Easter Festivities, My Favorite Casserole, + DNA Results

Oh, y’all, this weekend has WORE ME OUT. Egg hunt + my BFF’s birthday dinner + Easter Bunny + Church, etc.


Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday we had our 7th annual Easter Egg hunt at our farm. When we started it MM was just a year old and I never thought we’d still be doing it all these years later…much less with THREE kids and all their friends!

Here’s a short rundown of how we do it if you’re interested in hosting one of your own next year–we’ve done it all different ways and we’ve found this is what works: we keep it simple with cupcakes + juice boxes (and water). Also, we buy 1,000 pre-stuffed eggs (I learned the hard way that stuffing eggs was not for me and takes forever!)  and ask the kids to bring a dozen filled eggs each. That way everyone has an Easter basket full. Over time we have went from one field to three separate fields: 0-2, 3-5, 6+. That way kids are only hunting with their same age peers and it’s not a free-for-all.

By keeping it so low-key (we also provide bread so they can feed our pet goats & cows), we can set it up in less than an hour.

Here’s some pics:

Easter Morning

Here are the kids’ Easter baskets this year (Lawson also got a little car he can drive around because 1. he loves the outdoors and 2. it’s ridiculously hard to shop for an 18 month old’s Easter basket!).

Easter Afternoon

And here we all our after mass before Sunday lunch at my grandmother’s house. We can clean up pretty nice if we have to! HA!

easter 2017

And then we tried to get a picture of all the great-grandkids together. See that little guy? That’s Baby B {real name: Beau}! He’s two and a half weeks old now!


This is the best we could get. Five kids 8 and under is TOUGH. HA!

My Go-To Casserole

I made my favorite casserole to take to lunch–pineapple casserole. I think it’s a southern casserole (do my northern readers know what it is?) and it is the perfect mix of sweet and salt with the pineapple, Ritz crackers, and cheddar. Oh my word, if you have not tried it you gotta. Here’s the link to the recipe I use (I DO chop up my pineapple chunks though).

DNA Results are In!

And this has nothing to do with Easter–I just happened to get my Ancestry DNA results Saturday evening and wanted to share.

As you probably know, I am adopted. I met my birth mother when I was 29 (6.5 years ago) and while I don’t talk about it on here (some things are just too private and close to the heart to share) it has been a wonderful experience. I decided to do an Ancestry DNA kit after a coworker of mine found her birth mother by doing one and I am still searching for my birth father.

And while I didn’t get a direct hit/match on my birth father I did find one second cousin (on my birth mom’s side) and over TWO THOUSAND fourth cousins or closer. How crazy is that?!

I also discovered I’ve probably got the palest possible ancestry possible! I’m white with a side of white. HA!

And that, my friends, is why the only way I’ll ever be tan is if I get one sprayed on! #palepeopleunite

I’ll keep you updated (vaguely, of course, because that’s how I roll with my–and Moseby’s too–adoption story) if I find him or any blood relatives on that side.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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