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The Graduate

{It seems the blog has been a bit more focused on MM as of late.  Blame it on this changing season in her/our life. I promise to get back to the regularly scheduled programming soon with more focus on a certain little boy.}

This past Tuesday MM graduated.

Thankfully, it was just PreK and not high school {oh no!} or college {egads!}.  My heart still aches at the passing of this milestone, but I’m thankful that I still have years {God willing} with her in our home.

{When she does move out I will be a basketcase. Giving you a heads up now…don’t say I didn’t warn you.}

During the ceremony/program her teacher listed what each child said they wanted to be when they grow up. My girl? A teacher AND a mommy…like her own mommy. Makes me get teary-eyed thinking about it.

When she is nervous she fidgets. I do the same thing. Sweet girl.

And after receiving her diploma and eating a tasty lunch in the fellowship hall, we came home and took some pictures in the back pasture.

And {of course!} little brother had to get in on the action. Big Sis let him get in one {just one!} picture on the swing. I think you can tell just how she feels about that with her faux smile. HA!

And this picture has absolutely nothing to do with graduation, but a few weeks ago Little Miss talked her daddy into getting her this lady-size hat at Charming Charlie’s when Mama wasn’t looking. I scolded them at the time, but my, I do love it! {And I may or may not take it to the beach for myself!}

As far as what she can do at the end of PreK: she knows her letters {D’Neilan, the system her new school uses, is throwing her for a loop though & we’re working on ID’ing those} and their sounds. She has started blending her sounds–which makes this reading teacher very happy–as well as knows about 10 sight words. She can rhyme like a champ. She can count to 30 orally and can identify 1-10 by sight. She can list eighteen colors {I love that she names old lady colors like “mauve”}. She knows her shapes. She tries hard with the first couple of pages in a book sounding out words and then gets flustered and says, “I just like it better when you read it!” I can’t wait to see all she learns in kindergarten.


Kindergarten Registration {Can She Really Be That Old?}

Kindergarten registration was this past Thursday.

april 24. kindergarten registration. church pics_0004

And while she seems so small and naive and innocent to me, she towered over the children in line with her for testing.  {She’s a tall one, my girl. The doctor says she’s in the 99.9 percentile because they can’t go any higher than that in their practice (it’s only out of a hundred after all), but really she’s more like the 141st percentile or something crazy.} But still. Still in my heart she is tiny.

And maybe it’s because I’m an elementary school teacher myself, but I know how time works.

From birth until kindergarten the days are long, but the years are short. From the first day of kindergarten, well, it all flies by.

april 24. kindergarten registration. church pics_0002

Oh, it gets me teary-eyed each time I think about it.  I am so so so happy that she is thriving and healthy and ready to go, but my heart just wants to cuddle in her bed and read picture books to her and sing silly little made-up songs.

This mothering thing is hard.

{Harder than I thought.}


And While I’m Talking About Sewing…

…why don’t I tell you about the other pattern I’ve tested for Lindsay back in May of last year–the Georgia Vintage Dress pattern?

mm dress

The is the only “Pinnable” (is that even a word?!) picture of this post, by the way. 

I loved this pattern–it’s very sweet and child-like.  I forget what fabric I used for the apron, but I loved that it looked old.  The green fabric is actually a Michael Miller {very narrow} stripe.

I love anything with a bow in the back, don’t you?

The wooden rose buttons on the front are actually vintage that I picked up before MM was born at the Metrolina in Charlotte one year. I was saving them for just the right project…and I think I found it.

I will say the length was just right and she was able to wear it all summer long. BUT, and this is just a personal preference here, I wish I had gone up a size {I went by her measurements and the pattern to pick this size} so she could also wear it this year. What can I say–if I sew something I want her to wear for a long while! HA

I think this dress would be a perfect pattern if you had a little girl who wanted to be Alice in Wonderland this Halloween.  You can make all the apron pieces white {the pattern actually tells you to use a coordinating fabric for the sash, but I chose to use all one color because I wanted it to look like an apron} and a pretty blue for the dress and a white collar…well, I think it’d be just tooo cute. {Hmmm…wonder what MM would think about that?  Moseby would be a cute Mad Hatter!}


Cottage Mama’s FREE Party Dress Pattern

So, I’m a pattern test for the awesome Lindsay over at the Cottage  Mama.  Once or twice a year she’ll ask me to test one of her patterns and give feedback on what I like about, what needs improving, etc.

I absolutely love it.

