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And Now He Is Two {Say It Ain’t So!}

august 12. dinner stroll_0002_edited-1

Yesterday my sweet Lala turned two.

And this is what I wrote on Facebook:

Today you are two. Everything about you is such a juxtaposition, sweet boy–it seems like just yesterday you were born, but I’m certain you’ve been with me whole life. You were so unplanned at the “wrong” time in my life, but really it was perfect timing and you made everything right and good again. You are happy go lucky, but opinionated; you are calm, but have a wild streak; a pleaser, but mischievous; a cuddle bear, but “all boy”. Basically, you are perfect and I can’t imagine my life without you for one single second, Lawson Thompson and I can’t wait to see what you will grow up and be (please lay off the junk hoarding tendencies though, ok? Ha!). 

august 16. going home_0004_edited-1

Two Days Old

The prayer that I pray every time I’ve rocked you since the day you were born is for you to be a good and honorable man one day. I pray you see the good in the world and that every day of your life you speak truth and goodness to others. That you will make the world a better place…and I’m certain you will because my life in infinitely better with you in it, darling boy. 

august 13. lala is one_0033_edited-1

One Year Old

I love you to the moon and back and back again, my sweet Lala. Happy birthday.

july 18. aerospace museum_0021_edited-1

Two Years Old


Two Down, Two to Go

…to be in school all day that is.

{And since one isn’t even born yet I’ve got A LONG time until they’re all in school! But oh what a sweet day that will be! 😉 }

Here’s some pictures from yesterday’s first day of school adventures.

august 3. first day of school_0003_edited-1

august 3. first day of school_0004_edited-1

august 3. first day of school_0006_edited-1

august 3. first day of school_0008_edited-1

august 3. first day of school_0009_edited-1

august 7. first day of kindergarten_0012

(I can’t help but post this of MM on her first day as a kindergartener three years ago…gosh, time flies, y’all!  One thing funny to point out–MM was NINE INCHES taller than Moseby when she started school, HA!!)

august 3. first day of school_0010_edited-1

august 3. first day of school_0011_edited-1

august 3. first day of school_0012_edited-1

august 3. getting off bus_0002_edited-1

august 3. getting off bus_0004_edited-1

MM told me every minute detail of her day {of course}, whereas Moseby told me “I don’t remember” about basically everything {of course}.

Here’s hoping for another 179 good days this school year!


The Whole Story of Baby #4

june 9. 23. granola bars. baby reveal_0017_edited-1

I was right at 20 weeks in this picture. I’m now 21 weeks, 3 days.


‘Cause I just can’t leave you hanging like that!

We’ve gotten tons of questions (…and OMGs…and ‘Y’all are crazy’…and ‘Oh, hell no!’) from people we know so I thought I would just answer them all in one place.

  • Were you planning this?

Uhm, NO. No no no no. We’re not even really sure of my due date–we have no idea when this baby was conceived! (We think it’s November 13-21st. But because of my hereditary preeclampsia my other two bio babies were born at 37 weeks, 5 days so we’re thinking right after Halloween for this one.)

  • Did you want another baby?

C. was finished with kids. I was open to adopting again when Lawson was 3 or so, but we were mostly likely (definitely?) finished with kids. For sure we were done with having kids from my body though. 100% finished with that. (And let me assure you: C. has now taken medical steps, ahem, so that he will no longer be fathering any babies with Ms. Fertile Myrtle over here. And I’ll leave it at that.)

  • Didn’t you just have a tummy tuck last June? What’s going to happen with THAT?!

