And While I’m Talking About Sewing…

…why don’t I tell you about the other pattern I’ve tested for Lindsay back in May of last year–the Georgia Vintage Dress pattern?

mm dress

The is the only “Pinnable” (is that even a word?!) picture of this post, by the way. 

I loved this pattern–it’s very sweet and child-like.  I forget what fabric I used for the apron, but I loved that it looked old.  The green fabric is actually a Michael Miller {very narrow} stripe.

I love anything with a bow in the back, don’t you?

The wooden rose buttons on the front are actually vintage that I picked up before MM was born at the Metrolina in Charlotte one year. I was saving them for just the right project…and I think I found it.

I will say the length was just right and she was able to wear it all summer long. BUT, and this is just a personal preference here, I wish I had gone up a size {I went by her measurements and the pattern to pick this size} so she could also wear it this year. What can I say–if I sew something I want her to wear for a long while! HA

I think this dress would be a perfect pattern if you had a little girl who wanted to be Alice in Wonderland this Halloween.  You can make all the apron pieces white {the pattern actually tells you to use a coordinating fabric for the sash, but I chose to use all one color because I wanted it to look like an apron} and a pretty blue for the dress and a white collar…well, I think it’d be just tooo cute. {Hmmm…wonder what MM would think about that?  Moseby would be a cute Mad Hatter!}

2 Responses to And While I’m Talking About Sewing…

  1. Libby March 28, 2014 at 4:35 pm #

    I feeling a weirdo asking you, but what do you do with her old clothes? Do you consign them? I’d love to be first in line to look through them! ???? I’m sure you keep the handmade stuff, but I have very similar taste! I like little girls to look like- a little girl!

  2. Natalie March 29, 2014 at 2:47 pm #

    Hi Libby-
    So far I have saved EVERYTHING–both boy & girl–as we’re not sure what our next baby will be {though MM is pleading for a sister}. But if/when I do sell her clothes I will DEFINITELY let you know. 🙂

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