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Have a Peek

Okay, okay, I admit.  I’m a medicine cabinet snooper.  And I bet you are too. Come on, admit it. I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours…. In our new house there were no built-in cabinets in this bathroom and because the way the windows were situated (in the corners) plus having two doors, […]


Want a Peek at My Christmas List?

I don’t usually make lists for Christmas since I normally like old things and when you like old things there is only one to buy.  My mother has learned this and if she hears me saying I like something at the antique market she’ll buy it without telling me. And most of the time I […]


A Third Trimester Recap…and an Announcement

Gonna need to cram my third trimester health/fitness/purchase recap in one post because I’ve got an announcement to make…but you’ll have to wait for that at the end. 😉 First up, I just gotta share our Halloween photo. Every year the kids (mainly MM) want to do a family theme. One year it was a […]


Friday Five

Before I begin, guess who has 500 followers on Instagram right now?! Yep, me! Thank y’all so much for following me and checking in daily. When I started the blog back up three months ago I didn’t know if anyone would read it anymore. Y’all do my heart good! Ok, let’s see what we got […]


Q&A on Keto + My Favorite Workout Gear

Thank you so much for all the kind comments on Friday’s posts! Some of you had some questions and I thought I would take a moment to answer them {disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nutritionist or anything like that–this is just my experience with this journey}. Feel free to keep asking questions and […]


You Are My Sunshine Birthday Party, In Pictures

First, just let me say…how in the world do all those bloggers get those perfect parties set up, their kids dressed, the presents wrapped, AND still have time to take professional-quality photographs?  Hmmm….riddle me that.  Especially when my camera lens went kaput two minutes before the birthday girl arrived at the house for her party…so […]


Paula Deen’s Mudpies

This week there was a not-so-subtle change in the weather. It feels we are now out of spring and completely immersed in summer. Every year I am amazed by how my body–and others too, it seems–react to the heat. Instinctively I put my hair in a bun on top of my head. I lose the […]


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