Yes, yes, I did (again, totally not planning on having another baby). I’m not so much worried about extra skin–I’m a 36 year old woman–who DOESN’T have at least a little extra skin at this age?! (I feel the same way with stretch marks–who cares!)–but I am *super* worried with how my muscle repair will hold up (not only with pregnancy but with a repeat c-section as well). I had a 5″-ab separation (y’all, that’s over the width of my hand!) that was sewn back together last June–there’s a strong chance that all the dissolvable stitches the doctor used are still there. I had to interview 19 OB-GYNs (my friend who delivered MM and Lawson has retired from delivering) to find just one that had done a c-section on a woman who had a muscle repair in the past. Thankfully this doctor has done three (and he’s been in practice over 30 years–that’s how rare this is). My plastic surgeon says my muscle repair is the strongest part of my body right now since it’s held together with stitches so something else will have to give/stretch/tear. Due to a kidney surgery I had twenty years ago I have a shredded left oblique muscle (the muscles that run along each side of your abdomen) and whenever I would eat before I got pregnant my stomach (my literal stomach) would poke out about the size of a baseball through the shredded muscle until my food digested. It was freaky and honestly kept me from eating large meals because it was uncomfortable (and gross looking now that the rest of my stomach was flat). Well, I’m 21 weeks now and it pokes out like I’ve eaten an all you can eat buffet 24/7 (like, that corner of my upper stomach is larger than my baby bump most days). I assume I will have to have a muscle repair (it can’t be stitched together because it’s shredded so I’m thinking some sort of mesh?!) on that section and I don’t even want to think about–the ab muscle repair was the worst pain of my life (hands down, no joke) and you use your obliques for everything. Yep, not even going there.

  • How far along did you find out since you weren’t planning this one?

Gosh, I guess like almost 9 weeks?! It was crazy! I’ve mentioned before that I have PCOS and two of the side effects of that is crazy periods and cysts. And the older I get the more my cycles get off (#closertomenopause) so it didn’t really concern me that I hadn’t had a period in six weeks…or eight weeks. The only reason I even tested was because I could tell I had a rather large cyst and I knew I needed to call my doctor and get a prescription for Provera which would force my body to have a period and “fix”/restart my hormones/cycle and would get rid of the cyst. But before my doctor will ever call in a prescription she makes me take a pregnancy test (which was always salt in a wound when we were trying so hard for baby #2 for FORTY-NINE cycles, ahem) so on a random Tuesday afternoon I grabbed a $3 test at Target so I could test real quick and get a prescription called in.

Imagine my utter shock/disbelief/amazement when the thing turned positive before I even put the cap back on (we’re talking less than 5 seconds!). For years I have stared at pregnancy tests wondering “Is that a line?” because I would test before my period was due. Well, y’all, when your period is five weeks late that second line appears REAL QUICK.

  • Why are you fertile now and weren’t for almost ten years?

Weight loss and low carb. There is NO question in my mind that Keto (low carb) and the subsequent weight loss gave me my fertility back. I’m having two babies in two years without trying at all (at all!) because I found a way of eating that works for this body that has PCOS with insulin resistance. If you have PCOS and are trying for a baby I can’t tell you enough how much I recommend Keto. It’s worked for me…twice.

  • Do you know the gender? What’s the name? Are you doing a nursery theme?

Well, for that you’ll have to wait until Friday. 😉


Happy Fourth!

…from our FOUR kids.

Yep, hold those sparklers folks–come this fall we’re going to have FOUR children!

I’ll give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor.

It’s okay. I was that shocked too.

june 9. 23. granola bars. baby reveal_0021_edited-1

{Lots more info to come, promise! Check back tomorrow for the full story.}


Another Cooper Kiddo Graduates from Pre-K

Yesterday Moseby graduated from preschool.

He’s been itching to for weeks–telling us it’s Lawson’s turn for “baby school” and that he’s ready to be a  “Buford Wooooooolf” (he howls in the middle of ‘wolf’).

