Tour Texas: Waco {in Seven Hours}

Honestly, Waco wasn’t on my radar when planning our Dallas trip. Yes, I’ve seen a few episodes of Fixer Upper, but I’m not a super fan like some.

In fact, I prefer beadboard/wainscotting to shiplap.

Sacrilege to all those Fixer Upper groupies, I know. ūüėČ

But MM loves it. She and my mom have watched every episode and MM talks about “JoJo” like there are actual real-life friends. And since this trip was all about her, I knew I had to take her to Waco since it’s pretty close to Dallas.

I asked my high school friend/Baylor grad/web designer, Meredith, for advice on what to do in Waco. She told us what to do after we left Magnolia Market and she was spot on. So I thought I’d share with the world her wiseness in all things Waco.

On the second day of our trip we headed out around 8 from downtown Dallas (C. had meetings all day in the city so it was just a girls’ trip). It’s right at 1.5 hours and the drive there is¬†pretty. We left early because I knew Magnolia Market opened at 9am and I thought it would be busy.

We had seven¬†hours (9:30-4:30) to do Waco. And here’s how we spent our time.

~First we went to Magnolia Market at the Silos {601 Webster Avenue}. They have a huge gravel free parking lot. Do NOT pay to park (even though you’ll see tons of places charging).¬†9:30-11:00


Y’alllllllll, calling this place “busy” is an understatement.

Zoo. Chaos. Crazy Town.

My dad has this expression he loves to use, “It’s like they’re giving it away!” and I always roll my eyes. But y’all, the amount of stuff people were buying, the sheer amount of people on the lawn, the sheer length of every single line (to the bakery, or a food truck, or to check out, or to the bathroom), was staggering. It was a random Tuesday morning at 10:30am. I was/am/forever will be dumbfounded. ¬†It’s like they were giving it away!


The line for the bakery was 50-deep at 9:30, by 11am when we left it wrapped around the block. 

So, there are like four parts to Magnolia Market.

  1. There’s the store itself. ¬†They’ve styled various vignettes (and solidified that I do indeed want concrete countertops in our¬†kitchen remodel). And as much as it kills me to say this (remember I’m #teambeadboard ), I loved it. Everything was gorgeous and the prices were reasonable. Grrrr, Joanna. Why you gotta be so dang perfect?



This table. Y’all. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

2. Then there’s the bakery. You place your order on a little card they give you at the door and once inside the actual bakery the line moves quickly. And again it kills me to say it, but dang, that stuff was good. Best chocolate cupcake (and we all know my weakness for all things chocolate so I’ve tried my fair share!) I’ve ever had. MM said the same about her sugar cookie.

Even the cupcake wrappers {parchment paper} were perfect.

3. There’s a food truck park. I didn’t take a picture of that area, but there are about a dozen various food trucks–everything from smoothies to BBQ. It was centered around their garden center area.

4. There’s a large faux grassy¬†square in front of the silos with swings, picnic tables, porch swings, corn hole, etc. It would be a great place to drop off your husband and kids while you shopped (probably their plan all along).


~Then we headed to Spice Village {213 Mary Avenue}. 11:15-12:15

Very rarely do I gush about a store, but this seriously was hands down the best store I’ve ever been in. It was a bunch of little booths like an antique market, but it’s not full of antiques. It’s full of heaven that’s what!

Shirts. Mugs. Towels. Signs. Baby blankets. Jewelry. Clothes. Candles. Shoes. Souvenirs. American Girl doll clothes. Sun catchers. Texas stuff. Waco stuff. Baylor stuff. Kitchen stuff.

Basically it’s like every one of my favorite stores combined into one. And it’s huge. And 90% of it is reasonably priced.

We stayed an hour, but I could have easily stayed three.

~Then we headed to lunch. Girlfriend here chose Chuys because she saw it as we passed by on the interstate and it’s her favorite restaurant (and I like it so much that I didn’t really argue. #chuysislife ).¬†12:30-1:15.

Now, if it had been up to me I would have gone to Ninfas {220 S. 3rd Street; right below Spice Market} since it’s a Waco legend and I’ve never met a Mexican restaurant I didn’t love.

~Next up was the Cameron Park Zoo {1701 N. 4th Street}. 1:30-4:00.

We were “warned” that this was a small zoo and to adjust our expectations as such, but it was AMAZING. It was just as good as Zoo Atlanta! The only animals I didn’t see were zebras and pandas. That’s it. And the best part–I’m not sure if it’s the size of Waco itself or if it was the afternoon–but we were seriously two of like ten people there. It was great!

Here are a few pictures, but I didn’t want to bore you; you can see the rest by clicking here.

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0002_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0006_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0011_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0014_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0003_edited-1

~Last stop on the way out of town was Coco’s Shaved Ice {3824 Bosque Blvd.} for some shaved ice…or in our case, ice cream. ūüėČ 4:15-4:45.


And that, my friends, is how we did Waco in seven hours. If we had a few more hours I would like to have gone to Laverty’s {600 N. 18th Street} for some more shopping and I’ve heard Olive Branch {215 S. 2nd Street} is a great bakery!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw our crazy travel adventure on Friday. I’ll fill you in on all the details Wednesday…like why¬†the Mississippi River is in the background of this picture.

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  1. Denise Thompson April 10, 2017 at 3:31 pm #

    Waco is on my bucket list!!! So glad my two favorite girls enjoyed it!

  2. rachel April 10, 2017 at 8:32 pm #

    That looks like so much fun! I’ve only ever been to Houston but Austin and Round Top are on my “to see and do” lists.

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