Tour Massachusetts Series: Salem and Plymouth + a Printable Guide!

I’m combining our two day trips from our trip Northeast last week in one post. I didn’t think we did enough in each place to warrant a whole post on each and I definitely think you could do both places in less than eight hours each.


After we flew into Boston  we drove up to Portland, but stopped in Salem on the way up (it’s a 1.5-hour drive from Boston with traffic).

We took a tour with the Salem Witch Walk company because we thought we’d see the most of Salem in a short period of time that way–and afterwards I can say that was definitely the right hunch–I can’t imagine trying to see Salem on your own. The sites of the witch trials are tucked away in a modern-day city so it would be hard to find them on your own. The Salem Witch Walk boasts that all the tours are given by witches. We didn’t take the tour because of that though–our reason was purely that of schedule–we wanted a morning tour during the week (and in mid-May before “tourist season”)–this was the only company we found having one that Thursday morning. And it wasn’t busy, that’s for sure!, because C. & I were the only two people on the tour with our witch-guide. (As far as the whole witches thing: he was, uhm, interesting. He did a well-being spell and gave us some crystals…and a car tag. #random)

After our tour (spoiler: there’s very few original buildings/structures/graves/sites from the time of the witch trials left) we grabbed lunch at The Lobster Shanty. And y’all, those gigantic lobster rolls (I had the traditional cold lobster roll while C. had the Connecticut-style that’s warm with butter, both came with delicious homemade pickles) made the whole trip to Salem worth it. It is a Salem MUST.

My cold lobster roll with tots.

His warm lobster roll with fries. They were twice as big as they look here.

We each had our tarot cards read for fun. Then we did a little shopping which I totally forgot to add to the my cheat sheet at the bottom of this post. I loved Roost & Company–they had the cutest gifts (I got my grandmother a tire swing bird feeder and MM a goat tote bag) and Curtsy (where I got my mother-in-law a picture frame and my mother a pair of earrings). Both are on Front Street. Salem also had a fabulous retro-inspired dress shop called Modern Millie. Oh my gosh, I could live there.


We had about twenty hours from when we left Portland until we were to fly back to Atlanta. We took our time driving down the coast (our favorite beach town was York Beach–I’ll post about it in the Portland section) and got to Plymouth around 4pm. Now, I’m going to be honest here: the only reason we went to Plymouth is because I love history and I felt that it would be unpatriotic to go all the way to Massachusetts and NOT see Plymouth, you know?

Once in Plymouth we spent an hour or so walking along the jetty (breakwater? sea wall?) at the harbor. It was fun, but you do have to be steady on your feet–it’s just rocks stacked on top of others.

Afterwards grabbed an early dinner at Wood’s Seafood which served huge portions (C. and I split the fried seafood plate of fish, oysters, shrimp, and scallops) and had some yummy clam chowder…and a great view to boot.

The next morning we went to Plymouth Rock at 9am (not much to see, not going to lie). It seriously took ten minutes tops.

Afterwards we went to Plimouth Plantation right after they opened. And I liked it. I’m not sure if it was worth the $60+ for the two of us–we were in and out in 1.5 hours–but it was interesting to see structures the Wampanoags and Pilgrims had, as well as to listen and talk to them (they stay in character the whole time). I definitely would make sure I went AFTER 2pm during the week during the school year–I imagine that place is a zoo with school kids!

And here’s a little Salem and Plymouth Cheat Sheet/guide I made for the two towns.  (click on the link to download it)


salem plymouth cheat sheet

This week is a packed week here on the blog. Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of our (finally) finished dining room redo and Friday I’ll post about the one year anniversary of my tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and muscle repair that I had on June 1, 2016. It’s going to be a “what I wish I had known”-kind of post and I’ll be more than happy to answer ANY questions you have–just leave them here or on Facebook or on my Instagram page by Thursday.

Thank you to my friend Sarah for her delish recommendations for Salem. That girl knows her stuff!

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4 Responses to Tour Massachusetts Series: Salem and Plymouth + a Printable Guide!

  1. rachel May 30, 2017 at 12:48 pm #

    As a teacher and Halloween lover, I’m super envious of your day trips. We were in Boston a few years ago, but my husband was working during the day so we couldn’t take any of these fun excursions like we would have if we’d been there just for fun. Maybe one day.

  2. Joyce Hughes May 30, 2017 at 6:17 pm #

    I have always found the story of the witches in Salem fascinating! Those poor people who were killed…

  3. Natalie May 30, 2017 at 8:37 pm #

    I know! 20 of them! And things like “I dreamed you were a witch” said by anyone would get you killed (first they would torture you to get you to admit if you were a witch–if you refused to admit it (they were all devout Christians)–then they hanged you). CRAZY!

  4. Natalie May 30, 2017 at 8:38 pm #

    I’m pretty sure my husband WISHES he was working during some of these history excursions I take him on, HA!!

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