Today when he walked in the door and saw nine of his favorite people there to see him graduate this is the smile he gave us.

may 16. prek graduation. chocolate poundcake_0009

Oh, he was proud! He smiled and waved and giggled the whole time he was on stage.

may 16. prek graduation. chocolate poundcake_0006_edited-1

may 16. prek graduation. chocolate poundcake_0015_edited-1

Afterwards we had cake and he got to pick a restaurant for lunch. He picked “cheese dip” (yep, ANY place with cheese dip), ha!

may 16. prek graduation. chocolate poundcake_0034_edited-1

may 16. prek graduation. chocolate poundcake_0041_edited-1

And can I just stop for a moment and whine about how hard it is to get a good family photo with little kids?! You mamas know what I’m talking about. This one was the best of a dozen we took. The boys’ faces are hilarious (& pretty dang true to their personalities!).

may 16. prek graduation. chocolate poundcake_0039_edited-1

It doesn’t seem like it’s been three whole years since this girlie graduated Pre-K. Where has the time gone?! Look how little she (and he!) was/were! I remember it just like it was yesterday. CRAZY! Before I know it Lawson will be graduating Pre-K! #slowyourrolltime

may 12. graduation_0005

may 12. graduation_0037


Friday Round-Up: What’s Going On ‘Round These Parts

~I haven’t mentioned the dining room or master bedroom this past week, but they’re both coming along. Actually, they’re both finished minus the drapes in the dining room (BUTTTTTTTT they’re in the process of being made at least!) and hanging mirrors/artwork in the master bedroom. Hopefully soon I’ll be ready to do a post on each. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of our new bed. Oh y’all, it’s dreamy.

~Lawson got his first haircut yesterday at 18 months old. I put it off as long as I could as he is my last baby {I know, I know, never say never} and his firsts are hard for me because they’re my last firsts. It’s hard to explain, but hopefully other been there, done that mamas know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, his hair was too long. We had resorted to man buns around the house to keep it out of his eyes and people always just assumed he was a girl (he is “too pretty” to be a boy, if I do say so myself, haha).

My friend/hair stylist, Jessica, cut his bangs and about an inch off the back. It was important to me not to lose his curls (we cut Moseby’s off at his first haircut just assuming he’d always have curls. Uhm. NO. They never grew back. I’m not making that same mistake with Lala).

And look how cute–and grown up!–he looks. I’ll have to get some pictures with my camera this weekend. He definitely is looking more and more “little boy” and less and less baby. #slowyourrolltime

~Today I took the boys to the pediatrician for their well checkups. It was an experience. Which translates to: something I never want to do again. 😉

Lawson got his shot, didn’t cry at all, and as soon as I made a silly face afterwards he laughed out loud. This is his personality to a “T”. {And gosh, he looooooves that brother of his.}

Momo on the other hand? I’ll just leave you with this picture and say that he refused to put on pants for over THREE HOURS after his shots in case they might brush against his bandaids. I also had to carry him out of the pediatrician’s office like a baby (while also holding Lawson and my purse and my diaper bag). Lordy y’all. Lordy.

(His shirt is his St. Patrick’s Day shirt for this year. It says, “I Pinch Back”. …Lawson got one that says, “Irish I Had a Mustache”. I’ll have to take a photo of the two of them tomorrow and post it on Instagram.)

~Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, I made Irish Soda Bread on Tuesday and it was good! It tastes like one giant buttermilk biscuit, I guess you could say. And it was super easy to make! You can find the recipe here.

~Do y’all remember me mentioning that I was hosting a couple of sign painting parties? One was at the end of February and the other was the past Sunday. Y’all, it was so fun! I can’t recommend PK Decor enough–you can go to her house and paint (she has room for about 15 people in her studio) or she can come to you. …and if any of y’all ever host a painting party yourself you better invite me because I have about ten more signs I want to make, ha!

Here’s two I made–a Fourth of July truck and a goat that looks like our pet/show Boer goat, Oreo (because…well, why not?!). MM made a castle for her bedroom door all by herself (girlfriend even added her monogram); her classmate/friend made a cute owl. My mom made a vase of cotton.


~And, that’s all I got! Today is not only the most favorite holiday for all the reddish-haired pale people out there, but it’s the 37th birthday of someone pretty dang special.  And what better way to celebrate than going afternoon bowling with three kids! HA!! {Tomorrow night we’re going to his favorite restaurant (Hals) after he has an afternoon massage so I promise he will have some fun! 😉 }


A Reptile Birthday Party!

So this little guy turned five yesterday.

