My grandmother has a huge old scuppernong vine that is always loaded with fruit starting in August…which MM calls “cup -of-nines”.


And boy, does MM love to eat them.


She’ll sit there and let you feed them to her all day long {you can’t eat the outside…or at least you’re not supposed to {but my mom does}…or the pit on the inside}.


We received our first frost in these parts a couple of days before Halloween so imagine our surprise when we noticed some good fruit about a week later.


MM loves picking anything–blame it on those farming roots–and wanted her a basket.  I obliged thinking she’d have just one or two scuppernongs in the bottom.


Uhm, yeah, I was wrong.  How about five or six POUNDS?

2011-11-02 17.13.52.jpg

This little girl was in heaven.

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