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Which Science Museum for Kids in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

On our recent longer-than-expected trip to Dallas thanks to Atlanta’s storms and Delta’s lack of scheduling/planning/togetherness MM & I did two science museums in 24 hours. We went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas one day and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History the next afternoon.

I thought it was kind of cool we did both so close together and thought it might be beneficial to some of y’all if you’re ever planning a trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are trying to decide which one to do with your kiddos (or yourself).

First off, cost.

Perot is $20 for adults and $13 for kids. Parking was a flat $10.

Fort Worth is $15 for adults and $12 for kids. Because I was a teacher I got in for free. Parking was $6 for 3 hours.

Next, let’s talk about size. Perot is four levels (with three levels of exhibits) and the Ft. Worth museum is one level (with two hands-on exhibits outside). If I had to guess I would say Perot is 1.5-2 times bigger.

Okay, now what about the best age for the museum goer? Both are geared towards school-age kids, but Perot is best for 5th-8th graders (or even older), if I had to guesstimate. The science and exhibits (robotics, engineering, body/anatomy) are more advanced and mature. It does have a children’s museum for kids 5 and under, but we didn’t go to it. At the Perot Museum she needed my help to do many of the exhibits, like the robotic arm or building a structure to see if it can stand up to earthquakes.

April 5. perot museum. observation_0005_edited-1

April 5. perot museum. observation_0004_edited-1

She created a bird from six different stations (beak, feet, feather color, call, etc.)

April 5. perot museum. observation_0001_edited-1

April 5. perot museum. observation_0009_edited-1

The best age for the Ft. Worth museum I would say PreK-4th. Their children’ museum is for children up to 8 years old, but MM wasn’t interested in it since the rest of the museum’s exhibits were more her speed–she could easily do all the exhibits on her own.

She’s laying on a bed of nails!

She worked on circuits for over thirty minutes. It’s not a standard for second grade so she was learning as she went. 

Finally, let’s talk crowds. Y’all, while we were at the Perot I thought at any second the fire marshall might walk in and shut the place down. She had to wait in a long line at every one of the exhibits. It was a madhouse zoo. I would NEVER (ever) go back there in the mornings (it was all children on field trips), take my word: go in the afternoon after 1 when they all head back to school.

Perot museum

Perot museum

This is JUST the crowd outside the door. Y’all, it was insane. I’m a teacher so I get the craziness that field trips bring, but this was more than that. There were way too many people allowed in the museum.

The next day when we went the Ft. Worth museum we went at 2 in the afternoon and were two of literally five people in the entire museum. It was AWESOME.

So, there’s your basic rundown. I personally enjoyed the Ft. Worth museum as a mama {MM LOVED it all!}, but as an adult the Perot Museum was fascinating. The crowds, however, spoiled it for me so I would recommend the Ft. Worth museum if you only had to chose one of the two.


Tour Texas: Waco {in Seven Hours}

Honestly, Waco wasn’t on my radar when planning our Dallas trip. Yes, I’ve seen a few episodes of Fixer Upper, but I’m not a super fan like some.

In fact, I prefer beadboard/wainscotting to shiplap.

Sacrilege to all those Fixer Upper groupies, I know. 😉

But MM loves it. She and my mom have watched every episode and MM talks about “JoJo” like there are actual real-life friends. And since this trip was all about her, I knew I had to take her to Waco since it’s pretty close to Dallas.

I asked my high school friend/Baylor grad/web designer, Meredith, for advice on what to do in Waco. She told us what to do after we left Magnolia Market and she was spot on. So I thought I’d share with the world her wiseness in all things Waco.

On the second day of our trip we headed out around 8 from downtown Dallas (C. had meetings all day in the city so it was just a girls’ trip). It’s right at 1.5 hours and the drive there is pretty. We left early because I knew Magnolia Market opened at 9am and I thought it would be busy.

We had seven hours (9:30-4:30) to do Waco. And here’s how we spent our time.

~First we went to Magnolia Market at the Silos {601 Webster Avenue}. They have a huge gravel free parking lot. Do NOT pay to park (even though you’ll see tons of places charging). 9:30-11:00


Y’alllllllll, calling this place “busy” is an understatement.

Zoo. Chaos. Crazy Town.

My dad has this expression he loves to use, “It’s like they’re giving it away!” and I always roll my eyes. But y’all, the amount of stuff people were buying, the sheer amount of people on the lawn, the sheer length of every single line (to the bakery, or a food truck, or to check out, or to the bathroom), was staggering. It was a random Tuesday morning at 10:30am. I was/am/forever will be dumbfounded.  It’s like they were giving it away!


