Bees Knees

Sorry for the picture quality, I took these with my phone. I’m not confident enough around the bees yet to bring my big camera just yet.

A couple of months ago we got bees on the farm.  Just a few, you know.

Just 35,000.



Today we went out to have a look and see if we had a queen yet.  When we set up our hive we have several queen eggs {we didn’t want a live queen as she might take the hive and just up and move if she didn’t like where we placed them}.

My dad lighting the smoker.

Unfortunately, while we saw a new queen had hatched {the little egg-cell thing was open} we couldn’t find her and there were no eggs.  {A queen can lay easily a couple of thousand eggs in a few days time so we should have seen tons}


All is not lost though.


The bees we do have are thriving.  Tons of yummy honey that we even tasted–talk about fresh!–and lots of happy bees.  And four queen eggs that have yet to hatch {fingers crossed!}.


Our beekeeping mentor–Sylvie–told us if a queen doesn’t hatch soon he’ll just use IVF to give us another one which made us all laugh…meaning he’ll bring a queen egg from another hive and put it in our super.

Look at our little audience in the background, ha!

Hopefully one of our royal ladies will hatch soon and start laying thousands of her own eggs!

showing off the honey.
Us tasting the honey.

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