Hummingbird Cake Recipe…& We’re Still in Texas

So you know how Georgia {and the Southeast as a whole} had a lot of storms on Wednesday? Well, guess who was scheduled to fly home at 4:05 from Dallas that day? Yep, us. That 4:05 turned into 5:30 then 7:30 then 9:55 then never. Once our flight got officially cancelled C. found us a hotel room near the airport (he was already in Houston at that point, yesterday he flew on to Phoenix) and booked us on the next available flight home–Friday morning at 11. Yes, almost two DAYS later. What a mess.

Anyway, the reason I tell you all this is I don’t have my guide to Waco ready just yet, but will on Monday. 😉

Hummingbird cake

Today I thought I’d post about the seven layer hummingbird cake I made my mom for her birthday last weekend. C. said it might have been his favorite thing I’ve ever made. But I have no idea how it tasted since it has cream cheese icing (ewwww) and banana in the batter (ewwww)–y’all have heard me say how I don’t do either of those things. So this is a great cake to make if you’re on a diet/watching carbs, ha!

Hummingbird cake

Look at little Lala’s photobombing foot in the corner of this picture. Man, I miss him! Can’t wait to see him later today–this is by far the longest (5 days!) I’ve ever been without seeing him!

I used Paula Deen’s hummingbird cake recipe and her cream cheese icing recipe. Both can be found in one place by clicking here. The only thing I did different than the recipe is that I make sure all my cold ingredients are at room temperature before I bake any cake (eggs, butter, milk). Trust me, it makes a difference. (Note: this recipe would have made at least nine, maybe ten, 6″ layers, but I “only” made seven layers and then made an extra smaller 3-cup bundt cake)

Hummingbird cake

I used my favorite Wilton 6″ mini pan set kit (comes with five pans). It’s only $11.44 shipped and I use it a couple of times a month at least! Each layer usually exactly one cup of batter.

I used my favorite 6″ Jadeite cake stand. I love how it looks vintage, but I know that if I ever break it I can easily get another one so therefore I use it all the time too!

Hummingbird cake

Happy Birthday, Mimi! We love you!

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