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This + That: Friday Phone Pics

Woah, this week has been a doozie! From gets trying to get into a school routine (yes, you DO have to get up every day and go to school whether you want to or not, Moseby!), to two curriculum nights on two different days, to OB appointments and toddler checkups and two sick appointments (go away, school germs!), and MM starting tap again.

Man, I’m tired just thinking about our week.

Excuse me while I go take a nap.

Here’s a few pictures from this crazy week, no rhyme or reason really.

First up: I don’t think I have shown y’all my new-ish custom painting from Mary Pratt, have I? Back in the spring I saw some nest paintings she was working on and fell in love (I also have a large bird painting by her from a few years ago in our foyer) so I asked her about making it a specific size to go over our living room mantle. She worked on it this summer and we hung it a few weeks ago. And I’m in L-O-V-E.  Happy Mother’s Day/anniversary/birthday/Christmas to me! (You can see her work that’s currently available here, by the way!)

Next up, I’ve been in a creating mood myself–I always do this when I’m pregnant. It’s like my version of nesting (’cause I don’t have the cleaning gene). This week I’ve been working on this little 4″ by 4″ cross stitch piece for the wall above the dresser. I purchased the pattern because it didn’t look difficult, but there’s like 20 shades of yellow alone and I’m going a bit cross-eyed with it. Pattern can be found here.  Hopefully I’ll be able to show it to you finished and framed in the next couple of weeks because we plan on moving the boys in their new room together in early September and getting the nursery ready at the end of September/early October.

Speaking of the baby (and another thing I’m working on/creating, HA!), guess who is about to be in their THIRD TRIMESTER in three days?! Uhmmmmm, it’s getting real, folks. Baby is measuring big like it has from the beginning and on Monday it weighed 2 pounds, 4 ounces and was 15″ long. I still can’t believe there’s an actual baby in there!

(Oh! And that’s a maternity tank top–my first (and only) piece of maternity clothing–a $6 clearance tank from Target!)

And this really has nothing do with anything so far, I just think he’s cute. 😉

{This is him at his two year well checkup this week. I wear him in the Tula when he gets his shots and he doesn’t cry. Not sure if it’s because he’s tough or the Tula is magical.}

And that’s all I got for you today. Hope you all have a great weekend. We’re going to spend ours nursing these sickies back to health–lots of sleep and some couch cuddles and relaxing. Sounds about perfect to me!


Getting to Know Your Teacher Questionnaire {*FREE* Printable!}

I know I’ve said it on here before, but I LOVE giving teacher gifts. Teacher gifts are my JAM.

These fantastic people see my children more than I do during the week and pour love {and knowledge} into them. Why wouldn’t I want to show appreciation/admiration/respect/love for that?!

Every year I send a little “get to know you” questionnaire to each of my kiddos’ teachers. I choose to send one to every teacher/educator my kid comes in contact with–so not only specials teachers, but also EIP teachers, speech therapists, administrators, counselors, etc. If you work with my child, I want to know your likes!

Then, periodically (sometimes it’s a total random Tuesday, other times it’s a holiday) I’ll send in little gifts. And it doesn’t have to be big things! One of my favorite things we did last year (which I didn’t blog about, grrr) was on St. Pat’s Day–we sent in dollar store leprechaun socks, a handful of chocolate coins, and a couple of Lucky 7’s scratch off tickets in little bags to each teacher with a sticker on it that said, “I’m LUCKY you’re my teacher!” It was cute, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, here’s the survey I send in to the teachers. After I get them all back I…warning, nerd alert…I make a spreadsheet (I can’t lie: I LOVE a good spreadsheet) and stick it in my wallet. That way if I’m at Walmart real quick I can check a teacher’s favorite candy or double check when their birthday is, etc. 

If you like it all you have to do is click here for the printable questionnaire! Enjoy!

Or if you’re not ready to print it yet, click on the link below to save it to your Pinterest!



Back to School Teacher Gifts

I’ve mentioned before on here that I love giving teacher gifts.

