Another Year Where I Torture Our Kids with the Easter Bunny

Why do I do it? I know they all hate it even when they’re trying to be brave.

Well, maybe not MM. She thinks of the Easter Bunny like Santa Claus and gives him/her/it a wish list. This year it was My Mini MixieQ’s and Pocket Dogs and something about a Chromebook {totally not kidding}. If the Easter Bunny had real eyes I know it was totally rolling them at that item on her list…I know I was. #smh

Look at my little Lala. Poor torture.

And yet I’m positive I’ll do it again next year. HA!

april 11. easter bunny_0004_edited-1

I thought it might be fun to take a little tour down Memory Lane.  Shall we?


Which I totally have in a frame, but it was pre-Flickr for me so I don’t have it uploaded on my computer/internet. So here she is on Easter morning.



'i'm holding my breath here, people!'


easter bunny_0003


easter bunny. april 4_0003


march 11. easter bunny_0006


sally, 6 (SOLD) and boys shorts set (2t)



march 18. 17. dan birthday. easter bunny_0001_edited-1

Oh y’all, just look at Moseby’s expression every year. He doesn’t trust that bunny for one single second. CRACKS ME UP.

And then there’s also this one from yesterday–a complete outtake that sums up having three kids perfectly–a complete loud, crazy, wrestling, giggling circus 24/7.

april 11. easter bunny_0001_edited-1


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