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A Reptile Birthday Party!

So this little guy turned five yesterday.

I wrote this on Facebook about it:

today, moseby davin, you are five. or like you’ve been telling me for the past two months: “a WHOLE hand!” and every time you put that hand up to show me just how old you are turning my heart flutters a bit and my soul wonders how can it be? it honestly feels like just last week you were born, tiny & brown & covered with hair & perfect in every way. how can it be five years? i truly don’t know.
but what i do know is that you are fantastically perfect and unique. some things come harder to you than they do to some, like speaking or boundaries, but oh my, some things come so easily to you i’m even jealous. your natural physical ability to run, flip, kick, throw, climb, balance, and catch blow me away. how DO you do it?! and then there’s your ability to go into any situation and “just” make friends—i’ve never seen you nervous or shy—people are just drawn to you. that is SUCH an amazing gift, sweet boy.
at five you love power rangers (“the red one”), wild kratts, paw patrol (just chase), sloths + snakes, going ridiculously fast on your tricycle down our street, your four-wheeler, your friends lincoln + ty, hot dogs and popcorn and bacon (oh, you love bacon!) and my brownies and any cake with icing, and sissy and lala. what do you not like? the dark and ants…and that’s about it.
you are silly and mischievous and loud and always always moving and just about perfect to me.
i love you so very much, momo. happy “whole hand” birthday!

{You can read his birth story here.}

Since he’s going through such a reptile phase right now he just HAD to have a reptile-theme birthday party.

…and because I’m super creative corny I had to give all the foods weird reptile/swampy names. 😉

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Swamp Dogs Snakes

Alligator Eggs

Veggie tray featuring a spider zip & snakes made out of zucchini and cucumbers

Turtle (made out of a watermelon shell)

Rattlesnake fangs (aka Bugles)

Pit of Vipers

(I didn’t bake the cake, by the way, Baking Grounds did.) 

His party favors: lizards from the dollar store, spider rings, sour worms, and snakes.

And we had Mr. Greg’s Reptile Roadshow provided the entertainment for the kiddos. He brought a lizard, three snakes, an alligator, and an iguana. Check out Mo’s faces in some of these pics. He cracks me up!

(Yeah, even little Lala petted a snake.)

Oh, sweet Moe, I can’t believe you’re five. I hope whatever your wished for comes true {my wish? For time to slow down.}.

Other details:


More Heart-Shaped Baking

Can I just say I have #allthehearteyes over hearts and love and sugary treats right now?

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I made more banana-chocolate muffins this weekend. Heart-shaped of course. You can find the recipe here. I really can’t recommend it enough…even C. says it’s the best muffin/bread he’s ever had {and goodness knows, I make him taste test enough to know!}.


I made some (heart-shaped, ’cause DUH) Blueberry Muffins with Lemon-Cream Cheese Glaze for my dad for Valentine’s Day because he loves all things blueberry.


I think this muffin comes out perfectly–moist, not too dense, but definitely not very sweet. These muffins NEED the glaze to give them some extra sweetness {trust me on this ;).


Aren’t these THE cutest cupcake liners? Even though they are pink and red and have hearts you could use them all year long!

Blueberry Muffins with Lemon-Cream Cheese Glaze

{The Southern Baker cookbook–one of my favs!}


3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
3 large eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 cup butter, melted
2 cups frozen blueberries
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

1. Preheat oven to 450º. Stir together first 4 ingredients. Whisk together eggs and next 2 ingredients; add to flour mixture, stirring just until dry ingredients are moistened. Toss blueberries with 1 Tbsp. flour, and gently fold into batter. Spoon mixture into 1 1/2 lightly greased 12-cup muffin pans, filling three-fourths full.

2. Bake at 450º for 14 to 15 minutes or until lightly browned and a wooden pick inserted into center comes out clean. Immediately remove from pans to wire racks, and let cool 10 minutes.

Lemon-Cream Cheese Glaze:

1 (3-oz.) package cream cheese, softened
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups sifted powdered sugar

Beat cream cheese at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Add lemon zest and next 2 ingredients; beat until smooth. Gradually add powdered sugar, beating until smooth. Drizzle over *warm* muffins.


