Some Bread You Gotta Try…as long as you have four hours

Cinnamon bread

I made this cinnamon swirl bread last Sunday when I had a few hours at home with “nothing” to do.

(You know, other than laundry and dishes and cleaning up after three crazy children and feeding them every 2.2 seconds, and growing a baby and all that normal “nothing” jazz.)


I love making yeast breads, but you gotta give yourself {and them} time.

And this particular recipe? Totally worth it (though I would probably double the cinnamon-sugar mixture just ’cause can you really have too much cinnamon-sugar in your life? I think not).

Cinnamon bread

A couple of notes:

  • You can definitely make these into smaller loaves. Note that it will continue to rise after you cook it (some yeast breads really don’t, but these do) and that it will spill out over the top of your pans. Trust me on this one.
  • These are the bread pans I use, the cinnamon I use, the parchment paper I use, and the silicone mats I use (I definitely recommend putting your bread pans on a silicone mat-lined baking sheet in case they spill over).

Happy baking!

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