Specifically themed gifts (I posted about teacher Easter baskets here and their end of the year baskets here). I just can’t help myself–I love a good theme and I’m an elementary school teacher myself so I know how fun it is to GET gifts.

Last night was MM and Moseby’s open house at their schools. We brought in two giant bags of school supplies each (with mermaid labels for her and pirate labels for him on them), but we also brought each teacher a basket. At their schools the grade level puts down a wish list (markers or paper towels or stickers, etc.) so we made sure to get each item from the wish list for their teacher plus a little more.

Moseby’s teacher was also MM’s kindergarten teacher and so I knew what she liked (chocolate turtles are her jam) and also what her room theme was (paw prints). I send a little questionnaire into my kids’ teachers (homeroom, specials, counselors, administration–everyone!) the second week of school to get to know them better–I’ll have to post the form I use on here next week for you–but I wish I knew more about MM’s teacher(s) so I could fill her/their basket with a few more personalized goodies because compared to Moseby’s it’s small. #sosad

Here is Moseby’s teacher gift.

august 1. back to school_0001_edited-1

august 1. back to school_0002_edited-1

The baskets came from Target and I had a friend do the vinyl decals. The paper plates, Ziplock bags, magic erasers, and reward sticks were on the wish list. Everything else I got because it was fun–lots of fun-colored Sharpies and Expos, fun tape, copy paper, the teacher’s favorite reward candy, pawprint-themed items, and masking tape (because she asked for that specifically).

This is MM’s teachers’ baskets (she has a homeroom teacher and another teacher that teaches two subjects).

august 1. back to school_0003_edited-1

If you’re a teacher what’s your favorite teacher gift to receive? Mine is fun colored Sharpies or felt tip pens. Though card stock is pretty sweet too!


Friday Five

Before I begin, guess who has 500 followers on Instagram right now?! Yep, me! Thank y’all so much for following me and checking in daily. When I started the blog back up three months ago I didn’t know if anyone would read it anymore. Y’all do my heart good!

Ok, let’s see what we got this week in our Friday Five: fried rice, a certified farm boy, a Braves game, a quilt, and cookies.

Sounds like a winning lineup to me. 😉

  • First up: Fried Rice

My family loves fried rice. (Well, maybe not Moseby. If it’s not popcorn or hotdogs he’s not really a fan.) So I’ve come up with a recipe for a pretty great dinner by itself or alongside oven-baked salmon (MM’s fav). And what’s even better is that if you’re doing Keto or some other low-carb diet you can easily make it with riced cauliflower and it is SO GOOD. Click here to download the fried rice printable. (One note about using cauliflower: really let it dry after you wash it–I even press it between layers of paper towels after I “rice it” in the food processor. And add it to wok/skillet first before any of the other ingredients–you want it to cook. You’ll hear sizzling and that’s the water evaporating. Watch it so it doesn’t burn but make sure you get all the water out of it you can. Ain’t nobody got time for mushy Fried Faux Rice!)

  • Farm Boy

Lawson is having a ball on the farm this spring. If he is not asleep he wants to be outside with his Dah (what he calls my dad–the other grandkids call him Pops; he calls Pops ‘Dah’ and his daddy ‘DaDa’ and since they answer he keeps on doing it, haha). They water plants, prune trees, ride the golf cart, spread cow poop, feed the animals, and today they planted the vegetable garden. But if Dah is busy you better believe he is with his Mamaw. He’s obsessed with her Mule rides.

