Which Science Museum for Kids in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

On our recent longer-than-expected trip to Dallas thanks to Atlanta’s storms and Delta’s lack of scheduling/planning/togetherness MM & I did two science museums in 24 hours. We went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas one day and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History the next afternoon.

I thought it was kind of cool we did both so close together and thought it might be beneficial to some of y’all if you’re ever planning a trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are trying to decide which one to do with your kiddos (or yourself).

First off, cost.

Perot is $20 for adults and $13 for kids. Parking was a flat $10.

Fort Worth is $15 for adults and $12 for kids. Because I was a teacher I got in for free. Parking was $6 for 3 hours.

Next, let’s talk about size. Perot is four levels (with three levels of exhibits) and the Ft. Worth museum is one level (with two hands-on exhibits outside). If I had to guess I would say Perot is 1.5-2 times bigger.

Okay, now what about the best age for the museum goer? Both are geared towards school-age kids, but Perot is best for 5th-8th graders (or even older), if I had to guesstimate. The science and exhibits (robotics, engineering, body/anatomy) are more advanced and mature. It does have a children’s museum for kids 5 and under, but we didn’t go to it. At the Perot Museum she needed my help to do many of the exhibits, like the robotic arm or building a structure to see if it can stand up to earthquakes.

April 5. perot museum. observation_0005_edited-1

April 5. perot museum. observation_0004_edited-1

She created a bird from six different stations (beak, feet, feather color, call, etc.)

April 5. perot museum. observation_0001_edited-1

April 5. perot museum. observation_0009_edited-1

The best age for the Ft. Worth museum I would say PreK-4th. Their children’ museum is for children up to 8 years old, but MM wasn’t interested in it since the rest of the museum’s exhibits were more her speed–she could easily do all the exhibits on her own.

She’s laying on a bed of nails!

She worked on circuits for over thirty minutes. It’s not a standard for second grade so she was learning as she went. 

Finally, let’s talk crowds. Y’all, while we were at the Perot I thought at any second the fire marshall might walk in and shut the place down. She had to wait in a long line at every one of the exhibits. It was a madhouse zoo. I would NEVER (ever) go back there in the mornings (it was all children on field trips), take my word: go in the afternoon after 1 when they all head back to school.

Perot museum

Perot museum

This is JUST the crowd outside the door. Y’all, it was insane. I’m a teacher so I get the craziness that field trips bring, but this was more than that. There were way too many people allowed in the museum.

The next day when we went the Ft. Worth museum we went at 2 in the afternoon and were two of literally five people in the entire museum. It was AWESOME.

So, there’s your basic rundown. I personally enjoyed the Ft. Worth museum as a mama {MM LOVED it all!}, but as an adult the Perot Museum was fascinating. The crowds, however, spoiled it for me so I would recommend the Ft. Worth museum if you only had to chose one of the two.

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