Well, Hello There

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And just like that, I’m back to the blogging world.

Don’t you just love my new space?  I feel so teach-savvy with my Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram links over there to the side.

Well, except it’s not that simple.  It involved thinking about it the last year and then having my friend {from middle school–I love that I still have friends from middle school} help, okay okay, DO IT ALL for me.  She got rid of that malware stuff {remember that?}, helped me change my domain name, updated everything out of the wazoo, and pulled all my old entries from the last website to this one.  She made it look easy, but I have no doubt it was hard as all get out.  I can’t really sing her praises enough.  If you need website work you should contact her. You won’t be sorry. {And no, I wasn’t paid to say that, Meredith really is that awesome.}

So….what’s been going on here.  Babies growing {they’re two and five now, shutyourmouth}.  Doing old house projects {tongue and groove wainscoting in the downstairs and upstairs hallways. Pictures–promise!}.  Boating {more of C.’s thing than mine}.  Planning our next adoption {ohhh yeah! Baby #3 hopefully next year}.

We’re just trying to live each day to the fullest, as cliché as that might sound, and enjoy the kids the age they are right now.  ‘Cause we all know babies don’t keep and somehow–poof!–I have a two year old and a child about to go off to kindergarten in August.  How in the world did that happen?

And because I can’t just post this without giving you some photos, here are my two playing on our backyard playground yesterday. Uh-huh, told you they had grown up!

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