 6, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    You have many gifts. Don’t sell yourself short! 😉

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