Tour Texas: Fort Worth Stockyards

On Monday morning I woke MM up at 5:15 and told her to hurry up and get ready–that she & I were having a special surprise Mommy & Me date that day.

What I didn’t tell her is that we’d been planning it for a month. And that it wasn’t just one day, but THREE.

See, MM’s love language is attention and one-on-one time. And that’s hard to get when you’re the oldest of three and have two high maintenance little brothers. She’s my helper and my kind & responsible child. She’s had all A’s all year long in school. She never ever gets in trouble. We wanted to fill her “love bank” by taking her on a special little trip all by herself where she could get alllllllllll our attention.

So she and I hopped in the car to a destination unknown {I had packed our suitcases earlier and put them in the back without her knowing the night before}. I thought she would figure it out by the time we parked, but nope, the airport signs and all the planes didn’t give it away (HA!).

She was over-the-moon excited when I told her she would be going to Dallas with Mommy (C. left on an earlier flight and she didn’t know he was actually going to be in the same city with us until we got out rental car!).

When we got on the plane the pilots ushered her to the cockpit (I have no idea why!) and they let her welcome the passengers on the PA system. They showed her all the buttons and gave her wings & a card. She was on cloud nine.

She enjoyed her flight so much that she promptly passed out and slept like this for most of it. #Icouldntfeelmyarm

Once we touched down and found C. we decided to head to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the afternoon and it was awesome. She had a blast!

Our first stop was Joe T. Garcia’s which sweet Allison recommended last week in a comment (thanks, Allison!). It was delicious. C. got the mixed fajitas and they were hands down the best fajitas I’ve ever tasted. Cookies (75 cents!) were delicious. And the patio? Gorgeous.

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0022_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0021_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0016_edited-1

A quick two or three minute drive and we were at the Stockyards.

They had steers you can ride.

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0026_edited-1

A maze you could complete (and get this prize if you finish it–oh la la!).

A petting zoo. A museum. Old timey pictures. TONS of shopping.

Carriage rides.

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0027_edited-1

They have a herd of cattle walk down the main street every day at 11:30am and 4pm with real cowboy herders.


Link to photographer (not me).

Our favorite part was going inside the stables to see the horses, mules, and reindeer. I don’t know if people knew they could go in there or not because we only saw one other family the entire time we were in there. We wouldn’t have known to go had the carriage ride driver not told us!

And isn’t it random they have reindeer?

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0031_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0029_edited-1

We had a really good time and everything was reasonably priced. A carriage ride was $25 for all three of us. Sitting on a steer was $5. The maze was $15 for all three of us. The petting zoo was $5. The cattle drive, museum, and the stables were free.

I definitely recommend the area if you’re going to be near Fort Worth!

After we left the Stockyards we drove into downtown Dallas. MM promptly set up the desk in the hotel room with all her new souvenirs and writing and art supplies (’cause isn’t that what YOU do first thing when you get to your hotel room?!) and then we went up to the rooftop pool (which was too cold for us old folks).

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0032_edited-1

Yesterday we went to Waco and today we’re going to the Perot Museum before we head home (stay tuned for pictures of that!).

Oh! And as you may know, I post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays…but something happened on Monday and I scheduled the post for NEXT Monday not realizing it. So I’m sorry if you came here looking for me on Monday…I was flying somewhere over Mississippi at the time and didn’t catch my mistake until yesterday. Oops!  But no worries: I’ll be here Friday. Pinkie promise. 😉



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  1. Denise Thompson April 5, 2017 at 12:12 pm #

    A trip she will never forget!!! I love all the pictures!!

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