Remember on Friday how I told you I was going to make C.’s favorite dessert {red velvet cake} in the world even though I don’t like it? I used my new mini (6″) baking pan set {that I love love LOVE} and ended up making *two* cakes–one for C. & one for my grandmother.

They turned out so pretty!



{I try to keep it classy by just using dinner plates as cake plates. HA!}

But, here’s the honesty part: C. says the cream cheese icing was spot on {I don’t do cream cheese icing so I didn’t try it}, but that the red velvet cake itself was slightly…wait for it…dry. And y’all know this girl doesn’t do dry cake. It’s so humiliating. I made a dry cake. Ugh.

So I’m going to totally blame it on the recipe. When I showed it to C. he said, ‘Well, there’s your problem. It’s from the NY Times–what do they know about a southern cake like red velvet?’ Hmmmm…he might be on to something there!

Here’s a link to the icing recipe {I’m not linking the cake. You don’t want a…dry {Gosh, I hate that word!}…cake.}

{Oh! And the bottom right picture at the top of the post–the Lemon-Vanilla heart-shaped Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze–can be found here.}

I hope you all have an amazing St. Valentine’s Day tomorrow! We had a fantastic five star/level 10/A+++ dinner at The Optimist on Saturday and then yesterday we snuck away for a movie {we saw Split–so thrilling!}. C. got me a portable charge case for my iPhone since my phone is always almost dead and so far I’m in LUV–I can go a whole day and NEVER have to plug my phone in (do what?!). He read a ton of reviews and said he liked this one better than the Apple-version he has for his phone. I just like the pretty rose gold color, but whatever. 😉

{And if you’re wanting to know what’s up this week on the blog: Wednesday I’m comparing Kroger and Walmart’s online grocery pickup and Friday I’m doing a little “Weight Loss with PCOS 101: What is Keto?” post. I’m so excited about both–see you then!} 


Friday Five {#3}

How are y’all doing today? It looks like if you’re up North you’re “enjoying” a little snow while here in the South we’re having a weekend with highs in the upper 60s. #weknowyouhateus #butyougotacertaintrophylastsundayandwedidnt 😉

Here is a little list of my five things I’m *loving* right now:

  1. Kids’ Valentines.

I totally love Valentine’s Day. And NOOOOO, it’s not because of romantic love {I could actually CARE LESS about showing that on one particular day a year}, it’s the whole showing love to others and being kind. It gives me all the warm fuzzies!

And every year I let the kids pick out their Valentines for their classes. Usually Moseby has no opinion, but this year that changed. He vocalized that he wanted a car theme so you better believe he got one. AND he wrote all 11 names himself. Oh y’all, the gains he has made (and is making) makes my heart so happy!



And MM wanted a sweets theme (after I told her no on the poop emoji theme she really wanted. Lordy.).


Moseby’s Valentines were found here. And Mary Margaret’s Valentines were found here. Both could be ordered now and then sent to Staples (that’s where I send ours) or somewhere and you could have them by Tuesday no problem. Moseby’s cars are here. MM’s cake erasers are here; her fortune cookie erasers were from Target too and in the $1 bin, but I can’t find them online.

2. Hot Pink Hot Chocolate!

Because, seriously, do you even NEED an excuse to make this? Oh, you do? Well, there’s a certain holiday coming up on Tuesday that I think will be perfect. 😉


And it’s really easy to make!

Hot Pink Hot Chocolate

1 (12 oz) can evaporated milk

12 oz. white chocolate chips

3-4 c. milk

In a saucepan over low heat, melt the white chocolate chips with the evaporated milk. Once melted, add the whole milk and heat through. Start with 3 cups, and add more to taste. Remove from heat, and add drops of hot pink food coloring* until you get it to the color you like. Serve with whipped cream or homemade marshmallows.

*I found the hot pink food coloring drops at Hobby Lobby, but you could totally use red and just use a little at a time until you get the color you want.

Told you it was easy!


3. Big Brothers {and their little brothers too}

Oh y’all, I just love seeing the relationship that is developing between these two. Moseby is such a good big brother (most of the time) and Lala just looks up to him so much. Now, of course he teaches him to do all sorts of bad things {the list would be a mile long if I started it! HA!}, but they love each other something fierce.