The line for the bakery was 50-deep at 9:30, by 11am when we left it wrapped around the block. 

So, there are like four parts to Magnolia Market.

  1. There’s the store itself.  They’ve styled various vignettes (and solidified that I do indeed want concrete countertops in our kitchen remodel). And as much as it kills me to say this (remember I’m #teambeadboard ), I loved it. Everything was gorgeous and the prices were reasonable. Grrrr, Joanna. Why you gotta be so dang perfect?



This table. Y’all. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

2. Then there’s the bakery. You place your order on a little card they give you at the door and once inside the actual bakery the line moves quickly. And again it kills me to say it, but dang, that stuff was good. Best chocolate cupcake (and we all know my weakness for all things chocolate so I’ve tried my fair share!) I’ve ever had. MM said the same about her sugar cookie.

Even the cupcake wrappers {parchment paper} were perfect.

3. There’s a food truck park. I didn’t take a picture of that area, but there are about a dozen various food trucks–everything from smoothies to BBQ. It was centered around their garden center area.

4. There’s a large faux grassy square in front of the silos with swings, picnic tables, porch swings, corn hole, etc. It would be a great place to drop off your husband and kids while you shopped (probably their plan all along).


~Then we headed to Spice Village {213 Mary Avenue}. 11:15-12:15

Very rarely do I gush about a store, but this seriously was hands down the best store I’ve ever been in. It was a bunch of little booths like an antique market, but it’s not full of antiques. It’s full of heaven that’s what!

Shirts. Mugs. Towels. Signs. Baby blankets. Jewelry. Clothes. Candles. Shoes. Souvenirs. American Girl doll clothes. Sun catchers. Texas stuff. Waco stuff. Baylor stuff. Kitchen stuff.

Basically it’s like every one of my favorite stores combined into one. And it’s huge. And 90% of it is reasonably priced.

We stayed an hour, but I could have easily stayed three.

~Then we headed to lunch. Girlfriend here chose Chuys because she saw it as we passed by on the interstate and it’s her favorite restaurant (and I like it so much that I didn’t really argue. #chuysislife ). 12:30-1:15.

Now, if it had been up to me I would have gone to Ninfas {220 S. 3rd Street; right below Spice Market} since it’s a Waco legend and I’ve never met a Mexican restaurant I didn’t love.

~Next up was the Cameron Park Zoo {1701 N. 4th Street}. 1:30-4:00.

We were “warned” that this was a small zoo and to adjust our expectations as such, but it was AMAZING. It was just as good as Zoo Atlanta! The only animals I didn’t see were zebras and pandas. That’s it. And the best part–I’m not sure if it’s the size of Waco itself or if it was the afternoon–but we were seriously two of like ten people there. It was great!

Here are a few pictures, but I didn’t want to bore you; you can see the rest by clicking here.

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0002_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0006_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0011_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0014_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0003_edited-1

~Last stop on the way out of town was Coco’s Shaved Ice {3824 Bosque Blvd.} for some shaved ice…or in our case, ice cream. 😉 4:15-4:45.


And that, my friends, is how we did Waco in seven hours. If we had a few more hours I would like to have gone to Laverty’s {600 N. 18th Street} for some more shopping and I’ve heard Olive Branch {215 S. 2nd Street} is a great bakery!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw our crazy travel adventure on Friday. I’ll fill you in on all the details Wednesday…like why the Mississippi River is in the background of this picture.


Tour Texas: Fort Worth Stockyards

On Monday morning I woke MM up at 5:15 and told her to hurry up and get ready–that she & I were having a special surprise Mommy & Me date that day.

What I didn’t tell her is that we’d been planning it for a month. And that it wasn’t just one day, but THREE.

See, MM’s love language is attention and one-on-one time. And that’s hard to get when you’re the oldest of three and have two high maintenance little brothers. She’s my helper and my kind & responsible child. She’s had all A’s all year long in school. She never ever gets in trouble. We wanted to fill her “love bank” by taking her on a special little trip all by herself where she could get alllllllllll our attention.

So she and I hopped in the car to a destination unknown {I had packed our suitcases earlier and put them in the back without her knowing the night before}. I thought she would figure it out by the time we parked, but nope, the airport signs and all the planes didn’t give it away (HA!).

She was over-the-moon excited when I told her she would be going to Dallas with Mommy (C. left on an earlier flight and she didn’t know he was actually going to be in the same city with us until we got out rental car!).

