Friday Five

‘Cause it’s been a while I thought I would show you some of my favorite things.

january 15. 16. 17. mlk beach weekend_0004_edited-1

  • I also have the printer that uses the same film. It takes photos from your smartphone and prints them out (wirelessly). It’s great because you can edit them before you print them AND since it’s wireless you can just stick it in your purse and go (here’s the case I have).  Both the camera and/or printer would be an awesome gift.

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  • I’ve asked my hair stylist to give me shorter bangs the past six months and when I workout I have to pin them back or they drive me BANANAS. But what drives me bananas even more is loose bobby pins everywhere. I found this bobby pin holder and it is awesome. If you have little girls (or bangs) in your life, you need this, trust me.  It comes in green and pink.

bobby pin holder

  • Moseby has really gotten into Legos lately. He and C. spend at least an hour every weekend sitting at the dining room table making stuff together (it’s pretty dang precious to watch, not gonna lie). I recently stumbled on these generic “building bricks” and ordered some on whim hoping they would work with his other Legos. And they do! You honestly can’t tell a difference in the legos and these! And y’all, 1,000 is A LOT of Legos (to play with…or to step on) for $24!


  • And last, but not least, y’all know I’m a Zumba fan. Well, after a couple of months of pain on the side of my knee (Dr. Google told me it was an inflamed IT band) I realized the pain was worse on days after Zumba. It seemed just wearing my running shoes during Zumba wasn’t a good idea–that they provided too much traction in the ball of my foot when I did turns and twists and it was hurting my knee. After some looking I found that they create special Zumba shoes (any dance shoe would work, I’m sure) and it has made SUCH a difference–I can easily twist and turn now. No more outside knee pain, holla! Best fifty bucks ever. These are the ones I have, but here’s some more to check out here, here, here, and here (love the soles on these).

zumba shoe

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