This only child is pretty dang jealous.

(And they have several matching shirts and Moseby requests they match most days. #allthehearteyes These shirts are Gap and sold out, but here are two similar styles: here and here. Both already on sale plus get 20% more off with code KBTREAT  And I might have these shorts in their new sizes in my cart right now ($8 each right now!). They both live in these every summer.)



And yeah, Lala needs a haircut. But I don’t wanna!

4. Shirtdress + Tights Combos

I think there are two types of women in this world: those who like bright tights and those who don’t. As of a few months ago I have officially crossed over to the dark side and love colored tights {C. isn’t so sure, HA!}


But even if bright burgundy tights ain’t your thang, you can still rock this style of dress from Loft. Sadly, mine is sold out (I got it on clearance right before Christmas), but they have a wide variety of prints in this style.  This bird print is my favorite, but this floral and this floral are a close second and third (I want them alllllll!). (And this shirtdress style? Oh so flattering!) Note on sizing: I’m wearing a 10 petite. No, I am not petite (not a single bone on my body is considered “petite”, HA!), but it was the only size they had in stock and I don’t mind the length. The sleeve are about 1/2″ too short for my liking and the bust is a little tight, but if I can rock ‘petite’ at 5’5″ in this dress, you might can too. 😉

My tights are Hue. They’re the only brand I wear (& on sale too…and are at Macy*s so you can also add coupons to this price.). I’m a size ‘2’.

My booties are Franco Sarta and are 50% off (and use those coupons for more off!). They are super comfy too.

My clutch is Clare V. and I’ve had it for two years now and use it all the time (leopard print is a neutral, yes?). It’s a great investment piece you’ll use for years and years.


{Oh, and can you tell I’m going blonder and blonder every month? I started getting highlights in December and I can’t stop now. I gotta watch myself or I’m going to be platinum blonde soon {but I REALLY love it!}!}

5. Date nights.

Tomorrow C. & I are going to one of our very favorite restaurants in Atlanta, The Optimist. We haven’t been since my 34th birthday, also known as the night I got pregnant with Lala–TMI? Nah, we’re all buddies here 😉 –but there better not be another baby surprise…k, The Optimist?!

I cannot wait. The she crab soup + the hushpuppies (OMG) + the snapper + the chocolate roulade…not to mention the oysters…wow, I think I gained ten pounds just talking about it! HA!!

And in case you’ve been dying to know what I’m getting C. for V. Day {’cause I know you have, hehe}–I’m baking him a red velvet cake. I can’t stand cream cheese icing, but he likes it and since I kinda love him… 😉 I’m trying the red velvet cake recipe from here and the cream cheese icing from here. I’m actually making him a mini 6″ three tier cake {and giving another one to my grandmother} with this little set I picked up this week. I can’t wait to try it {& I’m sure I’ll be sharing how it went soon}!

Hope you all have a great weekend filled with love. …and {unless you want them! and if you DO, sending lots of baby dust your way!} no surprise babies coming in nine months from all the love. I’ll be watching for all those babies mid- to late-November! 


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I should write “For Me” at the end of the title of this post because the things pictured below are TOTALLY what *I* am wanting right now.  …so if any of you are looking to get me a present, HA!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We’ll start from the top {just now realized I totally should of numbered these in the collage, OOPS!, you live and learn}:

  1. Free People Coastline tee. AND it’s currently 25% off (and you know Free People *never* goes on sale!). Comes in grey, red, and lavender and I love the flouncy hem. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day lunch.
  2. Away Carry-On in Green. They will even handpaint your monogram on there. Yes, please! C. travels for work weekly and I’m trying to find an excuse to buy him this suitcase {but with my initials…I kid I kid!} so that I can use it too.
  3. A custom watercolor of our house. This is totally frivolous as we already have one done in oils, but this is in watercolor AND it’s only $30. What an awesome gift for a new homeowner in your life!
  4. Living Proof ‘Perfect Hair Day’ Dry Shampoo. I ran out of the Pureology dry shampoo I have always used a couple of weeks ago and have heard great things about this one. I’m wanting to put it on BEFORE working out to see if it makes a difference afterwards. I’ll let you know!
  5. GapFit High Rise Barre Strap Leggings. I don’t do barre, but man, I love these leggings! They’ve been sitting in my shopping cart for weeks now. And today they’re 40% with code OVERTIME. Eek!
  6. Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings. I get so confused when a recipe says to roll something 1/4″- or 1/2″-thick. Like, how am I supposed to be able to tell the difference?! Please say it’s not just me that has this issue! I love this rolling pin because it has “rings” that you move to adjust the dough height so you get the right thickness.
  7. Lucky Brand ‘Bashina’ Booties (mine are ‘Brindle’). These are the booties I talked about last week that I wanted…and I ordered them. I told C. he did a great job picking out my Valentine’s Day present when I got them in the mail on Saturday. 😉
  8. Gap Eyelet Three-Quarter Blouse. Doesn’t it look like the most comfortable thing ever?! I think it’s a piece I could wear spring through fall (40% off wide code OVERTIME).
  9. Bobbi Brown Tube Soap. The saleslady I always work with at the Bobbi Brown counter at Macy*s {Hi, Denise!} raves about this soap.
  10. Hand Made Pottery Salad Plates. C. & I went to King + Duke in Buckhead for the anniversary of our first date (December 28, 2003) and they had the most beautiful hand made pottery for their bread plates…and really great food. I haven’t been able to get those plates off my mind since and have quite a few saved in my Etsy Favorites folder.
  11. Nike Juvenate Tennis Shoes {in ‘Melon’}. Oh, these are cute! And pink. And perfect. #allthehearteyes
  12. Crab & Cleek Tote {in ‘Vintage Thermos}. I mean, come on, how cute is this tote bag?! I so don’t need another tote bag {I kinda have a collection}, but it’s just so fabulous!

So there’s my random hodge podge list of things I’m currently crushing on and think would make great gifts. Is there anything in particular YOU’RE wanting for Valentine’s Day/birthday/because it’s Monday? I’d love to know!

February 3. daddy daughter date_0002_edited-1

Also, I mentioned on Friday that C. and MM had a special daddy-daughter date night and they had a blast. They ate at the very swanky Chick-Fil-A in our mall food court and then headed to the community center for a dance. She got a fancy new dress and wore her first pair of heels (sparkley gold, of course!). I let her wear the diamond necklace I wore the day I got married to her daddy and she felt oh-so-special. C. gave her a corsage wristlet with roses and a small orchid and she kept smelling it and smiling. I think she felt loved and wanted and protected and cherished–and I hope one day (a verrrrrrrry long time from now!) she’ll find another man that makes her feel that way too.

February 3. daddy daughter date_0003_edited-1

And in case you want to go down Memory Lane with me, here’s the other daddy-daughter dates that started when she turned 2.

joyce and chcick fil a_0010


February 2. date night. engagement party_0009-2

february 8. date night_0010

glitter. date._0013

february 5. daddy daughter date night. valentines day sibs_0002_edited-1

I think it must be getting dusty in here or something because my eyes are watering!
Happy Monday, y’all!

In honor of the Super Bowl yesterday I thought I would post the best cookie cake recipe I’ve ever found. Here’s a picture of the cookie cake I made for our hometown team {and yes, I’m 110% completely ignoring the outcome of the game!}–please don’t look at my icing work. I am so NOT skilled in this area. 😉

chocolate chip cookie cake

Natalie’s Everything But the Kitchen Sink Cookie Cake 

2 sticks unsalted butter, softened
1 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
2 cups plus 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
2 1/4 cups every kind of chocolate or PB or whatever chip you’ve got (I used white chocolate, mini semisweet, regular semisweet, bittersweet, and milk chocolate chips…what can I say I LOVE my chocolate, ha!)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Line a 14-inch, light colored, round pizza pan with parchment paper and grease the parchment paper (*you can also use just cooking spray with flour*)
In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugars. Add the eggs, beating well after the addition of each.
In a bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, and salt and mix with a whisk. Add to the butter mixture, mixing to incorporate, and add the vanilla extract. Fold in the dark and white chips and the nuts. Spread across the bottom of the prepared pan and bake until the edges are golden and the cookie is set but the center is still slightly soft, 20 to 25 minutes. Cool in the pan for 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
Note: This recipe makes two of the cookie cakes seen above.


