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A Hairbow Tutorial and the Last Day to Get Your Guesses In!

This past Friday was our town’s homecoming game (we won 56-0) and to celebrate there’s a pep rally at all the schools, early release for a parade, an elementary school tailgate, and then the game.

Yeah, homecoming is a BIG deal ’round these parts.

I’m the co-room mom for Moseby’s kindergarten class and I made paw print pins with ribbons, noise makers (water bottles with popcorn), and hair bows for the girls in his class.

I made the pins and the noise makers when MM was in kindergarten, but hair bows? I’ve NEVER made a single one. Lord knows I’ve bought ’em, but I never made one!

So one night I just sat down, found a YouTube video (here’s the link to it–it’s super easy!) and got to work.

And this is what I made!

Not bad, huh? I followed the tutorial and the bows are on the smallish side–like 3″, I guess–which is perfect for girls 6 and under. I made a bigger one for MM that was probably more like 5″ across.

It took me like 1.5 hours to make these ten bows which I really don’t think is that bad for a first timer!

In other news today is the LAST DAY to vote for what you think Baby B. will be! The winner will get a Starbucks gift card–eek!

(You can vote here, on my Facebook page, or on my Instagram! All you gotta do is put your answers in a comment–no need to fill out the form!)

hbp_0087_babyforecast_Natalie Cooper_final

Just to give you some hints: my due date is technically November 13-21, but baby will arrive no later than November 14. As of last Friday it was already 18″ long and 6 pounds, 4 ounces…and has hair & eyelashes! Hopefully that will help you out a bit. ūüėČ


A Honeycomb Quilt for My Baby Bee

september 25. baby b's quilt_0001_edited-1

I picked it up last Thursday from the quilter and couldn’t wait to get the binding sewn on over the weekend.

september 25. baby b's quilt_0002_edited-1

For some reason I never feel ready for a baby until I have its quilt completed. Yes, I know how strange that is (especially considering I have not packed a single hospital bag or finished the nursery), but it’s how I nest (I’m also working on a little cross stitch project for the nursery wall and I’m feeling antsy that it’s not finished yet either!).

september 25. baby b's quilt_0004_edited-1

With this baby (that we call “Baby Bee” since it’s either going to be Baby Bonnie or Baby Benji and we have a bee-themed nursery) it made complete sense to do a honeycomb quilt (also known as a hexagon quilt). This quilt was made using “half hexies” (using this Hex ‘n More ruler) that I sewed together. This blog post was my inspiration and I used this blog post for the hexagon quilt tutorial. The most time consuming part was cutting the hexagons (or should I say, the half hexagons) out because I used a lot of different fabrics. After I pieced it together and made a back I took it to my local quilter who quilted it with butterflies (the closest they had to bumble bees) in a variegated gold thread.

september 25. baby b's quilt_0006_edited-1

I love the way it came together, but I hope it’s gender neutral enough (C. likes to joke that I make everything girly–the entire time I did Moseby’s nursery (we didn’t know if we would be adopting a boy or girl at the time) he would have to reign in my feminine touches, haha).

And like always, I had to add a note to the baby on the back of the quilt and while it’s always very short I think about it for months before I embroider it.

Mary Margaret’s quilt says, “You are our sunshine.”

Moseby’s quilt says, “We loved you before we met you.”

Lawson’s quilt says, “You are our silver lining.”

Benji/Bonnie’s quilt says, “God knew we needed you.”

september 25. baby b's quilt_0003_edited-1

And as much as a shock that this pregnancy was I am now beginning to clearly see that this statement is so true…even though I was 100% finished with having babies (especially from my body!) our family¬†needed this baby. I can’t wait to see its face for the first time–to make eye contact and catch a little glimpse of its soul like I have with my other three–to see just who this amazing person is that God knew we needed to have even though we didn’t realize it.

It’s pretty incredible when you think about it like that.

