Father’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe we’re less than two weeks from Father’s Day?! It seems like Mother’s Day was just yesterday!

C. doesn’t really expect much on Father’s Day, but I thought it might be fun to show you some of the things he has and loves to help you out for the pappy in your life…if you promise to give me some ideas for C., ‘k?

  1. Away suitcase. C. LOVES it (& he travels every week so he knows suitcases). It has multiple compartments, holds a ton, and you can even charge your cell phone from it. If you click on that link you’ll get $20 off too (it gets applied right at the end before you pay, by the way). He has “The Bigger Carry-On”, by the way.
  2. Jack Black ‘Beard Lube’ Conditioning Shave. He’s been using this for two years and was skeptic when I first got it for him, but he says he’ll never go back to regular old shaving cream now.
  3. Smiphee Charging Case (for iPhone 6/6s). Click here for the iPhone 7 charging case. It keeps your phone charged ALL DAY LONG. C. gave me one (he bought one for himself too) for Valentine’s Day and I love it. Usually about 3pm my phone warns me I’m on low battery. I simply press a button on the bottom and the case charges my phone. I haven’t ran out of battery (or had to plug my phone in during the day) since December.
  4. Croakies thin sunglasses strap (pack of 2). Since I met C. in 2003 he’s worn Croakies (#fratboy). In the past year or so he’s started using a thinner strap. Awwww, look, he’s growing up, HA!
  5. Patagonia Baggies. He has a half of dozen pairs of these and lives in these shorts on the weekend and just got a new pair in red.
  6. Hari Mari flip flops. He also lives in these on the weekend. If he’s on the boat you can bet that he’s wearing his Patagonia shorts and his Hari Mari flip flops.
  7. Accessories for his Yeti. He has three Yetis, but his favorite is the Hopper (which I found for $199 which is a pretty good deal!). He has a couple of the Yeti ice packs for when he’s in a hurry (or going on a just a short boat ride) that he throws in the cooler instead of ice. He also has the sidekick for the Hopper which is like a little pouch that attaches to his Yeti (it’s awesome for storing keys and cellphones).  This bottle opener attaches to the Hopper so you’ll never be without one close by again.

Okay, now I’ve shown you mine so it’s your turn to show me yours–tell me your favorite gifts to give for Father’s Day and help a girl out!

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