A Hodge Podge for This Friday

I’m sorry for the radio silence since Monday. Blame it on first week back to school exhaustion PLUS 26.5 weeks pregnant exhaustion PLUS planning a trash/junk birthday party for a certain little almost two year old {not really that big a deal–we’re keeping it small} has left me all sorts of tired by about 8:30 at night.

If it’s okay with you I thought I’d show you some pictures of what we’ve been up to the last week. I promise to get back to the regularly scheduled program soon–I’ve got some great things to show you like MM’s quilt she made (mostly) by herself that’s almost finished, nursery things I’ve started ordering (eek!), the baby’s quilt that is currently at the quilter (double eek!), etc.

Last Saturday our sweet little cousin turned 2 (he’s 9 days older than Lala) and he had a farm party at the farm. The kids had a blast, especially Lala who loves all birds (he calls them “gee” as in short for “geese”).

august5. e's 2nd birthday_0015_edited-1

august5. e's 2nd birthday_0024_edited-1

august5. e's 2nd birthday_0008_edited-1

And then here’s the same sweet little boy when I asked him if he had pooped {TMI, sorry}. He scrunched his nose and said shook his head no.    …he had.

Moseby went on his first trip to Durhamtown with his daddy and godfather. They rode their four wheelers all day and he only fell off once. Man, he’s growing up!

See this gorgeous salad? Less than 6 grams of net carbs and less than 300 calories (not watching calories are anything while pregnant, but this would be a great meal for those that are–remind me to tell you about the guacamole, best I’ve found!). Take that, gestational diabetes!

I can still button my pants so some days I don’t think I look pregnant. And then I lift my shirt up at the gym to change clothes. Yep, there’s a 14″, 2 pound baby in there all right!

Moseby is rocking kindergarten and so far has gotten up every morning with a smile (this is HUGE!).

The oldest two took a kids’ yoga class yesterday for the first time. I joked on Instagram that Moseby was so relaxed from yoga he couldn’t hold his head up afterwards. Actually he’s probably so relaxed because MM told me he pooted every time he bent down. Y’alllllll, between Lala’s secret pooping and Momo’s public tooting, I’ve got my hands full! Boys are so stinky!

Hope you all have a good weekend–I can’t get over my little fella is going to be 2 on Sunday. Absolutely blows my mind that two years have gone by since this because I swear it was just yesterday…and a lifetime ago at the same time.

august 15. lawson 2 days old_0010_edited-1

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