I wrote this on Facebook about it:

today, moseby davin, you are five. or like you’ve been telling me for the past two months: “a WHOLE hand!” and every time you put that hand up to show me just how old you are turning my heart flutters a bit and my soul wonders how can it be? it honestly feels like just last week you were born, tiny & brown & covered with hair & perfect in every way. how can it be five years? i truly don’t know.
but what i do know is that you are fantastically perfect and unique. some things come harder to you than they do to some, like speaking or boundaries, but oh my, some things come so easily to you i’m even jealous. your natural physical ability to run, flip, kick, throw, climb, balance, and catch blow me away. how DO you do it?! and then there’s your ability to go into any situation and “just” make friends—i’ve never seen you nervous or shy—people are just drawn to you. that is SUCH an amazing gift, sweet boy.
at five you love power rangers (“the red one”), wild kratts, paw patrol (just chase), sloths + snakes, going ridiculously fast on your tricycle down our street, your four-wheeler, your friends lincoln + ty, hot dogs and popcorn and bacon (oh, you love bacon!) and my brownies and any cake with icing, and sissy and lala. what do you not like? the dark and ants…and that’s about it.
you are silly and mischievous and loud and always always moving and just about perfect to me.
i love you so very much, momo. happy “whole hand” birthday!

{You can read his birth story here.}

Since he’s going through such a reptile phase right now he just HAD to have a reptile-theme birthday party.

…and because I’m super creative corny I had to give all the foods weird reptile/swampy names. 😉

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Swamp Dogs Snakes

Alligator Eggs

Veggie tray featuring a spider zip & snakes made out of zucchini and cucumbers

Turtle (made out of a watermelon shell)

Rattlesnake fangs (aka Bugles)

Pit of Vipers

(I didn’t bake the cake, by the way, Baking Grounds did.) 

His party favors: lizards from the dollar store, spider rings, sour worms, and snakes.

And we had Mr. Greg’s Reptile Roadshow provided the entertainment for the kiddos. He brought a lizard, three snakes, an alligator, and an iguana. Check out Mo’s faces in some of these pics. He cracks me up!

(Yeah, even little Lala petted a snake.)

Oh, sweet Moe, I can’t believe you’re five. I hope whatever your wished for comes true {my wish? For time to slow down.}.

Other details:




I am alive, in case there was any doubt.

Just took a little break. Because 2.5 years is really not that long of a span between posts, right? I mean, in the whole context of time from the world’s point of view.


And nothing has changed, can you believe it?

April Fools (in January)!

Biggest change? Oh, I don’t know–maybe this little guy? Meet Lawson.

december 28. sleepy head_0005_edited-1

He’s a surprise {I say it like he’s a current surprise because he truly is–everyday I’m still surprised he’s here!}. …and yeah, in case you were wondering (because I totally would be too) I grew him in my wonky infertile body {maybe I’m not so infertile anymore?? HA!!}. He was born in August 2015. (For those that have been around from the beginning: his pregnancy was so different than MM. Yeah, I still had PreE {we discovered I had the hereditary kind}, but because I was 40 pounds lighter starting out and very active, I never had to go on bedrest. He did arrive at 37weeks5days just like his big sis, but only weighed 6lbs, 7ozs (she weighed 8 at that point). I even breastfed this little guy!)

august 8. davids wedding_0022_edited-1

Then there’s me. Or what’s left of me. 95 pounds down and reached “goal” (and yessss, I could lose more, but for now I’m just enjoying the whole “I’m at goal” thing I’ve got going on). I actually have three items in my closet that are a size 6–I started this journey at a 20W. Still blows my mind.

{MM & I headed to the Nutcracker at the Fox right before Christmas. She’s rocking my Christmas dress from 1989.}

As for the original two kids, they are no longer 5 and 2. Oh no sir, they are almost 8 {on Sunday} and 5 {next month}. Can you even believe it? Where are my itty bitty babies?

december 24. christmas eve_0020_edited-1

I’m still keeping C. around. 😉 Our 12th anniversary will be in four months {a dozen years, do what?!}. He started a new job last year and travels a ton during the week. We’ve started traveling some together as well. We’ve gone to New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas…without children {cue the hallelujah chorus}. Sometime this year we’re going to either the Pacific Northwest or Maine–we’re trying to narrow it down.

