A Year in Review {2012 Edition}

One from each month.  Let’s do this.

January. The beginning of ballet for my newly turned three year old.  I went to Moseby’s ultrasound.  Lots of nervous waiting and preparing.


February. Our family gained a son. I really still can’t put it into words what his birth was like…or the love we feel for his birth family…or the wonderful thing open adoption is. I’m literally speechless.

day 1 through 3_0039

March. That surreal period after a baby is born. That sleep-deprived time where everything is new and feels like a dream.

kissing her new baby brother

April. Getting more out in the world. Warm days, egg hunts, Easter, baby chicks in their Easter baskets, a new {to us} playground at our house.

easter egg hunt.easter chicks_0023

May. My grandmother’s 80th birthday and Moseby’s personality started to come out. And that personality? Happy-go-lucky and easy to smile. A pure joy.

may 23. happy baby. new bike_0035

June. We went to the beach, Moseby’s adoption was finalized, and he was Baptized.

after moseby's adoption finalization {he's legally a cooper now!}

July. My camera broke. It was hot. We canned a ton.

july 30. rental camera_0003

August. School began again for me. Moseby learned to sit up on his own at five months, he turned six months at the end of the month. MM began gymnastics.

may 25. 26. artist. six month birthday_0001

September. MM began three-day {half-day} preschool. Moseby started crawling.

september 2. before church. red and blue_0012

October. LOTS of parties, and sewing, and trick-or-treating. A fantastic bat and a happy pirate {sorry, but I’m posting two for this month}.

october 27. leaves. fall festival_0002

october 31. trick or treating_0014

November. It finally became cooler as our family geared up for Christmas tree season.

november 22. thanksgiving_0006

December. What a whirlwind of a month! Parties {three at our house alone!}, school play, church pageant, Nutcracker. A train ride with Santa. A visit with Moseby’s birth family. My 32nd birthday. The list could go on and on.

december 16. christmas play angel_0008

I’m excited at what the next year holds.  I can’t imagine it will be any more exciting than 2012, but who knows, God might just surprise us.  😉

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  1. cindy r. January 4, 2013 at 11:45 pm #

    Whay a wonderful recap…what a wonderful year.

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