I want you to keep cooking for at least four more weeks, Baby B., but then I’m dying to meet you. xoxo


This + That: Friday Phone Pics

Woah, this week has been a doozie! From gets trying to get into a school routine (yes, you DO have to get up every day and go to school whether you want to or not, Moseby!), to two curriculum nights on two different days, to OB appointments and toddler checkups and two sick appointments (go away, school germs!), and MM starting tap again.

Man, I’m tired just thinking about our week.

Excuse me while I go take a nap.

Here’s a few pictures from this crazy week, no rhyme or reason really.

First up: I don’t think I have shown y’all my new-ish custom painting from Mary Pratt, have I? Back in the spring I saw some nest paintings she was working on and fell in love (I also have a large bird painting by her from a few years ago in our foyer) so I asked her about making it a specific size to go over our living room mantle. She worked on it this summer and we hung it a few weeks ago. And I’m in L-O-V-E. ¬†Happy Mother’s Day/anniversary/birthday/Christmas to me! (You can see her work that’s currently available here, by the way!)

Next up, I’ve been in a creating mood myself–I always do this when I’m pregnant. It’s like my version of nesting (’cause I don’t have the cleaning gene). This week I’ve been working on this little 4″ by 4″ cross stitch piece for the wall above the dresser. I purchased the pattern because it didn’t look difficult, but there’s like 20 shades of yellow alone and I’m going a bit cross-eyed with it. Pattern can be found here. ¬†Hopefully I’ll be able to show it to you finished and framed in the next couple of weeks because we plan on moving the boys in their new room together in early September and getting the nursery ready at the end of September/early October.

Speaking of the baby (and another thing I’m working on/creating, HA!), guess who is about to be in their THIRD TRIMESTER in three days?! Uhmmmmm, it’s getting real, folks. Baby is measuring big like it has from the beginning and on Monday it weighed 2 pounds, 4 ounces and was 15″ long. I still can’t believe there’s an actual baby in there!

(Oh! And that’s a maternity tank top–my first (and only) piece of maternity clothing–a $6 clearance tank from Target!)

And this really has nothing do with anything so far, I just think he’s cute. ūüėČ

{This is him at his two year well checkup this week. I wear him in the Tula when he gets his shots and he doesn’t cry. Not sure if it’s because he’s tough or the Tula is magical.}

And that’s all I got for you today. Hope you all have a great weekend. We’re going to spend ours nursing these sickies back to health–lots of sleep and some couch cuddles and relaxing. Sounds about perfect to me!


My Latest Quilt: Giant Vintage Star

In 2016 (yes, a year ago) I told my mother-in-law I was going to make a quilt for her birthday. I picked out the pattern, I bought all the fabrics {fabric acquisition is my favorite part of the whole process}, and then it sat in my sewing room until 2017.

Oh, the shame. Oh, the horror.

In January of this year MM decided she wanted to learn how to sew a quilt and I showed her the quilt pattern I was making for her grandmother (it uses half triangles so you can get two quilts out of the fabric you cut since you only use one of the two triangles the pattern creates, if that makes sense) and she liked it. She chose a couple of different fabrics for hers, but for the most part they are the same. So that month we spent cutting out the fabric–actually I cut it out–I don’t trust her with a rotary cutter just yet. In February and March I pieced the front and created a back (while MM moved on to some other project–her quilt is my next project). In April I dropped it off at the quilters and finally in May (this past Wednesday) it was ready for me to pick up (I had them quilt it¬†in an abstract rose design in the lightest shade of pink, by the way). I worked like a maniac hand sewing the binding on the past few days and yesterday I gave it to her at lunch (ignore the fact it was a year and 9 days late, m’kay?).

may 7. quilt_0002_edited-1

may 7. quilt_0007_edited-1

Here is the finished quilt. My eight year old assistant took these yesterday¬†morning and these were the only two that didn’t come out blurry. So I’m sorry about the lighting. Here’s a couple of phone photos I’ve been taking a long the way that may show the details a little better. ūüėČ

Laying out the pieces–some of them¬†ending up changing.

