Kroger ClickList Vs. Walmart Grocery: A Showdown


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Whoever decided to do online grocery orders with curbside pickup is a genius and a lifesaver. I’m talking Noble Prize worthy.

Because {to me at least} pushing a shopping cart with my three, uhm, angels (HA!!!) around a crowded, germ-infested store is my idea of hell on earth. I *never* leave with what I need, even if I have a list. And usually my nerves are shot from my, uhm, darling angels.

I started using the Walmart online ordering system back in October. I loved that I could go online, order items that I need, and pick a set time for pickup (within an hour window). I usually swing by after one of my evening classes at the gym.  I pull into the designated parking spot, call the number on the sign and tell them which spot I’m in, wait for them to bring out my groceries in their little cart, we load them, and I’m gone–it takes about ten minutes!

I was telling someone about it and they said, ‘Ohhhhhhh, but have you tried Kroger? Kroger is so much nicer! It’s like the Target to Walmart!’ {This was also the same thing that was said about Costco and Sam’s…even though I don’t find Costco to be superior to Sam’s–just different.}

So you know me, I love a challenge! I picked items at random {can you tell it was Super Bowl week?!} and did a price comparison of the two. (Please note: I didn’t use coupons, but I DID INCLUDE my Kroger Plus Card discount)

Kroger Walmart
Marzetti Chunk Blue Cheese $3.99 $3.68
Celery $1.28 $1.34
Chicken Wings* 2lbs $5.98 $5.94
Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus 32oz $3.99 $3.48
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 20.25oz $3.98 $4.89
Lunchable $1.67 $1.68
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda 16oz $0.79 $0.72
Coffee-Mate Liquie Coffee Creamer 24ct $2.79 $2.83
Ronzoni Penne Passta $1.29 $1.06
Bertolli Alfredo Sauce $2.99 $1.84
Parsley $0.79 $0.98
Honeycrisp Apples 2lbs $5.96 $5.34
Nature’s Own Bread $2.99 $2.58
Yellow Onions 3lbs $1.98 $1.25
Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chocolate Chips $3.50 $2.67
Nestle White Chocolate Chips 12oz $2.99 $2.68
Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz $1.59 $1.00
Store Brand Whole Milk 1gal $2.79 $2.78
Pillsbury Pizza Crust 13.8oz $2.69 $2.48

The price difference in the two stores?

Kroger: $48.55

Walmart: $43.96

So Walmart is $4.59 cheaper (or 10%).  Also note: After three free online orders Kroger begins to charge a $4.95 “Online Order Service Fee” to your order. In that case, the total at Kroger would be 20% higher than Walmart.

A couple of notes:


I have not found an issue with quality at either store. I’ve done Kroger twice now and Walmart at least a dozen times. Both have always given me the freshest produce {something I was worried about in the beginning!}, quality meat, eggs that were not broken, and milk that had at least ten days before it expired.  Note: yesterday Kroger gave me ground beef that needed to be eaten or frozen that same day. We ended up eating it that day, but I don’t like how they gave me something almost out of date, you know?

Pick-Up Wait

At Kroger I had to wait in my assigned space 5 minutes one time and 8 minutes yesterday. Both times there was one car in front of me. At Walmart I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes, even when all six spots were full.


At Walmart you pay for your order before you pickup {and just sign their little iPhone pad thingy at the end}. At Kroger they run your card when they get to your car. Kroger will also accept paper coupons.

Changing Your Order

At Walmart you are allowed to change/modify your order {including items and pickup time} by 10am the day of pickup. At Kroger you can modify your items by 10am, but you are not allowed to change your pickup time.

Also, both places offer substitutions automatically. If you don’t want a substitute (I’m a stickler on Lawson’s protein shakes and aluminum-free baking powder, for instance) you un-check the box.

Planning Pick Up

Both stores offer same-day pickup. With Walmart it’s generally minimum of 8 hours (I placed my order at 9am and could pick it up after 5pm), whereas I could pick it up in as little as 5 hours with Kroger.


At Walmart they’ll periodically give you a little reusable tote bag with samples {granola bars, shampoo, garbanzo beans–totally random!}. I haven’t received that at Kroger yet. Kroger does provide a thicker grocery bag though for online orders.


Not every Kroger and Walmart offer online ordering. The closest stores that offer it for me are 5.1 miles away to Kroger and 6.9 miles to Walmart, but given the traffic it’s actually quicker to go to Walmart. Random, I know.


So what would I recommend? Everything is so similar between the stores that I’m going by value alone and saying Walmart (I also like the wider selection of home goods they’ll let you purchase too. I could order a printer…or a poop emoji pillow! HA!!..and pick up at the same time as my groceries).

If you want to try Walmart click on this link for $10 off your first online grocery order (disclaimer: I will also get $10 off my next order). I’ve searched my emails from Kroger and their website but can’t find a similar offer from them. If I find a coupon code/link for them I’ll let you know.

Happy shopping!

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2 Responses to Kroger ClickList Vs. Walmart Grocery: A Showdown

  1. Suzanne Chappin August 28, 2017 at 7:11 pm #

    Note:. Kroger has no system for refunds if they make a mistake (they will) except to scream at you and tell you,

    “You have to come back to the store!!!! Not fun or time saving.

  2. Natalie August 29, 2017 at 9:56 pm #

    That doesn’t sound like fun at all! Sorry, girl!

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