It’s a “Plus” That I Even Remembered to Blog About This!

I might be experiencing a case of “New Mommy Brain”, but I don’t think I have shown you a picture of my parents’ Christmas present yet.


If I have, just indulge me, because I honestly don’t remember doing so.

And if I haven’t shown you yet?  Sweet!  I remembered!

+ sign quilt

I know I’ve shared my love for Anna Maria Horner fabrics on here before.  In fact, I went to her sewing workshop back in ’10 {Don’t click on that link unless you want to see an 18 month old MM who looks soooooo tiny and precious and adorable.  Swoon.}.  I love her crazy bold designs in bright colors.  They speak to me.

So I knew I wanted to make my parents a quilt in her fabrics but that I had to add in some red since that’s my mom’s favorite color…hence, the borders and binding.

I chose a ‘plus’ design for their quilt.   I used lots of different tutorials, but really liked the one I found here.  For quilting I chose to quilt 1/4″ along either side of the seams.

+ sign quilt

On the back I used my favorite fabric from her Loulouthi collection.  I did one more plus sign block with some hand embroidery.  And my favorite thing?  MM’s art project that I put on a piece of fabric and incorporated to the back.

+ sign quilt

So, it only took me four months to post about it….not bad.  HA!!

2 Responses to It’s a “Plus” That I Even Remembered to Blog About This!

  1. Mimi April 30, 2012 at 9:36 am #

    And might I add…I LOVE my quilt!!…every time I use it, I think of you and all the love that went into this work of love. Love you sweet girl!

  2. Joyce Hughes May 6, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    It is beautiful and beautifully done.

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