Weight Loss with PCOS 101: Tips + Tricks

The past couple of Fridays I’ve been talking about how I lose 95 pounds while having PCOS.

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So two things: 1. I took this photo so I could show y’all my newest sports bra next week that is cut extra high and is extra long (perfect for yoga!), but when I looked at it I realized I have something going on in my “ab area”–could it be ab muscles? I honestly don’t know because I’ve never seen them before! HA! And 2. I know I post the same ‘before’ picture often and that’s simply because while I’ve never minded having my picture taken I used to edit them hardcore so I wouldn’t look so big. I found this photo on my mom’s computer that she took (both pics are unedited, by the way). 

Today I’m going to talk about my tips and tricks…the things that aide in my weightloss and kept/keep me accountable. I’m really excited about today because I have always struggled with dedication to a diet and I think I’ve finally found some things that work for me and can’t wait to share them with you. 🙂

~ Eight Weight Loss Tips ~

  1. Water. Girl, you gotta drink your water. Lots of it. I try to drink half of my body weight (in ounces) every day–for instance, if you weigh 200 pounds I would drink at least 100 ounces of water everyday. I got this water bottle off Etsy a while back and I love how it has marks on it–it gives me water goals. I find that when I drink my water I not only feel more full (and therefore less hungry…and I only eat when I’m hungry, remember?) BUT I’m also less bloated. You wouldn’t think adding water would make you retain less water, but it totally does. Other than cream in my morning coffee, I only drink water (I can’t remember the last time I had juice…or a beer!)
  2. Drop the diet drinks. I was a Diet Coke queen. I drank them all day long, but the day I had Lawson I stopped cold turkey (I was breast feeding). What I noticed when I started drinking Diet Cokes again after I weaned him was that I would bloat AND I would get hungrier on the days I had them. I have no idea why–maybe because caffeine is a diuretic so I was dehydrated?  I also found I craved sugar more the days when I had a Diet Coke. Again, I have no idea why since Diet Coke doesn’t have sugar…just pointing out what it did to me.
  3. Weigh yourself. I love all these women that say to throw the scale away and that weight is just a number. And yeah, I get what they’re saying–you are beautiful the way you are (you really are!) AND your weight may go up but your clothes become looser (with weight training, for instance), but it does not work for me one bit. AT ALL. In fact, if I only weigh myself once a week I will 100% of the time gain weight. I have to monitor my weight every other day or so. For Christmas I asked for this Polar scale. It is AMAZING because it connects (via wireless Bluetooth) with my Polar A300 watch and my watch stores my weight.
  4. And speaking of my Polar A300 watch (this link is for both the watch + heart rate monitor; here is just the watch)–I don’t know what I did without it before. I synch my watch to my computer (via USB) about once a week (I also charge it during this time, but can get 2-3 weeks out of one charge) and I get a graph that shows my daily steps, my daily calories burned (it calculates that with the wireless bluetooth heart monitor I wear), my sleep, and my weight. It is so perfect for me and I can’t recommend my watch, heart rate monitor, and scale enough.
  5. Go to bed hungry…or at least not full. If my stomach starts growling after 7pm I won’t eat. Back when I had gestational diabetes the later I ate in the evenings, the worse my fasting (blood sugar level when you wake up) number would be. Also, I’ve never woken up in the middle of the night hungry so it’s kind of nice to know my body is using my stored fat to run on at night–I’m losing weight without having to do a thing–sweet!
  6. DietBet. Once you find a challenge you like (here’s a list of the current ones now) you bet (usually $35, but can range from $20-100) that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days (note: there are also six month- and year-long games). They give you a weigh in word and you write it on a sticky note and take a couple of pictures–one of your full body on the scale and one zoomed in on the scale. You do this at the beginning and end of the challenge officially, but can weigh in as many times as you want unofficially. If you lose the 4% you will get to share in the pot with the other winners in the challenge. You’re guaranteed to at least win your original bet back–I’ve won $40-50 (so $5-15 more than my bet) every time! This is a great motivator for me because I’m highly competitive with myself and it keeps me accountable. If you want to connect with me on there (your weight is always held secret so even if we’re friends I won’t be able to see it, by the way 😉 ), you can find me here.
  7. Exercise classes. I’ve talked about my love of gym classes recently and they have been such a game changer for me. They get me moving more than just solo cardio and I burn a ton more calories (sometimes DOUBLE than what I normally burn solo!). They’re fun and the hour goes by quickly. I actually look forward to Zumba and yoga–those hours are some of the highlight of my week (and I NEVER thought I would say that!).
  8. And along that line, I love evening workouts. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I do a class in the evening and for some reason the next day I feel less bloated (I bloat VERY easily in case you can’t tell by now!) and swollen. I love how exercising in the evening seems to boost my metabolism. And I sleep better. Win-win.

So those are my tricks. If you have any suggestions for me on what works for you, I’d love to hear! This health journey is so much more fun (and beneficial) when we do it together.

I had some more questions about keto come in through Instagram and Facebook–feel free to keep asking!–and I’ll give you my two cents next week. Promise.

I hope you all have a great weekend–we’ve got a full one here!

Tomorrow morning I was asked to be on an adult adoptee panel at an adoptive mama retreat called Created for Care. I am honored…and have butterflies just thinking about it. Putting into words what it’s like to be adopted (and also having an adopted child) is very hard to explain to non-adopted people.  And then to talk about the good…and bad…and hard…and confusing…parts of being adopted while also being uplifting and positive is difficult too. Pray for me, y’all!

Then tomorrow evening we’re taking the oldest two to Monster Jam. I’ve never been, but Moseby is on cloud nine because he’s obsessed with one specific truck named Grave Digger. Lordy.

Sunday afternoon we’re taking all three to the circus. We weren’t going to taking Lawson at first, but since the circus is closing we thought we better do it while we had a chance. We haven’t told the kids we’re going yet and I think (hope!) they’re going to be excited. Of course they all have matching embroidered circus shirts, ’cause duh, it’s me you’re talking to.

See you all bright and early Monday!

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