The Graduate

{It seems the blog has been a bit more focused on MM as of late.  Blame it on this changing season in her/our life. I promise to get back to the regularly scheduled programming soon with more focus on a certain little boy.}

This past Tuesday MM graduated.

Thankfully, it was just PreK and not high school {oh no!} or college {egads!}.  My heart still aches at the passing of this milestone, but I’m thankful that I still have years {God willing} with her in our home.

{When she does move out I will be a basketcase. Giving you a heads up now…don’t say I didn’t warn you.}

During the ceremony/program her teacher listed what each child said they wanted to be when they grow up. My girl? A teacher AND a mommy…like her own mommy. Makes me get teary-eyed thinking about it.

When she is nervous she fidgets. I do the same thing. Sweet girl.

And after receiving her diploma and eating a tasty lunch in the fellowship hall, we came home and took some pictures in the back pasture.

And {of course!} little brother had to get in on the action. Big Sis let him get in one {just one!} picture on the swing. I think you can tell just how she feels about that with her faux smile. HA!

And this picture has absolutely nothing to do with graduation, but a few weeks ago Little Miss talked her daddy into getting her this lady-size hat at Charming Charlie’s when Mama wasn’t looking. I scolded them at the time, but my, I do love it! {And I may or may not take it to the beach for myself!}

As far as what she can do at the end of PreK: she knows her letters {D’Neilan, the system her new school uses, is throwing her for a loop though & we’re working on ID’ing those} and their sounds. She has started blending her sounds–which makes this reading teacher very happy–as well as knows about 10 sight words. She can rhyme like a champ. She can count to 30 orally and can identify 1-10 by sight. She can list eighteen colors {I love that she names old lady colors like “mauve”}. She knows her shapes. She tries hard with the first couple of pages in a book sounding out words and then gets flustered and says, “I just like it better when you read it!” I can’t wait to see all she learns in kindergarten.

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