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0175

I help her out AND it gives me a reason {and a deadline–VERY important for me!} to sew.  And afterwards I have clothes to save & pass down to my granddaughters one day.


march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0181

This past month she asked all her pattern testers that were willing to try their hand with her Party Dress pattern that she had recently updated.  It’s a free {uh-huh!} pattern over on her blog–just click here to read more about it.

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0164

And since every girl needs a party dress, I happily obliged.

But the turnaround was less than a week so instead of going into Atlanta to my favorite fabric store I headed to our local Hobby Lobby.  And y’all, probably because I HAD to have fabric that day, I couldn’t find any.   Until I started perusing the decorator fabric that is and found this print for $7/yard (originally $38/yd).  Not the ideal fabric for a dress, but it seriously was the only one I could find I liked.

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0170

As far as how long it took me–I would say 3.5-ish hours.  Which really isn’t that bad.   And I was left with a super cute, super twirly {MM’s favorite part, she says} dress.

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0178

So, what are you waiting for?  Go on over there and get your sew on! {And then share pictures with me!}

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0179

 I added her monogram in a super subtle color. I love how it blends in.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Before I forget: Meredith added a neat thing to the blog–you can pin {some} pictures to Pinterest!  Not all pictures {like ones of just my kids}, but ones that feature a project or something {like this one}, you can pin.  Just hoover over the photo and click ‘Pin it!’…it’s that simple!



And Then She Was Four

How can it be?

I blinked my eyes and she is four.

january12. mm's birthday_0011

Serious, strong-willed, opinionated, with a large laugh, kind heart, and who is motherly, creative.  Always thinking, watching, trying to figure it out.

This one will change the world.  You just wait and see.

january12. mm's birthday_0006

For her birthday party this year she wanted an “addition party”, meaning a magician, of course.  And what she wants, she gets.  So here’s a few pictures from the party {I decided to have it at our church’s parish hall since I don’t really have a “stage” at our house, ha!}. And for once I didn’t do a full meal. Just cake and fruit–it was so nice and relaxing, clean-up a breeze.  The party favors were balloon animals that the magician made and magic wands.

january12. mm's birthday_0002

january12. mm's birthday_0001

january12. mm's birthday_0003

Several times during the show she was the magician’s assistant.  She LOVED that.

january12. mm's birthday_0029

january12. mm's birthday_0037

january12. mm's birthday_0041

january12. mm's birthday_0046

january12. mm's birthday_0048

january12. mm's birthday_0049

Happy birthday, sweet, sweet girl. Your daddy and I love you to the moon and back…and back again.


A Few of My Ballerina

Yesterday marked MM’s first day of ballet for the fall.

august 22. ballet_0011

She has the same teacher and one of her friends…and a new assistant and two new friends.

august 22. ballet_0008

I like that–lots of comfort and a little change.

august 22. ballet_0006

The girls were all a buzz yesterday because they’re going to be snow fairies in the dance company’s production of  The Nutcracker in December.  I can’t wait myself!

august 22. ballet_0004
And my, doesn’t she look grown up . Such an old soul this one.


Spring Festival Ballet Preformance

So last weekend MM got to preform in our little town’s spring festival. 

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th
MM is on the far right…that bob was tough getting into a bun!

It was a mighty big deal for a three year old, let me tell you.

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th

She and three of her classmates danced to Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around and it was precious.

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th
She’s on the far left.

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th

MM did such a good job watching her teacher and doing the moves.  So proud of my little ballerina!

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th
Nothing like a celebratory snow cone to end a great day!

And Moseby?  Well, he spent the performance watching it from under his daddy’s hat ’cause it was so sunny {love his reaction to that} and relaxing in the car.

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th

Ballet Performance at Historic Buford Festival, May 5th


We’re Here, Life is Grand

We’re here…can’t believe we’ve had our little guy for almost three weeks.

Three Weeks.


I have a couple of posts I want to talk about–the night we got home from the hospital when all our family was waiting on us and Moseby’s ‘Welcome to the Family’ party the day the ten day wait period were up–but I’m a little tired right now.  {I forgot how tiring life with a newborn is!}

So I’ll leave you with a few pictures of my two kids.  TWO!KIDS!  Wow, sounds too good to be true!

first week_0010

Morning snuggles

painting.welcome to the family party_0031

daffodils. lifting head_0022


first bath_0004


You Are My Sunshine Birthday Party, In Pictures

First, just let me say…how in the world do all those bloggers get those perfect parties set up, their kids dressed, the presents wrapped, AND still have time to take professional-quality photographs?  Hmmm….riddle me that.  Especially when my camera lens went kaput two minutes before the birthday girl arrived at the house for her party…so pardon the quality–some are even from my phone.