When we got on the plane the pilots ushered her to the cockpit (I have no idea why!) and they let her welcome the passengers on the PA system. They showed her all the buttons and gave her wings & a card. She was on cloud nine.

She enjoyed her flight so much that she promptly passed out and slept like this for most of it. #Icouldntfeelmyarm

Once we touched down and found C. we decided to head to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the afternoon and it was awesome. She had a blast!

Our first stop was Joe T. Garcia’s which sweet Allison recommended last week in a comment (thanks, Allison!). It was delicious. C. got the mixed fajitas and they were hands down the best fajitas I’ve ever tasted. Cookies (75 cents!) were delicious. And the patio? Gorgeous.

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0022_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0021_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0016_edited-1

A quick two or three minute drive and we were at the Stockyards.

They had steers you can ride.

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0026_edited-1

A maze you could complete (and get this prize if you finish it–oh la la!).

A petting zoo. A museum. Old timey pictures. TONS of shopping.

Carriage rides.

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0027_edited-1

They have a herd of cattle walk down the main street every day at 11:30am and 4pm with real cowboy herders.


Link to photographer (not me).

Our favorite part was going inside the stables to see the horses, mules, and reindeer. I don’t know if people knew they could go in there or not because we only saw one other family the entire time we were in there. We wouldn’t have known to go had the carriage ride driver not told us!

And isn’t it random they have reindeer?

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0031_edited-1

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0029_edited-1

We had a really good time and everything was reasonably priced. A carriage ride was $25 for all three of us. Sitting on a steer was $5. The maze was $15 for all three of us. The petting zoo was $5. The cattle drive, museum, and the stables were free.

I definitely recommend the area if you’re going to be near Fort Worth!

After we left the Stockyards we drove into downtown Dallas. MM promptly set up the desk in the hotel room with all her new souvenirs and writing and art supplies (’cause isn’t that what YOU do first thing when you get to your hotel room?!) and then we went up to the rooftop pool (which was too cold for us old folks).

April 3. 4. Dallas. Waco_0032_edited-1

Yesterday we went to Waco and today we’re going to the Perot Museum before we head home (stay tuned for pictures of that!).

Oh! And as you may know, I post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays…but something happened on Monday and I scheduled the post for NEXT Monday not realizing it. So I’m sorry if you came here looking for me on Monday…I was flying somewhere over Mississippi at the time and didn’t catch my mistake until yesterday. Oops!  But no worries: I’ll be here Friday. Pinkie promise. 😉



Tour Georgia Series: Okefenokee Swamp


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{I used to do a “Tour Georgia” series on the blog; if you want to go down memory lane click here. You’ll see an itty bitty Moseby and MM. Makes me get a little teary-eyed, not gonna lie.}

This past weekend we visited Moseby’s birth dad in Valdosta {part of my New Year’s Resolution this year was to see our birth families–and we’ve seen two out of three and it’s only February, woohoo!}. If you are not from ’round these parts you may not know that Valdosta is in the very bottom (but center) of our state–less than twenty miles from the Florida line–whereas we live north of Atlanta. And while we’re in the same state technically, they’re two very different places.

Every time we go down to visit we say we’re going to go to the Okefenokee Swamp which is about 1.5 hours away from there, but never do. Usually it’s because it’s in the summer and if you think Atlanta is hot, you’ve never been to Valdosta in August. It’s humid and oh-so-hot and there are so.many.bugs. I honestly can’t imagine what the swamp must be like!

But since this year we were heading down to visit Papa D. in February (in honor of Moseby’s fifth birth on Sunday) AND MM is studying the five habitats of Georgia right now we thought it would be the perfect time to visit the swamp.

And it was. Low 70s, gentle breeze, sunny, no bugs (!!!), and not too many people. It was the perfect weather. And because they’re experiencing a drought right now the water level is low which meant there were alligators everywhere. EVERYWHERE. We had alligators coming out of our ears.

There are multiple entrances to the 500,000-acre park, but we chose to enter it in Folkston so we could take a 90-minute guided tour {they also rent kayaks and canoes} with Okefenokee Adventures. It was $63 for the four of us & well worth the money.

Here’s some pictures from our tour.


The boat they take you out on is a 24′ Carolina Skiff. It seats around twenty, but there were only about a dozen people on our trip. Kids 13 and under have to wear a life jacket (Georgia law anyway).


