What’s Going On at Brogdon House This Week

It’s funny that this blog is named “Old Southern House”, but other than mentioning it here and there, I haven’t been talking about my plans for Brogdon House.

If you want to know the story of our home, click here.

If you want to see some photos of what the home looked like before we bought it in 2007, click here.

If you want to see some pictures during the restoration, click here.

But don’t click the ‘after’ button. Those are so out of date (no mention of Moseby’s nursery…or room and definitely no mention of Lawson’s nursery!)–I’ve got to work on those.

When we bought our home 9.5 years ago we did all the “un-fun” things that cost a great deal of money, but you can’t even tell. Things like new plumbing, new wiring, adding insulation, adding heating (only four out of the fourteen rooms had heat), adding AC to the entire home, refinishing the floors, patched plaster walls, removed asbestos in the basement, etc.  Which meant the budget ran out quite quick and I had to put my dream kitchen on hold. I look back at it now and realize that had I gotten my dream kitchen (which meant turning our sleeping porch into the kitchen and the old (our current) kitchen into a butler’s pantry) my kids wouldn’t have a playroom (on the sleeping porch). And y’all we NEEDED to put all these toys somewhere, haha!

We also were unable to afford putting in a second bath upstairs (where the old kitchenette from the boarding house is located–right now it’s just a storage room off of Lawson’s nursery) or putting a half bath downstairs. Right now we all live upstairs (there are four bedrooms upstairs, one downstairs) and we all share a bathroom. When we restored our house it wasn’t a big deal at all–it was just C. and I–but now that the kids have come along and gotten older, man!, it’s getting tough.

We’ve decided when MM turns 10 (in a little less than two years) we will begin restoration 2.0 to do all the things we couldn’t afford in 2007.  …and I don’t even want to think about the cost right now. HA!!

But just because we’re not during the big renovation just yet we ARE doing a couple of fun things to the house over the next week or so! Want to follow along as we do it?

First up: dining room!

For some reason these were the only two photos I could find of the dining room (that was used as a living room) back in 2007 when we bought the house.

This is how it currently looks.

Today our painter is coming to the house and we are painting our dining room.

I decided on ‘Greek Villa’ above the picture molding:

greek villa

I decided on ‘Natural Choice’ for the majority of the walls.

natural choice

‘Sea Salt’ for the mantle (originally I was going to paint all the white trim this color EXCEPT the window/plantation shutters, but y’all talked me out of it Saturday on Facebook).  😉

sea salt

{All colors Sherwin Williams, by the way}

I’m going for lighter and soothing in there. We have very dark furniture, dark hardwood floors, and four doors that have their (original) dark stain that I won’t paint (I can’t paint over anything original; I’m a historic preservation freak like that).

As for updating furniture…as of now, I don’t think I’m going to. Not because I don’t want to, but because all of the furniture in here {except the china cabinet which we found at a local antiques store that matches} are C.’s great-grandparents. So no painting it. And I don’t want to put it in storage…but I’m torn because it’s all SO BROWN. I’m toying the idea of getting new chairs and maybe a new mirror over the server.

I did get a new rug. But now I’m not so sure. I’m going to wait and see the room painted. To figure out just how light/dark it needs to be (because currently have I mentioned IT.IS.SO.DARK.IN.THERE?!). And as soon as I can find someone to sew me some pinch pleat drapes (my seamstress has retired), I will. {And yes, I can sew. And yes, I’ve actually made custom drapes for our last house, but I promised myself I would never ever do that again because it was soul crushing. HA!}

Once it gets painted I’ll show you the updated room and you can help me decide on the rug and what direction to go in for the drapes.

After the dining room what’s next? The master bedroom! We’re painting and yesterday we bought a new bed and a new mattress (after almost ten years and it is dreamy!) that gets delivered next Sunday. So I need help deciding what to go over our new bed–I’ll show you what I’m thinking on Wednesday and I’ll let you help me decide that too!

Y’all ready to put your interior design hats on? Let’s do this!

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