A Quilt for Baby B.

My first cousin {who is like a sister to me}, Jessica, had her first child {a cute redhead named Emery} nine days before our Lawson. They are the cutest buddies who see each other almost every day of their lives.

She & her husband wanted their kids close together in age and she’s due with baby number 2 (also a boy!) at the beginning of April. {Not going to lie: my kids are 37 months apart and 42 months apart…makes me hyperventilate for her just thinking about having two under 19 months old! HA!}

I made E. a quilt when she was pregnant in his nursery colors of tans/soft blues/grays.

This is the quilt tutorial I used for both E.’s and Lawson’s quilts.

I don’t think I ever shared Lawson’s baby quilt! Ack! Here’s his:

Once Jess. decided on a black and white with gold accents kind of modern theme for Baby B. I got started on a quilt for him too.

(And y’all, if you are just now starting to sew/quilt, this would be an AMAZING first quilt project. I did it because I liked the way it looked, but it really came together the quickest of any quilt I’ve ever done. Like, I was done with it a full month before my self-imposed deadline and that never ever happens!)

february 13. 18. 19. tagalongs. papa david. okefenokee_0036_edited-1

february 13. 18. 19. tagalongs. papa david. okefenokee_0038_edited-1

(I took these photos on a random south Georgia road that was closed on our little trip to the Okefenokee last month. HA!)

I gave it to Jess on Monday at a little lunch/sprinkle at Tin Lizzy’s.

(Moseby was totally there, by the way. He’s still going through his anti-picture/anti-doing anything mama wants phase–I think it’ll only last another 10-20 years.)

Baby B. is set to arrive the morning of March 31st and we can’t wait to see if we’re having another red-headed baby (I’ll keep y’all updated, no worries)!

We love you, Jess! …and Emery! …and Baby B, too!

Fabrics for Emery’s and Lawson’s quilt came from Intown Quilters in Decatur–it’s been so long I forgot the actual fabric designers, oops! The solid fabrics for Baby B.’s quilt are Kona cotton solids by Robert Kaufman and the backing is COTTON + STEEL and came from Cupcake Fabric + Quilts in Spring, Texas (I picked them up when we went to Houston in January).

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  1. rachel March 19, 2017 at 12:47 am #

    Those are awesome quilts! I’m so impressed!

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