Thoughts on Jury Duty, our Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Stomach Bugs…

…and that my daughter is Arizona.  Well, actually at this very moment I imagine she’s somewhere over Texas. Without me. And it has left me a little {okay, okay, much} sadder than I thought. She’s going to have a great time exploring the Grand Canyon with her grandparents I’m sure. But she won’t be home until Monday night {waaah, waaaah!}.  She’s bringing along her ipod and I can’t wait to see the pictures she brings home.  I’m sure there’ll be lots of her own face, the back of my mom’s head, etc.  I’ll be sure to post them all in a very old school slideshow here for y’all to watch next week. I kid, I kid.

I’m sorry it was so quiet on here last week.  I was on jury duty {for the third time in the last 12 years {and the second time in 2 years}}.  I was picked to be on the jury for a murder case.  And that–coupled with the fact that it was an all day trial and I’m a part-time gal–made me physically and emotionally tired.  On the fifth day we were told it was a mistrial. All that time vested, for nothing.  It made me sad and frustrated.  {I have so many thoughts about this particular case–including our court system & their reasoning for trying certain people–but I don’t even know where to start. But just like the child molestation case when I was 20 changed me, this one did too.  Hmmm, so much to say, but there are no words.}

We also had our annual Easter Egg hunt at the farm this week.  Close to 100 people {uh-huh} came and forty-seven kids hunted down over 1,500 eggs in under ten minutes flat {and ate 90 cupcakes just as quickly–egg hunting makes kiddos hangry, don’t cha know}.   Moseby was a pro at hunting eggs and MM was a sweetie giving most of her eggs away to children who had not found as many as her {melts my heart}.

This year I did it a little differently and had three separate fields: 0-3, 4 & 5, and 7+ years old.  It really worked. We’ve tried to do it all at once, stagger it, etc.  {I don’t even know why I’m telling you that–probably as a way for me to remember it NEXT year since my brain has a tendency to forget these kinds of details–ha!}

And remember that stomach bug I mentioned MM had like a week and a half ago? Uhm, yeah, C. & I came down with it Monday.  Does anyone even know if that could possibly be the same bug?  I guess it’s a good thing there was a mistrial as I don’t think I would have been able to call the courthouse to let them know, much less actually DRIVE there. I actually had a couple of those ‘wellll, it wouldn’t be so bad if I actually died right now’ moments–know what I mean?

You like how my last two posts talk about puking?  Yeah, nice touch I thought. HA!


A Peppermint Party

The one good thing about not blogging for a year {…or a little longer. yikes.} is that there’s lots of things to tell you about.

And by “lots of things” I mean my sewing and parties.  ‘Cause those are two things we really love around here.  In fact, we’re getting ready to throw our third party of the year {yep} next month.  What can I say, we like to celebrate!


Whenever my kids are really little and don’t really have opinions yet on their birthday party theme I try to think of something they love or something that describes them.  And so when it came time to decide on Moseby’s second birthday party theme I thought of his favorite foods.

Pretzels, popcorn, watermelon, pineapple, and old-fashioned peppermint sticks.  I settled on making peppermints the theme because, well, I’m a little Type A and love when everyone matches.  And when you have a peppermint party everyone is instructed to wear red and white…oh, how that makes my matchy-matchy soul sing!

The decorations, unfortunately, I didn’t get a really good picture of.  We had red and white pompoms hanging from the chandelier and lots of red and white balloons.  We had red and white mums in vintage vases and milk jars. You’ll just have to picture all that in your mind {ha!}.