Us on the way to celebrate our 13th second first date anniversary. 

We still have our old house. We’re gearing up for Renovation 2.0 in the next couple of years {most likely summer 2018}. Adding 1.5 baths, redoing a bath, adding a closet, redoing a mudroom {and actually getting a washer + dryer that is NOT apartment-size, ohhhhh yeah!}, redoing our current kitchen into a butlers pantry and making our current sleeping porch into a kitchen. And then everyone switching around bedrooms {we’ll move downstairs and MM will go into the boys’ old nursery since we’re adding a bath in there}. It’s fun dreaming about it, but it doesn’t seem real yet, you know? I’m sure when I’m writing the checks it’ll become real, real quick.

And that’s about it for the updates, I guess.

I turned 36 last month. I feel it too. 

Oh. Except I now drive a minivan. So there’s that. At least I put a sticker on the back window that says “I used to be cool, I swear” so that makes it totally cool, right? …right?


The Graduate

{It seems the blog has been a bit more focused on MM as of late.  Blame it on this changing season in her/our life. I promise to get back to the regularly scheduled programming soon with more focus on a certain little boy.}

This past Tuesday MM graduated.

Thankfully, it was just PreK and not high school {oh no!} or college {egads!}.  My heart still aches at the passing of this milestone, but I’m thankful that I still have years {God willing} with her in our home.

{When she does move out I will be a basketcase. Giving you a heads up now…don’t say I didn’t warn you.}

During the ceremony/program her teacher listed what each child said they wanted to be when they grow up. My girl? A teacher AND a mommy…like her own mommy. Makes me get teary-eyed thinking about it.

When she is nervous she fidgets. I do the same thing. Sweet girl.

And after receiving her diploma and eating a tasty lunch in the fellowship hall, we came home and took some pictures in the back pasture.

And {of course!} little brother had to get in on the action. Big Sis let him get in one {just one!} picture on the swing. I think you can tell just how she feels about that with her faux smile. HA!

And this picture has absolutely nothing to do with graduation, but a few weeks ago Little Miss talked her daddy into getting her this lady-size hat at Charming Charlie’s when Mama wasn’t looking. I scolded them at the time, but my, I do love it! {And I may or may not take it to the beach for myself!}

As far as what she can do at the end of PreK: she knows her letters {D’Neilan, the system her new school uses, is throwing her for a loop though & we’re working on ID’ing those} and their sounds. She has started blending her sounds–which makes this reading teacher very happy–as well as knows about 10 sight words. She can rhyme like a champ. She can count to 30 orally and can identify 1-10 by sight. She can list eighteen colors {I love that she names old lady colors like “mauve”}. She knows her shapes. She tries hard with the first couple of pages in a book sounding out words and then gets flustered and says, “I just like it better when you read it!” I can’t wait to see all she learns in kindergarten.


Kindergarten Registration {Can She Really Be That Old?}

Kindergarten registration was this past Thursday.

april 24. kindergarten registration. church pics_0004

And while she seems so small and naive and innocent to me, she towered over the children in line with her for testing.  {She’s a tall one, my girl. The doctor says she’s in the 99.9 percentile because they can’t go any higher than that in their practice (it’s only out of a hundred after all), but really she’s more like the 141st percentile or something crazy.} But still. Still in my heart she is tiny.

And maybe it’s because I’m an elementary school teacher myself, but I know how time works.

From birth until kindergarten the days are long, but the years are short. From the first day of kindergarten, well, it all flies by.

april 24. kindergarten registration. church pics_0002

Oh, it gets me teary-eyed each time I think about it.  I am so so so happy that she is thriving and healthy and ready to go, but my heart just wants to cuddle in her bed and read picture books to her and sing silly little made-up songs.

This mothering thing is hard.

{Harder than I thought.}


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