The front all pieced together (with a Lala photobomber).

Lala loves to roll around in my quilts. It’s his thing.

Sewing on the binding in bed.

Two of my “assistants” Friday afternoon while I finished the binding.

Hope you like your quilt, Ms. Kathy! Lots of love and little hands went into it–Happy Birthday!

Fabrics: a little bit¬†of Cotton and Steel, but a whole bunch of Brother Sister fabric from Hobby Lobby. Quilting done by Betty Sue’s Quilts.¬†


Friday Round-Up: What’s Going On ‘Round These Parts

~I haven’t mentioned the dining room or master bedroom this past week, but they’re both coming along. Actually, they’re both finished minus the drapes in the dining room (BUTTTTTTTT they’re in the process of being made at least!) and hanging mirrors/artwork in the master bedroom. Hopefully soon I’ll be ready to do a post on each. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of our new bed. Oh y’all, it’s dreamy.

~Lawson got his first haircut yesterday at 18 months old. I put it off as long as I could as he is my last baby {I know, I know, never say never} and his firsts are hard for me because they’re my last firsts. It’s hard to explain, but hopefully other been there, done that mamas know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, his hair was too long. We had resorted to man buns around the house to keep it out of his eyes and people always just assumed he was a girl (he is “too pretty” to be a boy, if I do say so myself, haha).

My friend/hair stylist, Jessica, cut his bangs and about an inch off the back. It was important to me not to lose his curls (we cut Moseby’s off at his first haircut just assuming he’d always have curls. Uhm. NO. They never grew back. I’m not making that same mistake with Lala).

And look how cute–and grown up!–he looks. I’ll have to get some pictures with my camera this weekend. He definitely is looking more and more “little boy” and less and less baby. #slowyourrolltime

~Today I took the boys to the pediatrician for their well checkups. It was an¬†experience. Which translates to: something I never want to do again. ūüėČ

Lawson got his shot, didn’t cry at all, and as soon as I made a silly face afterwards he laughed out loud. This is his personality to a “T”. {And gosh, he looooooves that brother of his.}

Momo on the other hand? I’ll just leave you with this picture and say that he refused to put on pants for over THREE HOURS after¬†his shots¬†in case they might brush against his bandaids. I also had to carry him out of the pediatrician’s office like a baby (while also holding Lawson and my purse and my diaper bag). Lordy y’all. Lordy.

(His shirt is his St. Patrick’s Day shirt for this year. It says, “I Pinch Back”. …Lawson got one that says, “Irish I Had a Mustache”. I’ll have to take a photo of the two of them tomorrow and post it¬†on Instagram.)

~Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, I made Irish Soda Bread on Tuesday and it was good! It tastes like one giant¬†buttermilk biscuit, I guess you could say. And it was super easy to make! You can find the recipe here.

~Do y’all remember me mentioning that I was hosting a couple of sign painting parties? One was at the end of February and the other was the past Sunday. Y’all, it was so fun! I can’t recommend PK Decor enough–you can go to her house and paint (she has room for about 15 people in her studio) or she can come to you. …and if any of y’all ever host a painting party yourself you better invite me because I have about ten more signs I want to make, ha!

Here’s two I made–a Fourth of July truck and a goat that looks like our pet/show Boer goat, Oreo (because…well, why not?!). MM made a castle for her bedroom door all by herself (girlfriend even added her monogram); her classmate/friend made a cute owl. My mom made a vase of cotton.


~And, that’s all I got! Today is not only the most favorite holiday for all the reddish-haired pale people out there, but it’s the 37th birthday of someone pretty dang special. ¬†And what better way to celebrate than going afternoon bowling with three kids! HA!! {Tomorrow night we’re going to his favorite restaurant (Hals) after he has an afternoon massage so I promise he will have some fun! ūüėČ }


A Quilt for Baby B.