I did get a picture of some other things though: we had a beautiful cake made by my favorite local bakery that we’ve used forever.  {Seriously, isn’t it awesome?!}



And all the food {minus the brown chicken nuggets} was red and white as well.  {Our!clothes!and!food!matched! Yipee!}  We had bananas and strawberry skewers, yummy creamy corn salad,  biscuits with strawberry jam, an assortment of white cheeses {on a red serving dish of course}, peppermint sticks {duh}, and peppermint Oreos.  For drinks we had cans of {red} strawberry banana juice, bottled Cokes, & water with strawberries.


drinks Moseby had lots of fun blowing out his candles.  {Look at his little hands!  Look at those perfect little cheeks! (he was a PRO at blowing out those candles, let me tell you!)}

And he had so many people that he loved, and who love him like crazy, come celebrate his day. Even his birth aunt that he met for the first time {joy!} and then the next day we kept the party going when we went and visited his birth family.  Oh, sweet, peppermint-loving, little man, you are so loved. I can’t believe you are TWO. Do you know just how much joy you’ve brought us in two years?!  My heart just overflows.


Flying By

So, Thanksgiving is over.

The Christmas tree farm is closed {we sold out December 9th…can you even believe it?!}.

And we’re two weeks from Christmas today.

This year my life has felt like it’s in a time warp.  Craziness.

Moseby is doing well–crawling like a champ {and VERY fast}, clapping and smiling up a storm, and saying a few words {Mama, Pops, Bye-Bye, and maybe Dada}.  MM is too–she continually amazes me at what she says.  She uses words like ‘pollination’ and ‘satisfactory’–such an old soul that one.  She is honestly an awesome big sister.  I know they’ll have fights as they get older, but for the last 9.5 months (9.5–do what?!) she has been nothing but wonderful.

Here are some pictures form the last few weeks:

november 14. leadership day. thanksgiving feast_0047
Mine is the tall one in turkey dress.

november 18. mama's walker_0002
In my walker from 1980. I’m sure it breaks all sorts of safety regulations, but man, he loves it.

november 15. frasers are here_0002
My little Native American {she said, ‘Now I’m half Native American like Moseby!’ I didn’t have a heart to tell her it was she a construction paper headband and not a real headdress.}

november 22. thanksgiving_0002

november 22. thanksgiving_0006
Now that’s JOY right there.

We have also decorated not one…not two…but FOUR live trees this year {hey, we have a Christmas tree farm, it’s cool!}. I think the kids love having them in their rooms every year so it makes all the work and {most of} the mess worth it.

november 17. kids trees_0007

november 17. kids trees_0006

On the 1st the kids went and saw Santa at Rhodes Hall–I can’t believe this is our fourth year there. Of course I have a special affinity to the place since I did my historic preservation internship there, but goodness, it IS the perfect setting.

December 2. santa_0021

December 2. santa_0001
MM told me that this was the REAL Santa as opposed to the other ones she has seen. I can’t believe she noticed the difference. {Her dress is 60+ years old…can’t you just imagine another little girl in the 1950s wearing it as her Christmas dress? Love vintage clothing.}

december 6. nutcracker_0002
This is her at her Nutcracker pictures last week. Her performance is on Saturday and she is a Snow Baby. She is on Cloud Nine.

And I know they’re going to hate me for this one day, but I love making them match. Here they are in their Santa sweaters. Could eat ’em up alive, I tell ya.

december 6. nutcracker_0005

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!


Halloween Festivities

This year I let MM decide on both the kids’ costumes.  I was hoping she would pick to be a beekeeper and Moseby a bee …or her a monkey and him the Man in the Yellow Hat, but no dice.

She wanted to be a bat {to scare Mamaw she said and because she loves Stellaluna} and told me that Moseby said he wanted to be a pirate.

So I purchased the patterns and fabric and got to work!

october 31. trick or treating_0014

Cutest dang pirate I’ve ever seen.

october 27. leaves. fall festival_0002

Bats…and MM…love throwing leaves.