But let’s not talk about how yesterday MM was holding him so he could pet a chicken I caught {wow, how country do I sound?!} and got dropped on his face because his shoe touched her leg…in a chicken pen…that was quite muddy and uhm, chicken poopy. I’ll spare you pictures because I’m sure your imagination is enough. #thirdkidprobs

  • (Gwinnett) Braves Game

My dad is celebrating his 70th birthday on May 17th and to celebrate we’re doing a little something every week leading up to his birthday. This past week we went to a Gwinnett Braves game (Lala stayed home since it was so close to his bedtime). They lost big time but MM loved Chopper and Mo loved the footlong corndog (he ate the entire thing), the giant tub of popcorn (he ate the entire thing), and the second box of popcorn (yep, he ate the entire thing). 😉

It turned quite cold during the game because it had rained earlier and because I’m such a stellar (lazy?) mom I STILL have a garbage bag of clothes in the back of the minivan to take to Goodwill. By the end of the game we all were wearing mismatched sweatshirts and sweaters. We were quite a sight (…but warm!).

  • Latest quilt

If you are my mother-in-law, stop right here. Do not read any farther.

I’m talking to you, Ms. Kathy. No peeking.

Everyone else, lookie lookie.

I’m making this quilt for my mother-in-law’s birthday next week. It’s a great pattern–in fact, MM is working on her first quilt using this pattern!

I took it to the quilt shop on Wednesday (I don’t do quilting–I know my limit and quilting makes my eyes cross and cuss words spew out of my mouth). Can’t wait to get it back to put the binding on.

That is, if I can keep this little guy off of it long enough to put the binding on–rolling around in quilts is his favorite!

  • And last but not least, the best ever chocolate chip cookies. MM had to make them the other day for a school project and I wanted to share the recipe again. They really are the bomb dot com. I use five different kinds of chocolate chips which certainly doesn’t hurt. 😉

I hope you all have a great weekend. For once, in what seems like MONTHS, we don’t have anything to do. I’m hoping to get both a Zumba class and a yoga class in and some time on the boat. Oh, and an afternoon nap would be icing on the cake. Which makes me think–maybe I’ll bake a cake!


Friday Five

Oh y’all, what a fun few days we have coming up. Eek! Today…probably right at this very second in fact {I write these posts in advance and schedule them to be published right at 8am, in case you couldn’t tell}…my cousin Jess is having her baby! I probably won’t be able to sleep, I’m so excited! I’m going to go ahead and put my prediction out there on Baby B: 21.5″, 9 pounds, 8 ounces (even though he’s only 39 weeks!), and another redhead.

I’m honored that she asked me to take pictures of Emery and B. meeting for the first time this morning. If she gives me permission I’ll share one on Monday.

Eek! Eek! Eek! Another baby to love on!

So excuse me if this post is all jumbled, but I’ve got Baby Brain!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. First up, one of my sorority sisters {click here for her site} sent me a sample of No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask from Beautycounter when she heard I love trying new masks. It’s a charcoal-based mask. This is a little before and after. In real life I could tell a difference in pore size and skin tone/color/pigment (which is a big deal when you have problem with skin tone to begin with). It didn’t dry my skin out either like so many masks!

2. I don’t really ever think my oldest and youngest look alike. MM looks so much like me (with straight hair) and Lawson looks so much like C. (with curly hair)…or so I thought.

Uhm, twinsies. Yes, his upper eyelids are a little more…uhm…absent, haha…like C.’s, but y’all, they look so much alike {minus eye color}!  I love genetics.

3. Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher myself, but I love giving teacher gifts. If it’s a holiday, we do gifts. It’s just our thang. I should’ve taken a picture our St. Patrick’s Day little gift that included chocolate coins, leprechaun socks, and lucky 7’s scratch-off lottery tickets–it was a cute, cheap, fun idea. Anyway, this was our Easter baskets we delivered last week.

Yellow containers. Bunny kitchen towel. Easter pasta. Rustic rabbit. Sisal chick with bunny ears. Bunny canvas. Flower in tin can.

4. In a recent post I mentioned items I was out of and reordering. That got me to think about my current haircare routine and a couple of new items I’ve added recently.

january 1. 4.croissants. products i love. laundry helper_0022_edited-1

I’ve been using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo + Conditioner for a couple of years now (here it is in a regular size bottle–that lasts me 4-6 months), and I’ve been using Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight and Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother for at least three years now. The two latest things are Pureology Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier–it’s like a vitamin spray–and Matrix Turbo Dryer since I have so!much!hair! and it really does cut down on drying time! Very pleasantly surprised.