My first cousin {who is like a sister to me}, Jessica, had her first child {a cute redhead named Emery} nine days before our Lawson. They are the cutest buddies who see each other almost every day of their lives.

She & her husband wanted their kids close together in age and she’s due with baby number 2 (also a boy!) at the beginning of April. {Not going to lie: my kids are 37 months apart and 42 months apart…makes me hyperventilate for her just thinking about having two¬†under 19 months old! HA!}

I made E. a quilt when she was pregnant in his nursery colors of tans/soft blues/grays.

This is the quilt tutorial I used for both E.’s and Lawson’s quilts.

I don’t think I ever shared Lawson’s baby quilt! Ack! Here’s his:

Once Jess. decided on a black and white with gold accents kind of modern theme for Baby B. I got started on a quilt for him too.

(And y’all, if you are just now starting to sew/quilt, this would be an AMAZING first quilt project. I did it because I liked the way it looked, but it really came together the quickest of any quilt I’ve ever done. Like, I was done with it a full month before my self-imposed deadline and that never ever happens!)

february 13. 18. 19. tagalongs. papa david. okefenokee_0036_edited-1

february 13. 18. 19. tagalongs. papa david. okefenokee_0038_edited-1

(I took these photos on a random south Georgia road that was closed on our little trip to the Okefenokee last month. HA!)

I gave it to Jess on Monday at a little lunch/sprinkle at Tin Lizzy’s.

(Moseby was totally there, by the way. He’s still going through his anti-picture/anti-doing anything mama wants phase–I think it’ll only last another 10-20 years.)

Baby B. is set to arrive the morning of March 31st and we can’t wait to see if we’re having another red-headed baby (I’ll keep y’all updated, no worries)!

We love you, Jess! …and Emery! …and Baby B, too!

Fabrics for Emery’s and Lawson’s quilt came from Intown Quilters in Decatur–it’s been so long I forgot the actual fabric designers, oops! The solid fabrics for Baby B.’s quilt are Kona cotton solids by Robert Kaufman and the backing is COTTON + STEEL and came from Cupcake Fabric + Quilts in Spring, Texas (I picked them up when we went to Houston in January).

Wanna pin this post? Click below!


And Today I Created Two Fonts!

Just like that: POOF!

I used “My Script Font”¬†and it seriously took all of ten minutes {truth be told I wish I had spent a little bit longer–that “d” is a little wonky!}.

If you have a font fetish like some people I know {meaning ME} I thought you might like to download my fonts, “Daily Natalie” and “Natalie All Caps”.

handwriting sample

That’s my handwriting…how cool is that?!

If you need info on how to download custom fonts {it’s super easy & takes less than a minute}, here are directions for a PC and here are directions for a Mac. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.



Want the “Daily Natalie” font? ¬†All you have to do is CLICK HERE and download it to your computer {and follow those directions above} and you’ll have my handwriting staring you in the face. HA!

Want the “Natalie All Caps” font ? All you do is CLICK HERE.

Okay, okay, I lied. I created three. HA! {I can’t stop myself…y’all, it is SO easy!} If you want one called “Natalie Cursive Take 2”–’cause we all need two {or more} takes sometimes in life–CLICK HERE.

And here’s an example of all three on one piece of paper! scan0001


And While I’m Talking About Sewing…

…why don’t I tell you about the other pattern I’ve tested for Lindsay back in May of last year–the Georgia Vintage Dress pattern?

mm dress

The is the only “Pinnable” (is that even a word?!) picture of this post, by the way.¬†

I loved this pattern–it’s very sweet and child-like. ¬†I forget what fabric I used for the apron, but I loved that it looked old. ¬†The green fabric is actually a Michael Miller {very narrow} stripe.

I love anything with a bow in the back, don’t you?

The wooden rose buttons on the front are actually vintage that I picked up before MM was born at the Metrolina in Charlotte one year. I was saving them for just the right project…and I think I found it.