I think they turned out pretty good. And the kids got a lot of wear out of them–two fall festivals, a trunk-or-treat, ballet class, gymnastics class, and Halloween night, of course. MM even won ‘Most Creative Costume’ at my school’s fall festival. She was pretty stoked with her $10 gift certificate to the book fair because she got to buy a diary. She’s such a teenager.

october 27. leaves. fall festival_0011

Here’s a few more pictures from the past couple of weeks, including the kids’ first annual Halloween party at the farm where I made mummy dogs, vegetable jack ‘o lantern, and vampire cupcakes, among other things (pretty proud of myself making those “scary foods”).  Want the recipes?  You can find them on my Pinterest boards here.

october 23. bat hat. shower. chubby baby in pjs_0003

She made a bat headband at school and was stoked to say the least.

october 21. kaleb birthday. trunk or treat_0024

october 21. kaleb birthday. trunk or treat_0021

october 21. kaleb birthday. trunk or treat_0012
That goat ended up eating a hole in her bat wings like two seconds later…so I had to sew more seams in the wings to cover it up and it ended up looking more “authentic” that way anyway.

october 26. halloween party_0006

Her friends from preschool at her party.

october 26. halloween party_0002
Sometimes this is the best you can get with two kids. Better than nothing, I guess.

october 27. bfumc festival_0003
A very cold hayride around our little historic downtown one evening.

october 27. bfumc festival_0005

october 31. trick or treating_0019

october 31. halloween_0002
Her outfit for Orange Day at school.

october 31. trick or treating_0006

She was so happy to finally be able to scare Mamaw when she trick-or-treated at her house.

october 31. trick or treating_0017

And now that Halloween’s over we’re gearing up for Christmas. Because the tree farm opens up in just two weeks we have to get the outside of our house decorated and the mantles done by then…or well, they won’t get done. I can’t believe it’s already November. Wow.


It’s a “Plus” That I Even Remembered to Blog About This!

I might be experiencing a case of “New Mommy Brain”, but I don’t think I have shown you a picture of my parents’ Christmas present yet.


If I have, just indulge me, because I honestly don’t remember doing so.

And if I haven’t shown you yet?  Sweet!  I remembered!

+ sign quilt

I know I’ve shared my love for Anna Maria Horner fabrics on here before.  In fact, I went to her sewing workshop back in ’10 {Don’t click on that link unless you want to see an 18 month old MM who looks soooooo tiny and precious and adorable.  Swoon.}.  I love her crazy bold designs in bright colors.  They speak to me.

So I knew I wanted to make my parents a quilt in her fabrics but that I had to add in some red since that’s my mom’s favorite color…hence, the borders and binding.

I chose a ‘plus’ design for their quilt.   I used lots of different tutorials, but really liked the one I found here.  For quilting I chose to quilt 1/4″ along either side of the seams.

+ sign quilt

On the back I used my favorite fabric from her Loulouthi collection.  I did one more plus sign block with some hand embroidery.  And my favorite thing?  MM’s art project that I put on a piece of fabric and incorporated to the back.

+ sign quilt

So, it only took me four months to post about it….not bad.  HA!!


Picture Post Dump

I admit it…I’ve started to feel bad that I didn’t document Moseby’s life better those first six weeks here on the blog.  No worries, TONS of pictures were taken {just check out my flickr site!}, but I guess I wasn’t sure how much of him I wanted to share at first.  It felt like he could be taken away or something…I don’t know how to describe it.

But as time as gone by {seven weeks old today} I’ve come to the wonderful realization that he is ours…and in a sense {that only a mama can sense}, he’s been ours all along, even before I watched him being born.

So hopefully this will be my last “catch up” post and from now on I’ll live in the now with my two kiddos.  Yes, most definitely.

And in random order here’s some pictures from our April.

My mom had a “milestone birthday” {that began in 6 and ended in 0} and we had a small surprise party for her.

easter egg hunt. mom's 60th_0023

Easter egg hunts, one at our farm and one at my parents’ church.

easter egg hunt. mom's 60th_0011

easter egg hunt.easter chicks_0015

easter egg hunt.easter chicks_0006

easter egg hunt.easter chicks_0007

easter egg hunt.easter chicks_0009

easter egg hunt.easter chicks_0011

easter egg hunt.easter chicks_0012

My birth mom {Hi, Joyce!} came up to meet her newest grandbaby.

joyces visit_0002

Moseby became more alert.

april 2. april 3_0008

april 2. april 3_0017

april 2. april 3_0002

My daughter became a teenager overnight.

april 2. april 3_0014

Right before she turned into Elton John and sang, ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’.

april 2. april 3_0005

You know, just the usual stuff.


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