You start off going down the canal. The canal has the deepest water–on Sunday it was 4.5 feet deep (some parts of the swamp are just a foot or so deep right now, crazy huh?!). The trees without leaves are deciduous Bald Cypress–they’ll leaf out any time now.


Much to Moseby’s delight there were turtles EVERYWHERE. That boy loves him some turtles! (These are Yellow-Bellied Sliders)february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0020_edited-1

And even thought I don’t talk much about my love of plants on here {I do have a horticulture degree!}, I was loving the coreopsis that was blooming. The waterlilies weren’t blooming yet, but they’ll start in the next month or so and pretty much bloom all the way through until September. february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0012_edited-1

Oh, and we saw alligators. At least a hundred. They were EVERYWHERE. Little ones. Medium ones. Big ones. HUGE ones. Moseby took this picture {hence the “out-of-focusness”}, but isn’t it a giant?! february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0029_edited-1

We sat at the back of the boat, but you can see we still had a great view. And see that thing in the middle of the canal? Yep, an alligator we had to go around.

Here it is a little closer. I guess when you’re that big YOU make the boating rules.



This is the “prairie”-part of the swamp. Prairies cover over 10% of the swamp. This is where you’ll find most of the lilypads and birds.

Want to play a little “I Spy an Alligator”? Each one of these pictures has an alligator somewhere in it!

february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0008_edited-1 I made the first one easy for you. 😉

february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0010_edited-1 february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0014_edited-1 february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0018_edited-1 february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0028_edited-1 february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0027_edited-1 february-13-18-19-tagalongs-papa-david-okefenokee_0033_edited-1

I definitely recommend this trip! (I probably would suggest ages four and up because kids DO have to wear a lifejacket and some kiddos might be freaked out with the alligators, snakes, frogs, bugs, etc.)

HUGE GIGANTIC NOTE: We usually have great cell service with our carrier. C. travels every week for business (all over the country) and neither he nor I have lost service in almost three years…until this trip. All the way from Valdosta to Okefenokee (about an hour) we had no service (‘cept for a bit in Waycross) and then when we left the swamp we didn’t have any service until we got back to I-16 via Jessup and Dublin which meant our GPS/Waze did not work and we had to use a compass (a compass!). My suggestion would be to Mapquest it (to and from) and print those directions off and take them with you…just in case. That way you don’t end up in a teeny tiny town like we did on a closed road with no bridge…and no idea where to go. 

But at least it makes for a good selfie and a funny story. 😉

Oh! Oh! Oh! Before I forget! If you’re local and want to come paint some (wooden door) signs (with bows) with my friends and I, let me know! We’re getting together Tuesday, February 28th (5pm) and Sunday, March 12th (2pm) in Oakwood to paint with PK Decor. You can pick from tons of designs and they provide the paint and instructions and I provide the snacks! It’ll be fun! More info can be found by clicking here! (Between the two parties I’m painting an old truck with fireworks (4th of July), a Georgia cutout that I’m painting like Santa (Christmas), and a goat (well, because I like goats). )



Two Things to Do in Houston, Texas with Kids

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0007_edited-1

This past weekend Moseby and I met C. in Houston as he was finishing up a business trip there for one purpose: to see Moseby’s birth mama and three of his half-siblings. For the first couple of years they lived in our state {at the opposite end of the state} before they moved to Texas and therefore we haven’t seen them in right at three years and they were all long overdue for a visit with each other.

And there are so many things I could say about our visit and open adoption in general, but sometimes words fail me. As they do right now. The root of it is this: LOVE. I am so thankful to his birth mom for giving me a piece of her heart to love as my son {while I also mourn that she lives life missing a part of her heart as well}. We–she & I–love the same little boy with all our hearts. I always tell Moseby that he and I are the lucky ones (I’m adopted too) because we have so many people in our lives that love us and only want the very best for us.

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0010_edited-1

This trip was also Moseby’s first time on a plane and to a zoo. MM has been on a plane three times and to a zoo countless times, but for some reason he’s never done either (#momfail). So this was a big trip for him on lots of levels. We asked him a couple of times over the weekend if he was happy with the one-on-two time he was getting with Mommy and Daddy & every time he would say, ‘Yeah…but I wish Sissy and Lala were here.’ Yep, he’s a middle child all right–he doesn’t know what life is like without siblings–how awesome is that? (says this only child.)

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0043_edited-1

The first day while Daddy worked he and I headed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science because he loves him some dinosaurs and they have a T-Rex there with the most original hand and foot bones in the world (random) named Stan. He loved the dinosaurs and the fossils and the trains. He was scared to death of the mummies (which were my favorite).