Anyway, back to MM’s third birthday party.  At least once a day I sing to her You Are My Sunshine and when I asked her what kind of birthday party she said, ‘Sunshine party! Lots of yellow!’

{Well, to be truly honest, first she told me she wanted a surprise party like on Caillou.}

And I loved the idea.  I could do yellow.  ‘Cause my little girl is our sunshine.  A true ray of happiness in our lives.

First, the invitation.  I had Loralee Lewis design them {she did them for her cookies and milk party last year}.


I maybe so Type A, but I just love it when all the party-goers wear a certain color {we did pink for her first birthday} and so of course I added “your sunniest attire!” to the invite. MM wore a cute little number from FaithWorks4U.

As for food, I planned the party at 11am because of MM’s nap, but then I got to thinking that it wouldn’t be a good idea to feed the kids {MM’s cousin and two friends from her class} a bunch of cake and suckers and cupcakes at 11 and then expect them to eat a normal lunch afterwards.  So I did chicken nuggets {from Chick-Fil-A}, homemade mac ‘n cheese, Goldfish/tortilla chips, a tray of pineapple and banana halves, cheese cubes, and homemade mini cornbread muffins.  All yellowy and orange goodness.

mary margaret's birthday_0002

As for the dessert table we had a yellow cake {MM’s request}, yellow cupcakes, and a “candy bar” of yellow sweets.  {For drinks I had a big container of lemonade and a tub of iced down orange Crush in bottles.  And precious striped straws with little flags that said “Mary Margaret” and “Sunshine” on them.  But I didn’t get a picture.  Boo.}

mary margaret's birthday_0009

mary margaret's birthday_0010

For decorations I did three yellow pom poms, a fabric garland, a ‘Oh, Happy Day’ banner {my favorite song}, and a little sign I bought long before this party planning began. The party favors were little yellow buckets full of yellow candy, bouncy balls, bubbles, tangerines, etc.

mary margaret's birthday_0001

mary margaret's birthday_0003

…now for the surprise part.  I had C. and his best friend take MM to breakfast {and to Petsmart where they bought her a betta fish that unfortunately passed away yesterday–I think our cold house killed him (her?)}.  Everyone gathered in the dining room and when MM came in the front door she saw me peeking around the corner.  Of course she had to run to see us…and that blur?  That’s how fast she moved.  She was so overwhelmed with the “SURPRISE!” that she hugged my mom for a few minutes until she got used to all her family standing there smiling at her.

mary margaret's birthday_0006

mary margaret's birthday_0007

mary margaret's birthday_0008

It was a good party.  Can’t believe my baby is three.  My, how time flies.

And another thing that is just amazingly sunny in our lives right now? This little guy, who I got to see during an ultrasound on Tuesday. Weighing in at 4 pounds, 11 ounces he’s a little ahead of schedule. We might just be having ourselves our February baby!

ultrasound, 33 weeks


And Then She Was Three

third birthday!_0004

Oh, dear me, how can it be that the long, skinny newborn of mine be three years already?

third birthday!_0009

How can time pass so quickly?

third birthday!_0028

I swear it was just yesterday that I stared down at her in my hospital bed, achy and medicated, feeling such a love and such a bond that it physically made it hard to breath.  I knew the first moment that I held her I would die for her without a second thought, no question.

third birthday!_0005

And my, what a joy it has been to see her personality emerge.

third birthday!_0015

Serious.  Inquisitive.  An old soul.  Slow to trust, but loyal.  Loving.  Thoughtful.  Stubborn.  Polite.  Funny.  The light of my life.

third birthday!_0030

What an amazing baby toddler little girl that she is.

third birthday!_0006

I am one lucky lady to be her mama.

third birthday!_0026

Mary Margaret Elanor, your mama loves you to the moon and back and I love watching you grow.  My only prayer for you is happiness.  I pray everyday that you will chase your dreams and never doubt yourself because, my special girl, you can do anything you put your mind to.  Always know that your daddy and I are here for you.  Always.

And what a difference three years makes.  Her Birth Day:


Her First Birthday:

birthday party_0035

Her Second Birthday:

her birthday_0027

Her Third Birthday:

third birthday!_0002


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