5. We are getting so excited about taking MM on her surprise trip to Dallas on Monday. She has NO idea. ..and I’m totally not telling her until we pull into the airport parking lot. I’m going to pack her suitcase and put it in the car the night before so she won’t even know we’re spending the night anywhere…much less several states away! …much less with JUST her mommy & daddy! I can’t wait to see her face! Eek!

Hope you all have a great weekend. We’ve got babies and trips and gorgeous weather here. And I can’t wait.


Recent Empties in Cosmetics, Skincare, & Haircare

Am I the only one who seems to run out of everything at the same time?!

I swear every six months or so I wake up and every container/tube/bottle/spray is empty.

And it always happens on Monday. #ofcourse

The silver lining is that there are some randomly good deals right now so I thought I’d share what products I’m repurchasing and which ones I’m trying something new with.


    • Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic. I’ve been using this since 2008 {twice a day after I wash my face} and I love how refreshing it is.
    • Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement. Another product I’ve been using since 2008 {I use in the morning after the tonic}. For five years or so I just kind of put it on my cheeks and nose-area, but began putting it all over my face as I’ve aged.


  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation. This past April C. & I took a trip to Cumberland Island and stayed at the Greystone Inn. To get to the island you have to take a boat. There are no grocery stores or gas stations, and for sure no Sephoras on that tiny island! About fifteen minutes before we arrived at the ferry I realized I had left my entire makeup bag at home. And for someone with rosacea, uneven skin tone, and blonde eyelashes (I’m posting this before and after below just so you’ll see how badly I need foundation), this was a nightmare. Thankfully there was an Ulta and in about five minutes a saleslady sold me on this product. And I haven’t looked back since! I like the “build-a-bility” of it in the areas I need the most coverage (cheeks!).
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector. On the eve of my 34th birthday {I “give myself” a new product every year to try on my birthday–it’s a fun tradition!} I went into Nordstrom, sat down at the Bobbi Brown counter, and said it was time for under eye makeup. I use this first to even out the dark circles.
  • Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener. I put this on top of the corrector under my eye and on the inside corners and it brightens up the whole area.
  • Mac Eye Brow Pencil. This was my birthday present to myself on my 35th birthday. Up until then I had never used an eyebrow pencil because I have such full eyebrows I didn’t think I needed to. Boy, was I wrong.

(And even though I’m not out of it yet, this {redness corrector primer} is what I bought myself on my 36th birthday in case you were wondering and I use it everyday.)


I mentioned the great sales going on right now and I picked up a Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer for $13.60 at Nordstrom (they always have free shipping too). I’ve heard GREAT things about it so I’m excited to try it!

Have any of you tried any new products lately? Especially an under eye cream you love {I’ve tried Bobbi Brown, Lancome, and Rodan + Fields and they’ve either given me styes or done nothing at all}. I’m all ears!


A Few of My Favorite Things: Friday Edition

Because just some days you feel like bullets, you know? {This week and the painting and the furniture/fabric/art/mirrors/dodads acquiring has left my brain like #woah }

But first, let’s talk sales real quick:

~Cost Plus World Market is having their amazing Friends & Family – Save an extra 30% in-store and online plus free shipping on online orders totaling $100+ ! I may have gotten this outdoor rug for just $14 for the back porch yesterday. Such a steal!

~Old Navy is 15% off All Pants & Shorts merchandise + 30% off the rest of your order. Use code ENJOY at Online only. Restrictions apply. Ends 3/11. This would be the perfect time to get my new favorite sports bra for yoga I showed y’all last week. It’s awesome.

