Our Halloween Evening, in Pictures

Call me crazy {you probably have before, huh?}, but I love…LOVE…that we live in a historic downtown.  I love that so many of our neighbors are friends.  And I love that all the houses MM trick-or-treated at were old homes that have seen decades upon decades of little goblins, ghouls, witches, and brown bears in corduroy overalls.

…even if it means walking and walking and walking while MM “drove” her little pink car down one tree-lined street after another.  This ain’t no subdivision–in our little downtown you work off those candy calories pretty easily.

So here are the pictures in chronological order…I think you can definitely can see the more chocolate MM ate by the more haphazard her costume became as the night wore on.

halloween night_0003

Ready to go! {This is a picture of someone on a mission for chocolate!}

halloween night_0005

First step: getting her candy from Memaw in our carriage house.

halloween night_0006

Walking up to Mr. Steve + Ms. Jill’s front door.

halloween night_0008

Not only did she get treats, but also a stuffed horse!

halloween night_0010

On the road…err, sidewalk…again.

halloween night_0013

Those steps look awfully big for such a small girl.

…at some point her ears got broken {won’t name names, MM}.

halloween night_0018

She LOVED ringing doorbells and knocking on doors. Not as much as the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups she got, but close.

halloween night_0021

At first she was scared to death of the rat, but after awhile she was his friend.

halloween night_0022

A little rest for the weary trick-or-treaters {notice that crazed sugar-induced look in her eyes? Uhm, yeah, she snacked A LOT tonight.}

halloween night_0026

And one last house. Aunt Jen-Jen and Mamaw came and picked her up so the rest of us could stay and have our annual Halloween dinner.

This was the best Halloween yet…and I think it’s only going to get better.  Can’t wait.

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  1. Joyce Hughes November 2, 2011 at 5:25 am #

    Such fun! She is growing by leaps and bounds; isn’t she?!

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