Off to Camp She Goes {and a care package}

On Sunday we drop MM off for her first sleep away camp. It’s for six nights at an Episcopalian camp in the Georgia mountains.

It will be the longest she’s ever been away from us and I’m sad about it and excited for her and nervous for her–you mamas know that crazy mix of emotions you have when your kids start growing those wings.

Mama’ing is hard, y’all.

I thought I would share with you how I got her ready for camp in case any of you are going through something similar this summer. It’s been 25 years since I’ve been a camper (though I was a 4-H counselor in college) so I wasn’t sure how to pack her…hopefully I did an okay job. 😉

I used waterproof clothing labels (I got mine here) for all her clothing (including swimsuits and underwear).

june 28. getting ready for camp_0005_edited-1

I used another kind of waterproof labels for all her bath stuff, bug repellent, and sunscreen. (I got these labels here)

june 28. getting ready for camp_0004_edited-1

And since she’s only 8 I thought it would be best if I put her outfits in individual bags so each morning she can get up, choose a bag, and have her shorts/shirt/underwear/socks/hair bow all together. I’m sure they’ll be wrinkled doing it this way, but at least it will be one less thing for her to worry about (’cause she would worry if she thought she didn’t match).

One of my best memories of camp (and C.’s too when I mentioned it) was getting letters from home while you’re there. So I’ve been working on several (she’s only there for four days that’s not a Sunday or a holiday).

june 28. getting ready for camp_0001_edited-1

What’s nice about Camp Mikell (and maybe other camps, I have no experience with this stuff!) is that you can bring your camper a care package at drop-off and they’ll deliver it on the day you ask instead of having to mail it.

This is the one I came up with for MM (she’s receiving it on Tuesday–the 4th).

june 28. getting ready for camp_0002_edited-1

Just a bunch of little things: a girls’ magazine, a Mad Libs, a magnetic hang man game, candy, a water bottle, a fan, pajama shorts, and some July 4th bracelets and stuff.

june 28. getting ready for camp_0003_edited-1

I have no idea what other parents do for care packages. Who knows, they may give their child one every day or maybe most of them don’t even give them. I honestly have no clue. I’m sure I’ll hear all about the quality of her care package next weekend when we pick her up. 😉

So, been-there-done-that moms, how’d I do? Any tricks up your sleeve when getting your kiddos ready for camp that I need to know about? Any advice on teaching an eight year old how to brush her very thick hair and put it in a neat pony tail in 48 hours?! Asking for a friend.

2 Responses to Off to Camp She Goes {and a care package}

  1. Christy June 30, 2017 at 7:18 pm #

    I did the “daily clothes in a bag” for each day for my son the first time he went to camp. He is now 14 and I didn’t do it this year he went in a mission trip with church ?. I wasn’t worried about matching with a boy but I was more worried he would put on the same nasty clothes every day. I was a camp counselor too and wish I had paid better attention to how moms packed.

  2. rachel July 1, 2017 at 9:49 am #

    The clothes in a bag thing is hilarious! My kids are too little for camp but a good friend sent hers off this year for the first time. She did the bag thing too!!! She was worried her kid would be the only one with clothes in bags. It must be a universal thing.

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