And now here’s those bullets I was talking about. 😉

  • This Outfit. Gimme a super soft turtleneck AND a skirt with elastic and I’ll love you forever. And if all three pieces shown are on major sale…sign me up.

january 8. 10. banana chocolate chip bread. plaid skirt_0005_edited-1

Tissue turtleneck {I’m wearing a large}. Here’s the skirt {I’m wearing a 6}. If you’re looking for a more spring version–I have a cream version!, click here. Frye Melissa button cross body {and on sale!}.

  • Mommy & Me outfits!  These coordinating tunics from the Joanna Gaines line for Matilda Jane are so soft and well-made and not too matchy matchy. I love that MM still wants to dress like me.  And this is such a throwback picture (MM’s birthday in January!), but since it’s getting cold again next week I thought I would share these.

january 8. mm's birthday_0016_edited-1

Harvest Days MJ top for me {large}.  Best leggings EVER {medium}. Ugg Vinson Boots (40% off!).

On MM: Shiplap MJ top for her {16}. My favorite leggings/jeggings for girls EVER.

  • These hair elastics are amazeballs. I’ve been using them about six months and I will never ever go back to the cheap Goody ones again. They keep my hair up ALL DAY. I can do Zumba and it stays. I can try on shirt after shirt at the mall and it stays. I can sleep in them {but I don’t} and they stay.

january 1. 4.croissants. products i love. laundry helper_0021_edited-1

Here’s a link to them in clear. Here’s a link to them in brown. (There are other colors too, I think.) I’ve been using the same pack of 12 for six months now. And I wear my hair in a ponytail at least once a day, every day.

  • Gift wrap organization! Oh y’all, the amount of gift wrap–wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper–I own is unreal. And living in an old house means we have like negative closet space, haha. I bought this affordable under-the-bed gift wrap storage after Christmas and now three months later I still love it because it holds everything and because it’s under the bed it’s easy to get to.

january 1. 4.croissants. products i love. laundry helper_0001_edited-1

january 1. 4.croissants. products i love. laundry helper_0003_edited-1

  • And last, but not least, Rodan + Fields Lash Boost.

I started Lash Boost right before Christmas. I applied it every night after I washed my face, but before I put on my moisturizer. These are my 12 weeks results and I’m amazed. Random strangers (usually when I’m all sweaty post-gym, go figure) ask me if they are my real lashes. You betcha!

And I’m not going to lie, I thought it was gimmick. But the proof is in the lashes!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tonight we’re going out with my family for C.’s birthday {it’s next week}. Tomorrow morning I’m going to my first SoulCycle class with my bestie {pray for me!}. And Sunday I’m painting with friends…and we’re getting our new bed delivered. Pictures to come! {Follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks!}


Friday Five {#3}

How are y’all doing today? It looks like if you’re up North you’re “enjoying” a little snow while here in the South we’re having a weekend with highs in the upper 60s. #weknowyouhateus #butyougotacertaintrophylastsundayandwedidnt 😉

Here is a little list of my five things I’m *loving* right now:

  1. Kids’ Valentines.

I totally love Valentine’s Day. And NOOOOO, it’s not because of romantic love {I could actually CARE LESS about showing that on one particular day a year}, it’s the whole showing love to others and being kind. It gives me all the warm fuzzies!

And every year I let the kids pick out their Valentines for their classes. Usually Moseby has no opinion, but this year that changed. He vocalized that he wanted a car theme so you better believe he got one. AND he wrote all 11 names himself. Oh y’all, the gains he has made (and is making) makes my heart so happy!



And MM wanted a sweets theme (after I told her no on the poop emoji theme she really wanted. Lordy.).


Moseby’s Valentines were found here. And Mary Margaret’s Valentines were found here. Both could be ordered now and then sent to Staples (that’s where I send ours) or somewhere and you could have them by Tuesday no problem. Moseby’s cars are here. MM’s cake erasers are here; her fortune cookie erasers were from Target too and in the $1 bin, but I can’t find them online.

2. Hot Pink Hot Chocolate!

Because, seriously, do you even NEED an excuse to make this? Oh, you do? Well, there’s a certain holiday coming up on Tuesday that I think will be perfect. 😉


And it’s really easy to make!