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0028_edited-1

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0031_edited-1

(That’s a bat fossil, by the way.)

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0026_edited-1

We pretty much made this trip all about him and let him go where he wanted to go (he picked the zoo over NASA, for instance) and he got extra souvenirs. His favorite thing was the geode he got. He picked it out of a huge bin and a girl used some sort of machine and cracked it open. He carried that thing around ALL.WEEKEND.LONG. (They really did have an amazing gift shop, by the way. If I had someone to watch/entertain him I could’ve looked for hours at all their jewelry made my different artists. It was so unique!)

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0034_edited-1

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0036_edited-1

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0037_edited-1

Today before our late afternoon flight back home we went to the Houston Zoo. Unfortunately, his favorite animal–the sloth (of all things!)–was under the weather so he wasn’t able to see it (but no worries: he + Sissy + Lala ALL got stuffed sloths, lordy!), but he did get to see tigers, bats, and spiders which were also on his “must see list”. HA!

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0003_edited-1

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0005_edited-1

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0006_edited-1

When we go to Houston again we definitely want to do the NASA Space Center, as well as go to Galveston {and let him go aboard the USS Texas that’s there–I think he’d get a kick out of it}.

Oh! And the best food we had was at Gringos, but I didn’t take a picture because we had just gotten off the plane and I was hangry. Super yummy Tex-Mex AND they have a playground for kids to play on AND there’s a self-serve frozen yogurt machine.

We stumbled upon Old Town Spring, Texas while we were out there and it was the cutest area! TONS of shops (like On A Whim) and some restaurants (including the best doughnuts I’ve ever had at Donut Licious–woah!). It’s a hidden gem in the north Houston suburbs.

One funny (gross? horrible? scaring?) thing that happened: so Moseby is *notorious* for holding it until he almost wets his pants. The mad dash to the bathroom happens daily. Well, I tried to get him to go before we got on the plane in Atlanta but nope, he didn’t have to go. Not at all. Not even a drop. He was fine.  …and then right as we’re getting ready to take off, like taxing down the runway, he has to go right!this!very!second! but of course the flight attendant told us we couldn’t get up. So I did what any boy mom would do: I whipped out a water bottle and he pee’d in the middle of a plane during takeoff. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, folks. This kid gives me gray hair. And gosh, I sure am thankful for that because my life would be pretty boring without him in it.

january 12. 13. 14. 15. houston with moseby_0044_edited-1



Tour Georgia Series: Washington Farms Strawberry Picking (’14)

washington farms

If you do a little searching on this blog it won’t take you long to figure out I did a similar post to this in 2011 about Washington Farms in Loganville. Just take a second and look through the pictures.

strawberry picking washington farms

It’s okay, I’ll wait.

What you found was a two year old MM enjoying her first trip to the strawberry patch to pick.  Ohmyword, y’all–was she ever that little?  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  She ate so many strawberries and was such a sticky messy we had to take her home and give her a bath.

strawberry pickin'_0016

We’ve gone every year since, but this year was Moseby’s first time.

And he didn’t disappoint with his strawberry eating {notice I didn’t say “picking and putting them in his bucket”} skills.

may 14. last day of prek. strawberry picking_0024

To give you an idea about just how many strawberries he ate–while his sissy, mommy, Mimi, and Mamaw picked SIX buckets he picked too…or at least I thought he did…’cause when I checked his bucket all he had in it was a rock. And some strawberry juice.

I had no idea because every time I looked over I saw this:

may 14. last day of prek. strawberry picking_0010

He looks like he’s picking, right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Until I started noticing this:

may 14. last day of prek. strawberry picking_0016

Oh, Moe-Roe, you stinker!  Just have yourself a seat and eat your weight in berries.

I can’t really scold him though. They were extra sweet {and little} this year.

may 14. last day of prek. strawberry picking_0009

A definite Georgia “must do” if you come around these parts in spring.

…that is, unless I bring this crazy boy with me and he eats them all before you get there.

may 14. last day of prek. strawberry picking_0019


The Beach.

Oh, how I wish I could go back to the beach.  More specifically, Tybee.  Even more specifically, to my own historic strand cottage.  I even have one picked out–one that was in dire need of rehabilitation just a few blocks off the beach.

Uhm, yes please.

