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Weekend Uniform

Eeek! Today I’m sharing my first outfit on my blog. EVER.

It feels crazy strange being in front of the camera by myself, instead of behind it. I guess now I know how my kids feel, HA! And speaking of being behind the camera, guess who my photographer was? My four year old {I think it weighed more than him!}. The only payment he wanted was to take a picture with my baby pink Instax camera of our cats afterwards–he LOVES that thing!

So please excuse the blurriness, the over-exposure, the un-centeredness, and my feet being cut off–he’s still working on his photography skills. šŸ˜‰

I swear I wear this outfit every weekend. It’s warm and comfortable and has a gigantic pocket across the front to stick my keys or my cell or a diaper in. Can it get any better?!

january 6. 7. mm birthday sleepover. snow day. comfy yoga pants outfit_0020_edited-1

If you came to our Christmas tree farm this past Christmas season there was a 50% chance you would have even seen me in this exact outfit, that’s how often I wear it!

january 6. 7. mm birthday sleepover. snow day. comfy yoga pants outfit_0021_edited-1

Outfit Details:

  • Hat by Judith March {in red}. It’s no longer available in navy, but you might can find the navyĀ on eBay
  • Gap grey & white striped topĀ that’s long enough to cover your bum in leggingsĀ isĀ 40% right now with code ‘WINTER’. Size range XS (0) to XXL (18/20).
  • Zella Black leggings {I don’t workout in these–they are reserved for “daytime use”} They fit like a dream, don’t fade, and don’t stretch out. Size range: XXS (00) to XXL (18). Size 18W to 24W can be found here.
  • L.L. Bean fleece pullover in pewter is one of my most favoritest things I’ve purchased this past fall. I saw it on a blog last winter & when it went on sale in October I scooped it up. It looks like most sizes are on backorder, but there’s always eBay. šŸ˜‰ Size range: XXS (00) to XL (18/20). Ā The pullover doesn’t come in plus sizes, but theĀ jacket version does. Size 18W-26W can be found here.

I love-love-love my hat. It’s soft and distressed and features the best state, hands down. I got mine at Mint Juleps in Sugar Hill, but it was a while back.

january 6. 7. mm birthday sleepover. snow day. comfy yoga pants outfit_0026_edited-1

I would like to note, just because I read just enough blogs to wonder this kind of stuff myself, but photos of me will not be touched up, other than lighting. I’m not going to Photoshop my thighs or my crows feet or any other part for that matter because I think it’s important you see what clothes look like on a “real” person–not one with a Photoshopped thigh gap. For size reference, I’m 5’5″ and a large 6/small 8 in pants and a medium in tops (though I’m wearing a large in the pullover above, but could’ve have gotten away with a size smaller). If something comes in plus size I’ll let you know {’cause I’ve been there and it’s the!most!frustrating!thing!ever! to find clothes} and if I find something thatĀ doesn’t fit true-to-size I’ll let you know that too.

I can’t wait to show you the bracelets I had on in these photos that you can’t see (I’m such a newbie at this!). My mom got me a custom cuff for Christmas with the kids’ names engraved on it and I’m in love. I’ll post pics next week, promise!


In other news, somehow my itty bitty baby that once looked like this:

Now looks like this:

january 8. mm's birthday_0017_edited-1

She turned 8 yesterday and she makes my heart happy with the little lady she is turning into. She’s kind and helpful to her core, a lover of art and the color yellow, and the best big sister ever. Oh, and she’s smart. How’d I get so lucky to be her mama?

{This is our sign I hang on our front door when we have a special day at our house (birthdays, good behavior, trying really hard, losing a tooth, etc.). It’s by Artist Tree {they usually write “Happy Camper” on there, but I had this one custom made} in Dothan, Alabama. Doormat by Boutique Monogram.}



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