I will say the length was just right and she was able to wear it all summer long. BUT, and this is just a personal preference here, I wish I had gone up a size {I went by her measurements and the pattern to pick this size} so she could also wear it this year. What can I say–if I sew something I want her to wear for a long while! HA

I think this dress would be a perfect pattern if you had a little girl who wanted to be Alice in Wonderland this Halloween. ¬†You can make all the apron pieces white {the pattern actually tells you to use a coordinating fabric for the sash, but I chose to use all one color because I wanted it to look like an apron} and a pretty blue for the dress and a white collar…well, I think it’d be just tooo cute. {Hmmm…wonder what MM would think about that? ¬†Moseby would be a cute Mad Hatter!}


Cottage Mama’s FREE Party Dress Pattern

So, I’m a pattern test for the awesome Lindsay over at the Cottage ¬†Mama. ¬†Once or twice a year she’ll ask me to test one of her patterns and give feedback on what I like about, what needs improving, etc.

I absolutely love it.

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0175

I help her out AND it gives me a reason {and a deadline–VERY important for me!} to sew. ¬†And afterwards I have clothes to save & pass down to my granddaughters one day.


march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0181

This past month she asked all her pattern testers that were willing to try their hand with her Party Dress pattern that she had recently updated. ¬†It’s a free {uh-huh!} pattern over on her blog–just click here to read more about it.

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0164

And since every girl needs a party dress, I happily obliged.

But the turnaround was less than a week so instead of going into Atlanta to my favorite fabric store I headed to our local Hobby Lobby. ¬†And y’all, probably because I HAD to have fabric that day, I couldn’t find any. ¬† Until I started perusing the decorator fabric that is and found this print for $7/yard (originally $38/yd). ¬†Not the ideal fabric for a dress, but it seriously was the only one I could find I liked.

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0170

As far as how long it took me–I would say 3.5-ish hours. ¬†Which really isn’t that bad. ¬† And I was left with a super cute, super twirly {MM’s favorite part, she says} dress.

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0178

So, what are you waiting for?  Go on over there and get your sew on! {And then share pictures with me!}

march 1. moseby birthday. cottage mama dress_0179

 I added her monogram in a super subtle color. I love how it blends in.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Before I forget: Meredith added a neat thing to the blog–you can pin {some} pictures to Pinterest! ¬†Not all pictures {like ones of just my kids}, but ones that feature a project or something {like this one}, you can pin. ¬†Just hoover over the photo and click ‘Pin it!’…it’s that simple!



It‚Äôs a “Plus” That I Even Remembered to Blog About This!

I might be experiencing a case of “New Mommy Brain”, but I don’t think I have shown you a picture of my parents’ Christmas present yet.


If I have, just indulge me, because I honestly don’t remember doing so.

And if I haven’t shown you yet?¬† Sweet!¬† I remembered!

+ sign quilt

I know I’ve shared my love for Anna Maria Horner fabrics on here before.¬† In fact, I went to her sewing workshop back in ’10¬†{Don’t click on that link unless you want to see an 18 month old MM who looks soooooo tiny and precious and adorable.¬† Swoon.}.¬† I love her crazy bold designs in bright colors.¬† They speak to me.

So I knew I wanted to make my parents a quilt in her fabrics but that I had to add in some red since that’s my mom’s favorite color…hence, the borders and binding.

I chose a ‘plus’ design for their quilt.¬†¬† I used lots of different tutorials, but really liked the one I found here.¬† For quilting I chose to quilt 1/4″ along either side of the seams.

+ sign quilt

On the back I used my favorite fabric from her Loulouthi collection.¬† I did one more plus sign block with some hand embroidery.¬† And my favorite thing?¬† MM’s art project that I put on a piece of fabric and incorporated to the back.

+ sign quilt

So, it only took me four months to post about it….not bad.¬† HA!!


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