Our Story

As told on January 30th, 2011

Twenty-two months ago I thought I would be writing a ‘We’re Expecting!’ post within a year or so.

We tried the “old fashioned way” and then the fertility drugs way.  We had a miscarriage along the way.

Every month that we got a negative pregnancy test I could hear God whispering to my heart.  He was telling me something and I could not…or would not…figure out what He was trying to tell me.

Not only was He hinting at my heart, but He led me to many blogs of families adopting.  And He led me to my birth mother and completing my adoption triad which had a little part in it too (haha…okay, a big part).

The whole time He was working on me he was working on C. too.

And this weekend C. and I made a very big life-changing decision together after much praying and talking with our families.

We have decided to expand our family through adoption!

A boy or girl.  Black or white {or green or purple, hehe}.  Newborn or baby.

Our family is just opening our hearts to whatever child God has made for us.  We have no set criteria for the child we want because we know God will give us the one that is perfect for our family.

{I did ask MM what she wanted–a brother or sister.  She said, ‘Bru-der.  No…sissy!’  So the verdict on her perferance is still out.  She did tell me she wanted to rock it though.}

We filled out the initial paperwork together and will be getting the letter from our church and the first round of fees sent out tomorrow.  We have no idea–or expectations–of a timeline though we would love a baby by MM’s third birthday next year.  But if it takes longer than that then we’re fine with that too.

We would really appreciate all your prayers right now.  Please pray for our future child and their birth mother.  Please pray for our family and MM for when she becomes a big sister.  Please pray for C. and I as parents.

We’re very excited and a tad bit {okay, okay, a lot} nervous, but we can’t wait to be parents again and to meet our child!

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