Hot Pink Hot Chocolate

1 (12 oz) can evaporated milk

12 oz. white chocolate chips

3-4 c. milk

In a saucepan over low heat, melt the white chocolate chips with the evaporated milk. Once melted, add the whole milk and heat through. Start with 3 cups, and add more to taste. Remove from heat, and add drops of hot pink food coloring* until you get it to the color you like. Serve with whipped cream or homemade marshmallows.

*I found the hot pink food coloring drops at Hobby Lobby, but you could totally use red and just use a little at a time until you get the color you want.

Told you it was easy!


3. Big Brothers {and their little brothers too}

Oh y’all, I just love seeing the relationship that is developing between these two. Moseby is such a good big brother (most of the time) and Lala just looks up to him so much. Now, of course he teaches him to do all sorts of bad things {the list would be a mile long if I started it! HA!}, but they love each other something fierce.

This only child is pretty dang jealous.

(And they have several matching shirts and Moseby requests they match most days. #allthehearteyes These shirts are Gap and sold out, but here are two similar styles: here and here. Both already on sale plus get 20% more off with code KBTREAT  And I might have these shorts in their new sizes in my cart right now ($8 each right now!). They both live in these every summer.)



And yeah, Lala needs a haircut. But I don’t wanna!

4. Shirtdress + Tights Combos

I think there are two types of women in this world: those who like bright tights and those who don’t. As of a few months ago I have officially crossed over to the dark side and love colored tights {C. isn’t so sure, HA!}


But even if bright burgundy tights ain’t your thang, you can still rock this style of dress from Loft. Sadly, mine is sold out (I got it on clearance right before Christmas), but they have a wide variety of prints in this style.  This bird print is my favorite, but this floral and this floral are a close second and third (I want them alllllll!). (And this shirtdress style? Oh so flattering!) Note on sizing: I’m wearing a 10 petite. No, I am not petite (not a single bone on my body is considered “petite”, HA!), but it was the only size they had in stock and I don’t mind the length. The sleeve are about 1/2″ too short for my liking and the bust is a little tight, but if I can rock ‘petite’ at 5’5″ in this dress, you might can too. 😉

My tights are Hue. They’re the only brand I wear (& on sale too…and are at Macy*s so you can also add coupons to this price.). I’m a size ‘2’.

My booties are Franco Sarta and are 50% off (and use those coupons for more off!). They are super comfy too.

My clutch is Clare V. and I’ve had it for two years now and use it all the time (leopard print is a neutral, yes?). It’s a great investment piece you’ll use for years and years.


{Oh, and can you tell I’m going blonder and blonder every month? I started getting highlights in December and I can’t stop now. I gotta watch myself or I’m going to be platinum blonde soon {but I REALLY love it!}!}

5. Date nights.

Tomorrow C. & I are going to one of our very favorite restaurants in Atlanta, The Optimist. We haven’t been since my 34th birthday, also known as the night I got pregnant with Lala–TMI? Nah, we’re all buddies here 😉 –but there better not be another baby surprise…k, The Optimist?!

I cannot wait. The she crab soup + the hushpuppies (OMG) + the snapper + the chocolate roulade…not to mention the oysters…wow, I think I gained ten pounds just talking about it! HA!!

And in case you’ve been dying to know what I’m getting C. for V. Day {’cause I know you have, hehe}–I’m baking him a red velvet cake. I can’t stand cream cheese icing, but he likes it and since I kinda love him… 😉 I’m trying the red velvet cake recipe from here and the cream cheese icing from here. I’m actually making him a mini 6″ three tier cake {and giving another one to my grandmother} with this little set I picked up this week. I can’t wait to try it {& I’m sure I’ll be sharing how it went soon}!

Hope you all have a great weekend filled with love. …and {unless you want them! and if you DO, sending lots of baby dust your way!} no surprise babies coming in nine months from all the love. I’ll be watching for all those babies mid- to late-November! 


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