So while I think back on our lovely time on the beach I can’t help but think how wonderful it would be to have a “place by the shore”.  Where our whole family could go, more than just one week a year, and make wonderful memories like we did that week. One day.

may 29.30.  tybee_0003

may 29.30.  tybee_0041

may 29.30.  tybee_0015

june 3. bonaventure_0029

may 29.30.  tybee_0002

may 29.30.  tybee_0028

@ AJ's

may 29.30.  tybee_0006

june 1. june 2. beach_0015

june 3. bonaventure_0005

may 29.30.  tybee_0032

My three

may 29.30.  tybee_0008

june 1. june 2. beach_0009

may 30. mom and kids_0001

@ the crab shack

june 3. bonaventure_0014

at coco's


Strawberry Pickin’

Last Friday while Moseby napped MM, Mom, and I went to Washington Farms for our annual strawberry hunt.  Armed with three one-gallon containers we found us a row and started picking. 

Some of us chose to stand–Mimi.  Some of us chose to sit–MM.  Either way we left we buckets of gorgeous, super delicious strawberries {after MM taste tested a few of course!}.

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking


Priscilla the Pig and a Bit of Santa Claus

{Alternate title: Tour Georgia Series – The Pink Pig at Lenox Mall}

I know, I know, I need to do a better job on this blog thing, but what can I say…my heart {and mind} are so very full of love for this sweet little guy we haven’t met and my hands are so very full with the sweet little one I already have, as well as the Christmas tree farm. 

A few weeks ago {okay, it was almost a month ago!} we went down to Lenox Mall to ride the Pink Pig.  It started in 1953 and even though my mom grew up here in the area she never got to ride it…and she tells us that every time we bring the Pink Pig up.  Poor thing, such a hard childhood.  I rode it several times myself, both on top of the old Rich’s building and when it was at the Festival of Trees.  A few years ago they moved it to its final home outside of Macy’s {Macy’s bought out Rich’s} and I had been wanting to take MM.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0042

But I didn’t want to wait the 4+ hour line on a holiday weekend so we decided to go on a random Wednesday at lunch.

We were the only ones there.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0046

Every thing is BRIGHT!PINK! and has this kitschy 1950s vibe.  The only thing missing was the old train {The Pink Pig is a train…did I forget to mention that?} that you barely could get in and out of…part of its charm.  Now they have a generic train you could find at any shopping mall.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0049
I know this photo has a strange tint to it. It was SO PINK that when I tried to edit it this is what I got. Oh well.

MM of course got souvenirs–a Priscilla, her little brother {Percy?}, an ornament, AND a sweatshirt.  Lord, my mom is going to buy her every souvenir she can find! HA 

pink pig + tea party + santa_0044

And then afterwards we went inside and met Santa for the first time this season.  She told him she wanted a dollhouse as big as her.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0055

He double checked his list and said he had that one down.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0057


Her First Tea Party

{Alternate Title: Tour Georgia Series – The Roswell Teahouse}

pink pig + tea party + santa_0029

I just love Plum District.  It’s a Groupon/Living Social type of website geared towards moms and families.  Last week they had a spend-$10-get-$20-worth-of-food at the Roswell Teahouse.  As soon as I saw it I knew this would be a *perfect* place for MM to have her first official tea party at almost three years old.

And boy, was I right!

{The Roswell Teahouse is just wonderful…I really can’t say it enough.  The food was amazing–honestly the best chicken salad…and tomato soup…green tea ginger dressing, etc. were the best I’ve ever had.  Oh my goodness, y’all, go there today.  I know we’ll be back.}

I asked Little Miss what she thought she should wear to a teahouse.  She decided on a dress, a hat, and some gloves.  And “lots and lots of sparkly jewelry”.  Yep, a girl after my own heart.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0014

So I found my childhood Easter bonnet, her little white gloves from Easter this year, some faux pink (!) pearls, and a little vintage bracelet and my baby ring.  We were all set for our tea.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0024

When we got there she took all that stuff off and got down to business.  Sipping her pink “Teddy Graham” tea and tackling her tower of goodies {including peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin woopie pies, cucumber sandwiches, etc.}.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0020

I was so surprised that she actually loved the tea after it cooled off.  She drank three cups!

pink pig + tea party + santa_0023
Tea drinking is serious work, don’t ‘ya know.

After bellies were full and lots of loving on two of her grandmothers we left.

pink pig + tea party + santa_0026

pink pig + tea party + santa_0028

pink pig + tea party + santa_0031

{But not without first picking up many acorns…that she then stuffed in *my* pockets and laughing about it.}

pink pig + tea party + santa_0035

Her first tea party was a hit and she’s already asking when we can go back.


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